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'JAG' Star Zoe McLellan

My Loser Husband Wants Custody

To Get My TV Money

6/17/2014 12:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Zoe McClellan Divorce

Zoe McClellan says she just learned a hard lesson about success ... sometimes your ex will come
after you with a vengeance, especially when money is on the line.

Zoe just signed on as the new star of "NCIS: New Orleans."  According to legal docs -- obtained by TMZ -- she'll be raking in $45K an episode.

Zoe's hubby, J.P. Gillain -- a struggling actor -- just filed for divorce, and she doesn't think it's coincidental.  J.P. is asking for joint custody, and she suggests a motivating factor is that he wants child support.

Zoe is also incredulous ... because she goes on and on in the docs saying J.P. has never been a hands-on dad, to the point where he doesn't know how to put their 18-month-old Sebastian to sleep. 

Zoe used to be rolling in dough, starring in "JAG" for years.  But when the show went off the air she couldn't get an acting job -- she was a life coach and J.P. waited tables.

Zoe wants to move to New Orleans to shoot the show, and she's now asking the judge for an emergency order giving her temporary full custody, but J.P. strongly objects.

There's a hearing today and the judge will have to decide.  If the ruling goes against Zoe, she'll have to make a true Sophie's choice -- the show or her kid.


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I wonder what the real truth is here.

96 days ago


who is this z-list skank? she should be ashamed

96 days ago


A man wanting custody so that he can get child support payments? So in other words, like how 99% of the women in this country have it?

96 days ago


Halle Berry could probably write a book or movie on this.

The thing is, though.

Calling the guy a loser...?

There are a lot of talented people between-gigs in L.A.

This is like calling all of them losers.

Be more grateful that you're working.

Don't make the guy beg ... crawl.

96 days ago


Yawn !!!

96 days ago

Mango Lady    

Give him nothing. The divorce was finalized.

96 days ago

L. Ron Hubbard    

He looks "pasty" like a zombie!

96 days ago

Karvey Kardashian    

She is not the sharpest tool in the shed, and she is about as sharp as a marble. Staying with her would give him the most money, so maybe he just doesn't like her and thinks she is not the best parent to have the most time their child. She sounds insufferable, and I bet she would have no problem wanting child support if he landed the job on a television show. As a woman this type of attitude annoys me! People like her & Halle B¡tchy believe they deserve custody because they are a woman. They act indignant about paying child support to a man, but they want to be treated as equal to a man. Hello ladies, welcome to being equal. Now shut up and pay your child support like many men do already!

96 days ago

harvey is racist    

if it was a woman no one would be getting at her for being down and out and looking to reach in a man's pocket

Yall call for equality, this is part of're obligated to pay him, then pay him. Whether he's a loser or not is irrelevant.

96 days ago

Mortimer Berford    

Dear Women everywhere,
If you don't think this is fair, then stop doing it to the men.

96 days ago


1 - write a cheque for him - u got the $$$$ - welcome to equality in the courts

96 days ago


Oh no,another NCIS........

96 days ago

Sassy Cupcakes    

What exactly is the problem here? If she were a man... this would be a non-story and every high and mighty single woman would show their support to gouge the man's paycheck. Did this actress take into considering that maybe, just maybe the husband is the better parent? And since he's not working he can be a stay at home dad like a lot of "single" moms do after a divorce. I personally support dads.... I know far too many men (friends) who should have custody of their kids because all "mom" wants is a monthly check. Heck, I have 2 male friends who DO have custody however still pay their ex wife child support when they have nothing to do with the child because its just easier and they can't afford an attorney to modify the support agreement or fear the mother will just drag it out in court costing the "father" even more money. How effed up is that?

96 days ago


TMZ sticking their noses in child custody cases again when they do not know anything that is actaully happening ....just one side of the story. Judges do not decide on any child support for the adult - it is FOR THE CHILD.

96 days ago


I can not believe NCIS NOLA got a green light. Those were the 2 most boring episodes trough the whole NCIS season. This gets a go and Red was cut. Don't get it

95 days ago
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