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Justin Bieber

Friend Gets Lighter Sentence

Because He Kept Mouth Shut

8/21/2014 10:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber Khalil DUI

Justin Bieber did NOT get celebrity justice when he copped a plea in his Miami Beach DUI case ... because we've learned his lesser known friend who was also busted for DUI just copped a plea that is a slap on the wrist by comparison.

You may recall ... both Bieber and Khalil were busted for DUI after cops claimed they were drag racing back in January.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... Khalil will pled guilty to careless driving and his punishment will be a $500 fine and enrollment in a drug and alcohol program.

Justin, on the other hand, pled guilty to careless driving and resisting an officer without violence.  He now has to fork over $50,000 and attend 12 anger management classes ... something Khalil does have to do.

The only real difference between the 2 --  Bieber mouthed off to the cops.

Khalil's lawyer Bradford Cohen tells us, "Khalil got the benefit of being polite and courteous and not acting obnoxious and privileged, and that's why the pleas were not identical."

A $50,000 lesson learned.


No Avatar


How's my racist white people on TMZ doing today?

62 days ago


I guess sometimes not bring attention to yourself helps your life.

62 days ago


We already know he bribes people, why not cops?

62 days ago

Gru V    

In the words of the great Aretha Franklin, R.E.S.P.E.C.T.!

62 days ago


That's bullchit that you get a greater punishment for not kissing government and judicial azzes, because I don't think it says that in the constitution. In fact, I think it says something about free speech.

62 days ago


Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... Khalil will pled guilty to careless driving

Editors...where are you??????

will PLEAD?

62 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

Kalil knows that the result of him mouthing off to the cop would be way worse than anything that Justin was slapped with. I'm glad his parents taught him how to handle police interaction.

62 days ago

bring back recent posts    

$50.000 lessened learned? Hardly, he made that in interest in the time it took me to type this.

62 days ago


Seriously 500 and bieber 50k? On what do they base these plea deal fines?

62 days ago


Being polite and respectful goes along way. I learned that firsthand.

I got into a fight as a sophomore in HS, the fight was broken up and we were both detained and escorted by campus police(city police officers) to different offices, we were both suspended; I was charged with simple affray and he was charged with resisting an officer, disorderly conduct, and a couple others. The difference between our charges were the fact that he was mouthing off, trying to break free to continue the fight and disrespectful while ready to continue the fight if he wanted to, I was calm, polite and compliant with the officer.

62 days ago


Well I think its just great. He should get off easy because he is black. lmao. JK

62 days ago


Khalil knew how to act with a cop being a black man. Me. B1tch has that immunity for some reason..

62 days ago


Khalil knows how to act with a cop being a black man. Mr. Bitch has that immunity for some reason...**** Not sure why my phone auto corrects Mr. to Me?

62 days ago


Hey look it's "Caterpillar Boy" hiding in the backseat!!! Hahahaha hahahahaha

62 days ago


PLEASE, the reason Justin got a heavier sentence is cause of who he is, not cause he mouthed off,, and for TMZ to believe that BS, just shows how idiotic they really are!! Khalil got a lighter sentence cause he's a nobody, just another leech that hangs around Justin Bieber!

62 days ago
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