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Dreamy McMug

Laser Company Offers

Free Tat Removal ... and Bail

6/24/2014 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jeremy Meeks can't erase his criminal past ... but he can erase his gang-style tats with the help of a tattoo removal company that's offering him free laser treatments ... and cold, hard cash for his bail.

The honchos at LaserAway say they've been following Meeks' story ... and were touched by comments from his mom ... about how her son has been stereotyped by the ink on his body.

But the convicted felon should think twice before accepting the offer  ... as we reported, he's getting bites from modeling companies that like the body art ... because it's gangster-chic.
If he goes through with the removal ... the company says it will also pony up $20K toward his $900,000 bail.

The company may do better with Melanie Griffith.



No Avatar


This is so crazy. Its proof we can be idiots, thugs and dumb and people will buy into the hype.

91 days ago


only in America

91 days ago


Seriously, this guy again? I went to high school with, like, three guys who looked just like that. It's called bi-racial, get over it.

Who cares what the guy looks like anyway, he is a loser.

91 days ago


this is gonna backfire bigtime. i love the thinking that is going on here. oh this criminal who has spent his life taking advantage of situations, ill just throw a bag of money at him, reward criminal behavior, and hell play nice.

hes gonna end up robbing whatever idiots try to use the publicity hes got.

91 days ago


This is my last comment on this story as a "boycott" to TMZ. I'm guessing that stories that don't get many comments will be dropped. It's worth a try because they have to stop trying to make a celebrity out of this criminal.

91 days ago


Wow just wow!!! While regular people who have a may have did some dumb crap in there past and not even have the extent of the record he has...can't get a ****ty job but this guy because he's semi cute he gets the royal treatment. What a world we live in smh!!!

91 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

TMZ leave this man alone. He didn't ask for this attention. Now these companies are using him ro get exposure. This is out of control.

91 days ago


**** Laseraway! He is still affiliated. You don't just leave the Crips. Not alive anyway. He could afford makeup if he REALLY left and wanted to cover up his tat and didn't have money for tattoo removal. Look at the pics posted of him boating, skydiving, partying. He has money. That gang has killed people I care about (on purpose and accidentally) including kids! Boycott Laser away!

91 days ago


I don't have a Facebook account or I would be lighting it up but I am emailing Laseraway. This guy is a CRIP and a criminal, not an ex-CRIP or ex-criminal. There are victims. Don't support him just because you might think he's cute! Boycott Laser Away!

91 days ago


TMZ is still trying to make this criminal nobody a somebody. Pretty sad.

91 days ago


Yay! Glorify crime and violence some more! Throw money and perks at a criminal because we think he is oh so "dreamy." *Rolls eyes* ...Are we seriously that backwards as a society now or is it just LA LA land living in bizarro world?

91 days ago

105 4N93135    

Haha I'm honestly in awe at this point.. After reading people's comments on here (99% of which are negative) I have to assume that TMZ has decided to go by the motto "any publicity is good publicity". Usually I'll joke around and give tmz some sh*t on here but this is seriously out of control. There is not another country in the world that would come close to tolerating this BS. The fact that all these modeling agencies are jumping on the bandwagon just goes to show how powerful a "news" organizations influence can be. Stop this madness tmz.. It's bad for societal standards and it makes you and the rest of our country look like morons. Ridiculous

91 days ago


how long you think before this guys gang buddies pay laser away in LA a visit and try to shake them down for a 'management fee'. i give it 2 weeks. but im generous


91 days ago


The dude wears fake contacts and everyone is literally wetting themselves over his dumb pictures. His early mug shots he has light brown eyes not blue. Good grief. There are better looking dudes working a legit job at In N Out burger on the daily.

91 days ago


glorifying go america.. . how sad.

91 days ago
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