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Byron Scott

NBA Champ Files for Divorce

... After 29 Year Marriage

3/19/2014 12:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0318_byron_anita_scott_getty3-time NBA champ Byron Scott has filed for divorce ... seeking to end his 29-year marriage to his college sweetheart Anita Scott ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

According to court docs, obtained by TMZ Sports, the former Lakers player (who later served as head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers) ... filed the papers on March 13. 

Byron and Anita met at a nightclub in Los Angeles when Byron was still a student at Arizona State ... and according to Anita, he courted her with flowers, love letters and poetry. 

Anita once told Cleveland.com, "Once we started dating, [Byron] was the knight in shining armor. He was the perfect sweetheart. It was a whirlwind."

They married in 1985 -- but according to the docs, they separated in June 2013. 

The couple has three adult children together. 

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No Avatar



Who cheated?

226 days ago


That sucks, 27 yrs is a long time

226 days ago


27 years...so were u waiting on a person to change for 27 years or did they change fir the worst after 27 years???

226 days ago



226 days ago


Wow what a way 2 tell a woman she's no longer your no.1 After all she's been thru with him.I hope npray she gets her just due

226 days ago


I'll never understand what makes people in long term marriages divorce. Your partner is the one person who knows you inside and out. The person who's been there for you through thick and thin. The one who's seen you at your best and your worst and loved you regardless. To throw that all away for no good reason is incredibly dumb. I'm thinking he probably wants to trade her in for a "newer model".

226 days ago

News Flash     

Yep, after she's cooked, cleaned, and supported his a$$ for all that time. I hope she gets a lot of money and NO laundry.

226 days ago


Typical men. He is divorcing her because he no longer needs her for sex-

226 days ago


They stuck it out for the kids. That is a good thing. Now that the kids are grown they can each move on with their lives and hopefully both be happy with somebody else.

224 days ago


That's some bad timing. I heard her mom just passed away. Praying for her.

223 days ago

Debra Jones-Davis    

She is lucky to have spent that time with him... she was most certainly the bitch... if anyone cheated it was most likely her...

183 days ago


I've known Anita Scott going all the way back to 1990 when I left the NBA League Office to Marry my husband Keith Harris, Broadcasting Director for the Lakers. I really got to know her in 2000, the year the Lakers moved to the Staples Center. We worked together in the Lakers Wives charitable organization and it was my year to do the official calendar, the proceeds of which went to fund HIV-AIDS research. When I needed help the most, it was Anita who stepped up and along with Andy Bernstein, the official photographer for the NBA and Lakers (whom I met when we both worked at the NBA together), spent many delightful hours together pulling photos from Andy's collections to use for the calendar. I remember working with her one night to the point of being giddy, and it's times like that when you really get to know a person. Were it not for her and her amazing sense of humor and boundless energy, I never would have made it through that part of the project. We both had young children at home who needed our attention, but those few hours of respite with this wonderful woman gave me the energy to pull it all together and if only for that short time, we were able to shed our Mommy capes for that of "Calendar Girls."

I am always baffled how short sighted men can get even when they have endless opportunities to hook up with adoring fans who, in spite of the wife standing RIGHT NEXT TO HER TEAM HUSBAND throw themselves at him in hotel lobbies with no regard for the woman standing right next to him who is his life partner, mother to his beautiful children and the one who knows him like no other, and STILL supports him. If anyone thinks this lifestyle is easy, think again. One must live in a constant state of forgiveness and have a very short memory in spite of her amazing intellect. To all those women who think nothing of acting so blatantly shameless and debasing to get the attention of a man who makes his living playing with balls in his underwear, remember this: If he can toss 27 years of marriage under the bus, he can throw you under with a lot less provocation. You mean no more to him than the ham sandwich he ate for lunch 2 days ago.

I am a great fan of Anita as I am of so many of the wonderful women I met over the years, and that made finding out that she, along with the other team wives has fallen victim to the hero worship that makes these players think the rules simply don't apply to them was one sad piece of news that seemed all to familiar. Until one of these players cures cancer, eradicates world hunger, and stop wars, they should be taught that one does not deserve hero worship just because they can dunk a ball. And any woman who thinks otherwise is going to wake up one morning under that proverbial bus and it won't take 27 years to get there, either.

All the best to you Anita. Judy Harris

47 days ago

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