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Kennedy Drama

Man Breaks Into Compound

Looking for Katy Perry

7/16/2014 6:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Kennedy Compound Break In
7:10 AM PT -- According to Barnstable Police, LaCroix, who police discovered sitting on a couch and reading a book, told police he entered through an unlocked door. LaCroix also said he had a gift for Perry and was also there to see ... John F. Kennedy.

Cops say that after talking to LaCroix for a few minutes, they realized he "was detached from reality."
update_grey_gray_barA scary moment for the Kennedys at the famed Hyannis Port compound ... a crazy guy entered the house looking for Katy Perry and hung with the clueless 16-year-old grandson of Ted Kennedy.

Barnstable Police tell TMZ ... there was no sign of forced entry.  At around 6:30 Tuesday night ... 53-year-old James LaCroix just walked inside and started cooking dinner.

Ted Kennedy Jr.
-- who was in Connecticut -- called the home just after 9 PM to check on his teenage son.  The intruder answered and the panicked dad called the cops.

When cops arrived they found LaCroix -- still in the kitchen -- and he said he was there looking for Katy Perry.

Cops say Kennedy's son came home in the evening and ran into  LaCroix ... but he thought LaCroix was just a house guest.

LaCroix was arrested and charged with breaking and entering.

In 2 weeks the house will be filled with Kennedys ... Cheryl Hines and Robert Kennedy Jr. will tie the knot there. shot video of LaCroix being led out of the home.


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Okay, rich people really need to stop making it easy for crazies to walk into their houses. Glad he didn't hurt anyone.

99 days ago


There is absolutely no way anyone should just be able to waltz into that compound. Unbelievable. I can't believe they don't have better security in place.

99 days ago


Wow, how do you not have any kind of security set in place even like locking the doors. Most likely the 16 yr old left without setting the alarm or locking doors. He's lucking the nut case wasn't violent or tried to make him into dinner

99 days ago


So it seems the whole compound has no security system or people. The 16 yr. old is lucky to be alive.

99 days ago


This country used to have mental hospitals until misguided advocates of "freedom" sold us on the idea of "mainstreaming" the mentally ill. How's that working out for us? Great, right? Now, if we could just solve that pesky problem of the homeless mentally I'll on skid row. They mainstreamed to Main St.

99 days ago


If Katy Perry hangs out with s*** like that,I just lost all respect for her.

Hollyweird trash isn't low enough,she has to go slumming with the Kennedy Klan?

99 days ago


Wannabe chef just wanted to train in Hell's Kitchen!

99 days ago

First Sandra Bullock and now Katy Perry wow those gentlemen are really following their dreams.

99 days ago


Seems as though the celebs are "detached from reality" and anyone else who leaves their doors UNLOCKED!

99 days ago


Apparently there are limits to even TMZ’s ability to make just anyone famous. The Artiaga family of Beaumont, CA, learned that this week when the CW pulled the plug on the Artiagas’ series, Famous In 12 — after just five episodes.

Like I been saying. Famous in 12 cancelled in 5. (I predicted 4).

99 days ago

Morton Lipshitz    

He looks F'ed in the head!

99 days ago


What book was he reading? Catcher in the Rye?

99 days ago

Sexy Stig    

It's a full moon (super for that matter), so all the crazies are out in full force. Lock your doors, keep a baseball bat or other weapon close by and get ready. Geez!

99 days ago

Cookie Lady    

The very wealthy sure don't live like the common folk, do they? I'm not even addressing the fact that someone can simply walk into one of their homes, but a young person in the home has no clue he doesn't belong there? That's a family home and the other family members don't even know if a non-family member and/or complete stranger will be there? Did anyone tell the kid that Great-Uncle John F Kennedy was dead??

99 days ago


What in the actual hell? Was the 16 year old the only one there? Why was the door unlocked... and if you come home and there is a total stranger in your house, wouldn't you... I don't know... find that odd? Do these people not talk to each other?
"Hey, do you have a house guest here?"
"Um, no".
"Oh, okay. I should call the police."

Rich people make no sense to me. How in the world do these people, esp THESE people, not have security or alarms or cameras or ANYTHING security wise that would keep a total random stranger from simply walking into their house?


99 days ago
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