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Johnny to Victor

There Will Be No Mutual Masturbation

From Here on Out!

4/15/2014 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Johnny Weir wrote a 5-page post-nup which is part of his newfangled reconciliation package with Victor Voronov -- and Johnny makes it clear mutual masturbation will NOT be tolerated.

TMZ broke the story ... Johnny and Victor agreed over the weekend to call off their divorce, but Victor wanted Johnny to sign a document apologizing for trashing Victor in the media and promising to keep Johnny's mom out of their relationship.

So Johnny fired back with a document of his own, which, among other things, defines the type of cheating that will not be tolerated.  The document -- obtained by TMZ -- lists the following:

-- sex outside the marriage
-- oral sex outside the marriage
-- kissing or making out
-- sexting
-- aggressive flirting
-- mutual masturbation
-- social media/grindr/dating

And it gets better.  According to the document, if either one has a situation where they're "in close range or contact with someone from our past or someone to be part of the future" ... the other can veto the contact.  Johnny specifically gives an example of a figure skater he dated.

The document also requires joint STD tests every 6 months with the results being read with both in the room.

And there's a section about splitting assets if they ultimately get divorced:  "Should a gift be given, i.e., the Cartier Roadster (R.I.P.), the gift belongs to you."  Someone broke the watch!

And finally ... there's a section titled "Ultimatums."   Johnny lists examples of Victor's ultimatums, including, "If I give you one more day to get your bank records to me, then I want to have a free f*** of anyone I want."

Simply fabulous.



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Umm....Was their wedding in a BATHHOUSE?

198 days ago


If you have to have those types of "RULES" in your marriage....YOU SHOULD NOT BE MARRIED!

198 days ago


I'm assuming Victor is the "MAN" in the marriage since Johnny has all the purses....

198 days ago


The LBGT mus t be so proud of this 'hot mess'.... johnny and Victor..... talk about giving ammunition to people who are intolerant..... too bad they couldnt keep their sad situation to theirselves....

198 days ago

Double Bubble    

This is so immature.. These 2 homos are giving the world a reason to hate gays even more. They're like 2 teenagers with raging hormones and hard ons that dont know how to act or be discreet.. This is stupid and those 2 fruitcakes should be beaten to death with a purse full of rocks..

198 days ago


These two clowns deserve each other.

198 days ago


How are they not embarrassed of this?

198 days ago


Really TMZ?

Going elsewhere for a while, can't stand this CATTY CRAP between these immature children putting all their STUPID personal stuff out there for all to see.

I couldn't last 5 minutes in a room with either of them without BITCH SLAPPING both of them!

198 days ago


These two give homos a bad name. And stop wearing dead animals. Freaks.

198 days ago


Bottom feeders. Please go away..

198 days ago


Awww look at the 2 ***s. Both acting like little bitches.

198 days ago


the question is......WHY ARE THEY GETTING BACK TOGETHER???????? obviously they have too many issues with each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????? why put yourself thru that stress.........

198 days ago

david 183    

Okay.. Somebody please tell them and TMZ that there 15 minutes are up.

198 days ago


Please understand that these two are as little representative for gays as Lindsay Lohan are for straights.

198 days ago


You know, for a segment of society who were diligent about having the right to marriage, you would think they would take it a little more seriously. If you want an open marriage (and I feel the same way about straight marriage) why get "married" at all? A civil union would cover all the legal bases and yet you would be free do whatever or whomever you want. Maybe 'marriage' should be reserved for those couples who really want or already have dedicated their lives to a single partner. Just sayin'...

198 days ago
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