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Sherri Shepherd's Ex

She's the Mom From Hell

Our 9-Year-Old Can't Even Tie His Shoes

5/16/2014 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0515_sherri_shepherd_Jeff-Tarpley_tmz_getty_3Sherri Shepherd is a terrible mom who woefully neglects her 9-year-old special needs son -- he can barely write, reads at a 2nd-grade level, and can't tie his shoes -- so claims the boy's father, who's now gunning to rip custody from "The View" host.

Jeffrey Tarpley -- Sherri's ex-husband -- filed an emergency request in April to modify the couple's current custody arrangement ... specifically, Tarpley wants full physical custody of their son, Jeffrey Jr.

Tarpley claims Sherri's non-stop work schedule -- "The View," "The Newlywed Game," various TV acting roles, book tours, films -- has caused her to neglect their son completely.

Jeffrey claims Sherri regularly leaves their son with "unskilled nannies" ... as a result, he's falling way behind in school, suffers from low self-esteem, and has to use Velcro shoes because he can't tie laces. 

It doesn't end there ... Jeffrey says Sherri also hasn't taught their son how to properly care for himself, so hygiene has become an issue.

Jeffrey says he desperately wants to help, but his hands are tied because he lives in California and Sherri lives with their son in Jersey. He says he has no time during his short visits to undo all of Sherri's bad parenting ... so he wants Jeffrey Jr. with him full time.

Sherri filed her own docs in response, claiming Jeffrey's an absentee dad who deserves no part in his son's life. The judge denied Jeffrey's emergency request, but set a hearing in July to settle the beef.

FYI, Jeffrey filed his papers BEFORE Sherri's current husband Lamar Sally filed for separation. As we reported, Lamar wants custody of his and Sherri's unborn child ... so Jeffrey's arguments could hurt her on both fronts.



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Get a job & take care of yourself instead of looking for a woman to do it for you. BE.A.MAN

160 days ago


Dude get a job an stop whining over your wife's money. Your son is mentally challenged, so what's so unusual about him not being able to tie his own shoe, you moran!!?

160 days ago


I believe him. Unfit mother.

160 days ago


She's out there making a living, a good living. Which is why he wants custody so he can get a big fat child support check each month. I want to know his schedule, is he working or just waiting for the chance to get custody of the child support money ... I mean custody of Jeffrey.

160 days ago


Anyone who watches The View knows this is a ll true. It's no wonder. Anyone who had nine abortions has bigger problems beyond mothering. Sherri also brags about taking Jeffrey to Hooters and the fact that he's essentially retarded.

160 days ago


Isn't the kid mentally disabled?

And he's only looking for custody to get money from her, what a bttchy thing to do

160 days ago


Obviously we do not know their situation personally although this sounds to me that he has been struggling with accepting his child's disability and limitations.
So what if he wears velcro shoes and is "behind" with his reading abilities?

160 days ago


Here is a man who claims his ex wife is a bad mother. My question to him would be, "If she is a bad mom, What does that make you?" This man was never in his son's life and Sheri works those jobs to take care of their son. Someone has to pay for the child's school, medical etc. I am not a Sheri fan but it does bother me when I see a deadbeat Dad jumping on the 15 min fame train, threatening custody, and not really being a Dad.

160 days ago


Well, Sherri, who are you really? You had us fooled when you pretended on TV you are happily married and talk about your husband when you were not, thus you lie. Can't trust liars. Know what I mean?

160 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

Sherri sure can pick em.

160 days ago


I happen to know that everything she does is for her son whom she loves very much.

160 days ago


I'm sure When this guy sees how much work it really takes to take care of his son he will probably want to send him right back. Sherri has to do a better job When it comes to picking the men in her life because both these men she has been with both seem like losers who is looking to use her , mooch off her and collect child support payment. Although I am not a fan of hers I could see both of these guys both scream losers and is looking to live a nice life off her $$$ . I think after this it would be in her best intrest to stay single for a little while and focus on the current man in her life . Her son Jeffrey.

160 days ago


So sad when you very well know your child has challenges and will throughout his life that you would stoop so low about his accomplishments and blame it all on the mother of your child. You are one pathetic man. At least she is working her ass off for her child and more than likely paying all expenses so that he can fly back and forth to LA to see your friggin arse. I bet you that she is still paying your arse too.

160 days ago


I'm not at all a fan of Sherri's but a special needs child can't do the same as his peers does take a lot of work on the parents part plus if a nanny is needed then one should be hired that specializes in children like their son. Now if Sherri hasn't hired the right kind of nanny then she truly isn't doing all she can as a Mom who works a lot...

160 days ago


those velcro nikes are pretty fresh

160 days ago
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