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Michael Jace

Dead Wife Testified Jace Was Great Dad

5/20/2014 11:51 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

5020-michael-april-jace-with-swipe-tmz-02Michael Jace's dead wife April DEFENDED her husband in his divorce from his ex-wife ... an ex-wife he allegedly brutally and repeatedly beat.

April Jace -- who was killed by a gunshot at the hands of Michael -- got involved in Michael's messy divorce to his previous wife and defended him to the hilt ... even though there were claims of brutality.

April told the divorce judge that Michael provided a stable home for his child, though she never addressed the claims he choked and hit Jennifer Bitterman and slammed her against the wall in front of their screaming son.

In fact April actually attacked Jennifer by calling her a bad mom.

The most bone-chilling thing .... April talked about Michael's son with Jennifer, saying, "Usually at bedtime, he [Jordan, the child] prays for his mom and asks God to protect her while he's not there with her."

And this is interesting  ... April had a degree in Early Childhood/Adolescence development.



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Abusers choose to behave violently to get what they want and gain control. Their behaviour often originates from a sense of entitlement which is often supported by sexist, racist, homophobic and other discriminatory attitudes.

Domestic violence against women by men is 'caused' by the misuse of power and control within a context of male privilege. Male privilege operates on an individual and societal level to maintain a situation of male dominance, where men have power over women and children. Perpetrators of domestic violence choose to behave abusively to get what they want and gain control. Their behaviour often originates from a sense of entitlement which is often supported by sexist, racist, homophobic and other discriminatory attitudes. In this way, domestic violence by men against women can be seen as a consequence of the inequalities between men and women, rooted in patriarchal traditions that encourage men to believe they are entitled to power and control over their partners.

119 days ago


Well, she won't be testifying anymore.

119 days ago


Besides his romantic partners, I wonder who else turned a blind eye...the violence grew bigger, to this point! By 'protecting' a man with violent tendencies, you end up with much worse consequences even for the person you're in prison? ****tered family? Dead human being?

119 days ago


Another celebrity who got off because he was on TV, big surprise

119 days ago


And now Jennifer has the last laugh, the best laugh. Not this situation is laughable. April defened the man from spousal abuse and he eventually killed her. Don't tell me there was no spousal abuse with April before her murder.

119 days ago


He looks deranged in all of his pics

119 days ago


She looks alike Cameron Diaz fock in each Burger King with strangers and he looks alike a cool guy...what tragedy !

119 days ago


He is pure evil s***. I hope they sentence him to death and extradite him to Utah just after it smartly brings back the firing squad.

119 days ago


If this is true, I don't feel sorry for her. You reap what you sow. She knew what she was getting into when she married him. You can almost tell something was off about him just by the look on his face.

119 days ago


I find it ironic that a woman that claimed the abuser was a great man (in order to smear the ex-wife) ended up dead by his hands.

119 days ago



119 days ago


He's proven himself to be no better than a wild animal who can't control himself and can't live in society. Off to a jail cell for the remainder of his life (no matter how long OR short it happens to be.) Period! We don't need to hear his name ever again.

119 days ago


I'm guessing they were having an affair, since they married within a year of his divorce.

Homewreckers suck.

119 days ago


He ask you prefer be dead or without money? Now you know her answer was....

119 days ago

Bobo Frog    

He looks like The Devil.

119 days ago
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