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4/15/2014 1:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Leonardo DiCaprio Fat
What isn't Gilbert Grape eating? Leonardo DiCaprio hit the beach last week with his 21-year-old supermodel girlfriend looking rounder than usual ... but the fact is, Leo's so rich and awesome, it doesn't matter.

Days before dancing like a weirdo at Coachella, Leo and his GF Toni Garrn vacationed in Bora Bora. While Toni removed her top and unleashed her boobs, Leo removed his top and unleashed his as well.

And no one cared ... because he's Leonardo DiCaprio.

Seriously, though. We're big fans.

Leonardo DiCaprio Fat


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Bobby Brown says he is bigger than Tommy Lee..

160 days ago

Tammy LM    

Tell me why it is that YOU along with Entertainment Tonight, Extra, People and all other tabloids like to complain that the..... "MEDIA" is at fault everytime there's a celeb with an eating disorder or something of that nature, then you turn around and put up headlines like this? Tell me why?

You call "the press" (just using the word media or press blindly) out for putting so much pressure on celebrities to stay thin and that it's so wrong, and cruel, and unfair, and something just needs to be done about it because it's not right.....and YOU ARE DOING IT.

Harvey, I'm calling you out on this. You find it horrible, and unreasonable, and in a sence unforgivable for certain celebrities to make what you've felt were openly homophobic and or racist statements towards gays and minorities. Some football players and reality tv stars recently come to mind.
Then you put picking bullying nasty comments that do NOTHING and serve NO PURPOSE but to make someone feel like they're physically ugly, repulsive, unacceptable. To make them feel bad. To laugh at them, to provoke others to laugh at them. Basically BULLYING. Picking on someone's weight. HOW IS THAT DIFFERENT? If someone were to call you or any other gay celebrity a F@ggot you'd be all over it in here. But your news site is making fun of someone's weight and it's expected to get laughter as a response. Explain that to me IF you have the guts.

160 days ago

: - P    

He has never had a good body, even when he was more slender. His body structure is weird.

160 days ago


So just because he doesn't have a six pack TMZ does a story on it? shame on you. Leo looks better with weight on anyway!

160 days ago


I don't care what his waistline looks like! He's an amazing actor, & one of my favorites, by far!

160 days ago


She has no boobs

160 days ago


he's never been in shape or had a good body

160 days ago


It makes no difference to me. I love this man, regardless of his weight. He is a phenomenal actor and from what I can tell has a great sense of humor and a fantastic work ethic.

160 days ago


I don't care. I love Leo just the way he is, makes no difference to me.

160 days ago


I hate the tag lines at the end of your "reporting". Tmz staff acts like people care what they think, just report the damn gossip and shut up. It's not your job to have an opinion.

160 days ago


Jealousy is a terrible thing.

160 days ago


Some of you hate on everything. Why would he give a **** about being in tip top shape? Maybe he wants to eat steak and lobster and enjoy being rich and famous. 95% of the actors with great bodies are completely wooden.

160 days ago

Just Steve    

Aannnd I'm sure half the tmz staff looks just about the same. But you guys are cool too so it doesn't matter :)

160 days ago


Probably a whole lot of 40s.

160 days ago


This manatee doughboy is what you call a stud? LOL! Overrated as an actor he sucks , he does have great PR though

160 days ago
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