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Donald Sterling

Surrenders Control of Clippers

... to Shelly

5/23/2014 6:49 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Donald Sterling is no longer the controlling owner of the Los Angeles Clippers ... TMZ Sports has learned he just surrendered control to his estranged wife, Shelly Sterling, and she is now secretly negotiating with the NBA to sell the team ... ON HER TERMS.

Sources close to the Clippers organization tell us ... Donald made the decision because he saw the handwriting on the wall -- as long as he remained in control, the NBA would order an involuntary sale of the team.

Our sources say Shelly and her lawyer, Pierce O'Donnell, have been secretly meeting with NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and NBA lawyers to "resolve the dispute amicably."    We're told Shelly realizes the NBA wants the team sold, but she has significantly more leverage and credibility with the league than Donald.  Her end game is simple -- she won't object to the sale, but SHE wants to call the shots.

Our Sterling sources say Shelly is prepared to sue the NBA and she will file legal docs (not the suit itself but papers laying out her case) on Tuesday if the NBA orders an INVOLUNTARY sale.  She's down with a sale but only a voluntary one that puts her in control.  

Attorney Pierce O'Donnell would not comment on this story, but did say, "Shelly Sterling's preference has always been to find a way to resolve this dispute amicably with the NBA in a mutually satisfactory manner." 

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No Avatar

Bill Stevens    

Well done now we shall see what the hypocrites at the NBA will do! Regardless of all the garbage in the franchise contract possession is ninth tenths of the law. If she does not want to sell, well then good luck NBA!

152 days ago

Bill Stevens    

Regardless of the rubbish in the franchise agreement and contracts, it will still be fought out in court if Shelly decides she wants to keep the team. CA is community property, no one can seek that team until the divorce court rules on who everything will be divided. The NBA will learn a bitter lesson here, hypocrites that they are!

152 days ago

Black Adam    

LOL! V.Stiviano's 15 minutes is over. I wonder if she is still walking around with that Visor on?

152 days ago


She will not be able to sell it to whomever she wants, or "on her terms." The NBA has to approve whomever owns a team, and the sale has to meet franchise rules. The ******* Sterlings can play games all they want. The fact is, the NBA and the people of Los Angeles no longer want these pigs to own the Clippers. Look what happened to the f*&king McCourts when they owned the Dodgers. The Angelenos stopped going to the games and forced them into bankruptcy, then the bankruptcy judge forced a sale and now the Dodgers have good owners again. The Sterlings have been a*&holes for decades. This is a long time coming.

152 days ago

Bossy Potato    

If this old woman tries to sue the nba, she'll lose. The whole sterling family's name is bad for the nba, bottom line. She'll be forced out and that's final. B!tch wants it on "her terms". Go fcuk yourself.

152 days ago


Who in the hell cares?

152 days ago


I hope she sells the Clippers at a handsome profit.

Not that I care for Donald Sterling. Actually, I don't! But I find the mob reaction, complete with torches and pitchforks more distasteful.

152 days ago


Bottom line. He made those comments in private. Regardless if he knew she was taping or not. This should scare the hell out of everybody!!!! The same people that have crucified him probably would not want everything they say taped and made public! I promise you!!!!

152 days ago


Making him sell the team is racist and unAmerican. People in favor of this are the same ones who are polluting the environment and shipping our jobs overseas.

152 days ago


Good for Shelly! She was part owner of the team. Why should what her stupid husband does be allowed to hurt her. I'm proud of her. At least she can fight for her rights to a proper sale not a fire sale (stealing).

152 days ago

Bob Dog    

So when does the actual lynching of white males begin? I'm sure all you racist hatemongers will applaud it.

152 days ago


Shelly is long known for being a racist evil slumlord, working hand in hand with her f*ckwad husband. I am so sick of these stupid comments about their "rights." This horrible couple have violated the rights of thousands of people over the decades and are constantly suing or being sued. As far as this case goes, they entered into a binding arbitration agreement with the NBA when they bought the Clippers. Get that? Arbitration. They broke their contract with the NBA and have no case to make in any court. The NBA is terminating their franchise rights. They can try to make a case at the NBA owners meeting in June, but the other owners have already stated they will vote them out. They are done, and for once, will not get to do things "on their terms." Quit whining about the "rights" of billionaire slumlords that have gotten what they richly deserve. This has nothing to do with first amendment rights or the courts! Gahhhhh!

152 days ago


Here is what the NBA thinks about Shelly Sterling's idea for her to "call the shots":

CNN: NBA will force sale of L.A. Clippers, rebuffs Sterlings offer

LA Times: NBA unswayed by Sterlings offer for wife to negotiate Clippers sale.

152 days ago

Scooter Van Neuter    

Forcing a citizen to sell property because you disagree with his thinking/politics/religion, etc is about as un-American as anything could ever be.

F*ck the NBA and politically correct retards everywhere.

152 days ago


I think Shelly should get 3 Billion for the LA Clippers,
look at the Dodgers,
Same neighborhood, better venue,

buy low...sell high......

152 days ago
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