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Donald Sterling

Diagnosed with Alzheimer's

5/30/2014 9:49 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Sterling Alzheimers Disease
Donald Sterling
has Alzheimer's and that's why doctors declared he is incompetent to have a voice in the sale of the L.A. Clippers ... TMZ Sports has learned.

Sources connected with the Sterling family tell TMZ ... the trust agreement that governs the family's ownership of the team provides if 2 qualified doctors determine either Donald or Shelly shows "an inability to conduct business affairs in a reasonable and normal manner" ... they will then be stripped of control over the team.

We're told earlier this month Donald agreed to an examination by 2 prominent neurologists.  He underwent extensive tests, including a CT and PET scan.   We're told both doctors diagnosed Donald with Alzheimer's and concluded he may have had the disease for as long as 5 years.  The doctors both concluded he did not have the ability to conduct the business of the team.

Under the trust agreement ... the doctors' conclusions were enough to strip Donald of control.

Our sources say Donald can appeal the doctors' conclusions to the California Probate Court.

One interesting thing ... TMZ Sports broke the story ... on May 22 Donald signed a letter written to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver relinquishing control of the team to his wife Shelly.  It's unclear if Donald's lawyer will now argue the letter is invalid because of Donald's mental incapacity.

The problem for Donald -- if his lawyer argues mental incapacity, under the trust agreement he automatically loses control over the team.  So it's a Catch-22 for Donald.

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Yeah....Didnt see that comming

155 days ago

im not going to spend my life being a color    

Maybe now you will leave him alone. He is ignorant yes but also afflicted and sick.

154 days ago

I'm A Lawyer    

Fishing for sympathy.

154 days ago


Big BS on this one. Next.....

154 days ago


I certainly abhor what he said. It was totally disgusting on so many levels. That said, I still think it is wrong of TMZ to disclose his medical condition. As a health care provider, there are serious fines and the possibility of jail time for violating HIPPA. I don't think an entertainment website should be excused from these prohibitions, regardless of whether he is public figure or not.

154 days ago


I'm calling BS

154 days ago

So Nasty So Rude    

If he can't remember what he said about black I will refresh his memory for a min.. See what happen was..

154 days ago


I knew it, I knew something was medically going on.

154 days ago


Maybe we should all take a deep breath in the future before we start dragging people through the streets like a lynch mob before we know all the facts. The PRESS exploiting this story created more hate than the private conversation that tmz bought so they can sell adds on their site. I'm sure the owner of tmz bought a new car by covering this story. who's the real villain ?

154 days ago


I'm not surprised. But I thought he had cancer also?? Was that a BS story???

154 days ago


There isn't anything like Alzheimer's wrong with this racist! He said those disgusting things because that's who he is! Do we really care about this coot? We have moved on to the selling of the Clippers.

154 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

May The True and Living Yahweh,
bless You and Yours, Mr. Sterling.

Craigslist.com/NYC/Rant and Rave Sections
"The House of David:
Thy Kingdom Came"

154 days ago


Nice move on behalf of his PR people - he looses the team either way but they're assuming that when people hear of his condition, they'd forget and embrace him. No dice. If he has Alzheimer's he's in his VERY early stages and is still more cognizant than not. Alzheimer's has a veeeeery slow onset and if he actually does have Alzheimer's and isn't just pulling the "I'm sick" card to garner sympathy (really, would you be surprised?) it does NOT excuse his behavior. Alzheimer's doesn't produce such drastic personality changes that you one day wake up a raging racist. IF he really does have Alzheimer's - all the best moving forward, it's a hard condition to live with. Still not going to excuse what you said/did. If not, well you really are the lowest of the low.

154 days ago

Gifts about to be taken away from his GF!!!!    

since he has had this mental ill for about 5 years and is incapable of making decisions. Will his wife be able to get back all the money and gifts that he gave to the mistress? I'm asking because his wife would automatically become his POA and they can say that when he gave her money along with gifts he was not in his right state of mind!

154 days ago


OK so he's a racist with alzheimers then. Got it.

154 days ago
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