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Charlie Sheen

Rips Rihanna

Yes I AM a Queen ... The Queen of Mean

5/22/2014 11:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

is in over her head -- Charlie Sheen has just issued a biting response to the singer's "queen" jab ... mocking her subpar command of the English language.

Charlie issued the response to TMZ in (what else) poem format:

"Dear Ms. Rihan-
  oh wait, no last name,
  Okay, Dear R -
clearly English is NOT
your primary language.

Firstly I want to thank you for recognizing me as Royalty. I'm flattered.
And secondly;
do the good Queen a favor and go tend to the dungeon in my Castle.
But beware of the
rats and the snakes.
They stir with folly
awaiting your tepid advance,
in the shadows..."

later Doosh!

As we reported, Rihanna tried returning fire after Sheen's anti-Rihanna tirade earlier today -- calling Sheen an "old queen" with his diapers in a bunch.

It's unclear if Rihanna was being homophobic, but "queen" is commonly a pejorative term for gay people ... and Rihanna's been in trouble before for allegedly bashing gays ... so we gotta ask ...


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maleelo blahlick    

Who gives a flying sh#t about Rhianna. She is a used up piece of trash.

99 days ago

maleelo blahlick    

Charlie is "winning" this argument, she needs to go crawl back under the rock she came from aka Chris Brown's ball sack

99 days ago


I will probably get alot of thumbs down for this one, but everyone will form their own opinion,if we all thought or felt the same think of how boring life would be. Yes no doubt about it,Charlie is a wack a doodle, but in his defense, he tries to meet and greet his fans,whenever possible, keeping himself humble knowing who put him where he is, aside from sounding deranged half the time, he admitted a few years ago wishing ppl would lighten up and laugh at his earlier rants, face it, to take him seriously when he will be the first to laugh at himself shows, as a whole we read too much into what we read and believe it, in all fatality here is a guy who can even poke fun at himself showing he is an educated man, he is just more up front about it, and sending a message to Rhianna in my opinion is a compliment from one person to another, I look at it this way Rhiana shouldn't have gotten the 3rd degree, she simply said it was the right time due to the vamire paps who feed off this stuff looking for a story, rather than a put down and a vetran in the biz, Charlie should have viewed it as, sure I will meet her but now isn't the time or place, maybe a more personal intimate meeting would be better, But hey hes Charlie and regardless as to what his future wife does or did for a living, it was an honest living, not the kind most of us would choose to make. This world needs to lighten up and not be so hateful, cuz at the end of the day, aren't we all trying to achive the same goal?? Getting thru it the best we can given each one of our own circuumstances.

99 days ago


I love Hollywood! Bunch of hot messes.... makes my pathetic life a little more joyful. ;)

99 days ago


Hey esse carlos, por que do you go down to the level of a albeit great singer but crack ho lookin chris brown thug sucking fame attention you, r, and thug chris brown are cat bitching at the same level. Grow some balls or take some viagra u druggie.

99 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

Oh boy. Now he's speaking his other language. Oh Rih just say hi to the guy so he can calm down.

99 days ago


This is Charlie's way to stay in the public's eye. He should step up and take custody of his children. It will give him something to do that is meaningful instead of the parade of porn stars and coke dealers in his house.

99 days ago


Rihanna needs to have a seat! It's obvious Charlie is winning!

99 days ago


Everyone knows Sheen is insane from years of drugs, drink and probably syphilis.

99 days ago


I use to like her but like all the others, give a b itch some money and they get ghetto

99 days ago


Lmao...2 dip crack heads making stupidity out of their arses.

99 days ago

Tess Tuckles    

Jerry Springer for the next generation. This isnt informative. It's actually quite depressing. “The Porn Addict V.S The Hot Black Chick". Seems like people will report anything to keep their worldly possessions. New low/Hot Gabbage.

99 days ago


It's racism.

99 days ago


chill on charlie....riri jus recently jumped on a fan who wore a gown like hers to prom...she dont like fans. at least charlie keeps it 100. His Aces on the table

99 days ago

Sheldon Siegel    

Charlie Sheen and Rihanna having an argument? The implications in relative morality are staggering.

99 days ago
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