'Snakes in a Cab' Prankster Suspended by the TLC ... But Hollywood Is Calling!

3/19/2014 9:35 AM PDT

Jimmy Failla -- the taxi driver who rode around with a snake in his cab and then posted riders' reactions to YouTube -- has lost his cabbie license ... but tells TMZ he's gained a slew of new job offers.

Jimmy tells TMZ the Taxi and Limousine Commission yanked his license for two years, but Jimmy is more than ok with it. He says he's gotten two TV development offers, his stand-up career is taking off and he's even auditioned for a slot on "The Tonight Show."

Failla says he's even been approached by producers to pull the prank in Los Angeles, though he says he'd need a fake taxi.

Clearly he's not ready for Hollywood ... we use Uber in these parts, pal!