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Jay Z

Physically ATTACKED by Beyonce's Sister [VIDEO]

5/12/2014 8:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jay Z Attacked By Solange Knowles
Jay Z was ferociously assaulted by Beyonce's sister Solange  ... who was wildly kicking and swinging at him inside an elevator ... and the attack was captured on surveillance video ... obtained by TMZ.

According to our sources, it all went down at a Met Gala after party last week at the Standard Hotel in NYC.  In the video ... Jay Z, Beyonce and Solange step into the elevator ... and then Solange goes crazy, screaming at Jay before unleashing a violent attack. 

A large man -- who appears to be a bodyguard -- attempts to hold Solange back, but she manages to connect at least 3 times.  At one point Solange throws a kick and Jay grabs her foot, but never attempts to strike her.  Beyonce stands by without getting physically involved. 

And this is interesting.  When you look closely, you see the bodyguard hit the emergency stop switch on the 12th floor -- mid fight -- presumably to keep the fight private.

At one point, Solange smacks Jay with her purse ... spilling the contents all over the floor of the elevator.

Eventually the group exits the elevator ... but not before Solange takes a few last shots.

All three walked out of the building together -- Solange looks pissed -- but while Bey and Solange get in one car ... security walks Jay to a different one.

It's unclear what triggered the fight.


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I wonder if this had anything to do with Beyonce's fake pregnancy? My bet is that one of Beyonce's sisters, as a DNA match and surrogate (possibly this crazy one) gave birth to the kid...not Beyonce...."Where's my Baby, Jay!! Where's my baby money Jay!! I don't want my baby being a part of your so-called 'Illuminati' satanic worshiping, Jay...gimme' back my baby, Jay, and my money!! Oh yeah, and my weave; I think I just saw it land over there behind you. Give me back my weave before I kick you again."

128 days ago


Solange wanted to put on it...Around his damn eye.

128 days ago


Oh, no!!! Did someone dare touch King Dork? The retarded elitist would likely have her locked up or, perhaps, executed, if he could.

Go sell some "Occupy All Streets!" t-shirts, you stupid dolt...

128 days ago


Solange wanted to put a ring on it...Around his damn eye.

128 days ago


"You sing too?" - Jay Z to Solange right before she hit him

128 days ago


This is what I think. First of all, as a sister, I am sure that Solange was probably angry over some form of disrespect that JayZ gave to either her or his wife. I am sure that while people want to idolize the "marriage" in order to justify our glorification of Bey and Jay, I don't think that it is as great as it presents. To watch the dynamics of the video, it is clear that Beyonce is allowing Solange to say and do what she did without ANY intervention on either side. It's as if, she is allowing the fiesty and truly independent Solange to take on her battle. Beyonce picks up her shoes, only intervenes to make sure JayZ doesn't hold Solanges leg, and then she opts/chooses to get in the care smiling with her sister instead of her husband. So, real family talk, if Solange did something that was out of line for Beyonce, I think she would have gotten in the car with her husband. Further, for all of you who refer to Solange as ghetto, she whooped his ass in the privacy of an elevator, and then carried herself like a straight lady in public. She didn't know that TMZ would get the tape...
Go Solange for taking up for your passive sister and standing up for either yourself, her, or both.

128 days ago


He has dallied with the sister. . A woman scorned~

128 days ago

Bite Marks    

Jay Z talks a lot when his album drops. He talks about bitches, hoes chicken heads and thots. But when he gets his ass beat down and the whole world is watching he doesn't say a damn thing.

He's quiet as a mouse while everyone has lit him up.

Why so quiet Jay Z? Is the net down in your area?
Are you above it all?
Stay in your hole rat, not time for you come out.
Jay Z you've done a lot of snitching in your time.

128 days ago


Jay Z looked at his bodyguard like "You expect me to get in the car with that crazy b****

128 days ago


Looks alike Jay Z is ****yng Beyonce sister too ! That fight looks alike jealous fight !

128 days ago


I don't care if Solange had no hit singles the bottom line is Jay-Z posses her off and she went ham Jay-Z probably was belittling her saying **** like your nothing to me your a broke ass b--ch you wish you was bey but you can't your psychotic trying to find fame but can't bey doesn't.want to be around you but just won't say it and then all hell breaks loose what shocked me in this video is beyonces lack of response to the situation she didn't even help her sister she could've went to her sister an hugged her an said stop it's not worth it yet she chose to stand there next to her big bubble lip husband Damn! I guess it's true what they blood ain't thicker than water I truly don't have anymore respect for Jay-Z or Beyonce they both need to come down off there high horses an come back to reality the fans are the ones who buy there moscato ciroc exspensive cars and homes etc. Etc. There the ones buying there bull s--t paying outrageous amounts on a ticket to see them live they weren't born into royalty so if he was downing Solange ***** please

128 days ago


Beyonce looked shook like she did'nt want any part of lil sis.

128 days ago


Jayz ****ed her thats why she tripping he should of upper cutted that bitch

128 days ago


I get Jay Z and Ray J mixed up!?

128 days ago


This wasn't the first time an incident happened like this judging from the calmness of Beyonce and Jay's reaction . Bey might out up with J's BS but her sister is fiestyy

128 days ago
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