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Charles Manson Will Surfaces Pen Pal Gets Everything

11/24/2017 1:00 AM PST

Charles Manson left his estate to a pen pal ... and what the murderer left behind may actually be valuable.

The pen pal -- he asked us not to use his name -- began writing Manson in the '90s and the 2 exchanged letters and phone calls for 2 decades. The man even visited Manson in prison from time to time.

We obtained a copy of a crudely written will which we're told was drafted by Manson. It's typed but there's handwriting on the document. We checked the handwriting in the will against Manson's known handwriting, and they appear very similar. Check out the comparison. 

The will -- dated February 14, 2002 -- leaves all of Manson's personal belongings, including cash, image rights and clothing to Manson's pen pal. More significantly, Manson leaves his "exclusive music catalog" to the guy. Manson fancied himself as a songwriter and even wrote a Beach Boys song the group recorded.

The will says Manson's body should be turned over to his pen pal. He says he will claim the body, but as we reported, if he doesn't do it within 10 days of Manson's death, the prison will cremate him.

Manson specifically disinherited his known children, ex-wives, in-laws, lawyers, friends, prisoners, inmates, cops, guards, and the State of California.

The man tells us he began writing Manson in the '90s out of curiosity, and after more than 50 letters with no reply ... Manson finally wrote back in 1997. He claims the 2 struck up a friendship through letters and eventually phone calls, and he met Manson in person for the first time in 2002 ... the same year Manson drafted the will.

He claims he visited with Manson several times after that and got his last phone call from him on October 21 ... just weeks before his death.

The 2002 will includes a handwritten note from Manson, saying ... "I'm not in the best spot to rest in peace" along with his signature. We're told the witness signature is that of a fellow inmate.

GoFundMe to Manson We'll Pay Your Funeral Expenses Over Our Dead Body!

11/23/2017 3:28 PM PST

Charles Manson's dead body can rot in prison ... at least as far as GoFundMe is concerned.

The fundraising site shutdown an effort to pay for the murderer's funeral expenses. As TMZ reported, John Michael Jones used GoFundMe to pay for Manson's burial expenses and he raised $972 before the page was 86'd from the site.

John says he was raising the money for Manson's grandson, Jason Freeman, who would then give Manson a proper burial. 

John Michael Jones is furious, saying "It breaks my heart to see Jason [Mason's grandson] now suffering from the same prejudices, hate, discrimination and deliberate lies that his grandfather endured for 48 years."

As for why GoFundMe torpedoed the fundraising effort, a rep from the site told TMZ, "We removed this content earlier today and refunded donors." The rep did not explain why the page was objectionable, but it's not hard to figure out. Manson was a monster.

John Michael Jones says he's not quitting ... he's crossed over to PayPal. 

TMZ broke the story... if no one claims Manson's body within 10 days of his death, he will be cremated. 

Terry Glenn's Son Brady's Tribute Gave Me Chills ... 'More Than Special'

11/22/2017 8:38 AM PST

Terry Glenn's son says Tom Brady's touching tribute to his father meant the world to him ... telling TMZ Sports he got chills when he read the quarterback's message about the late NFL star.

We spoke with Terry Glenn Jr. about the outpouring of kind words he's received since his dad's fatal car accident Monday morning ... and he says Brady's words were "more than special" knowing his first career TD pass went to Glenn.

The 21-year-old says he'll always remember how his dad vowed to give him a better childhood than he had ... and how hard he worked to make sure he was taken care of.

As for Glenn's 83 Kids Foundation for foster children ... Terry Jr. revealed he was actually scheduled to travel to Texas to help work with his dad on Monday ... but says he's still committed to continuing his charitable cause.

Terry Jr. also shares his favorite memory growing up with his dad ... and it's an amazing story.

AC/DC Malcolm Young Dead at 64

11/18/2017 6:29 AM PST

Malcolm Young, the co-founder of the legendary rock group AC/DC has died.

Young had been suffering from dementia for several years and it appears the condition contributed to his death. The band says Malcolm died Saturday peacefully with his family by his bedside.

Malcolm was the rhythm guitarist who founded the group with his brother Angus Young in 1973. The legendary band produced a string of monster hits, including "Highway to Hell," "Back in Black," "Thunderstruck" and "Hells Bells." 

The group was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2003.

Malcolm was replaced in 2014 by his nephew Stevie Young ... this after his health began to deteriorate.

He's survived by his wife, 2 kids and 3 grandchildren.


Lil Peep Fans Obliterate Rapper's Merch ... But There's a Big Problem

11/17/2017 12:50 AM PST
Exclusive Details

Lil Peep's entire online store was cleaned out by fans hours after his death ... and those lucky enough to get their clickers on some gear from other suppliers could be waiting a long, long time.

Peep was was found dead on his tour bus Wednesday of a suspected OD and his fans flocked to the rapper's online store and other retailers for mementos. 

Most of the merch was scooped up immediately and some of those who scored merch were notified shipments would be significantly delayed. From what we're hearing, they don't have the inventory and are scrambling to make good on the orders. 

As for what was sold ... posters, hats, hoodies, windbreakers, t-shirts, and other stuff ranging from $30 to $60.

Fan loyalty never dies.

Erykah Badu RIP Lil Peep ... Kids Have It Too Rough These Days

11/16/2017 5:38 PM PST

Erykah Badu thinks Lil Peep's death is more complicated than it seems -- it's not just a cautionary tale about addiction, it's also a warning about mental illness issues for young people in America.

As we first reported, police strongly suspect the 21-year-old rapper died of a fatal overdose. When we got Erykah Thursday in NYC ... she was extremely somber about the challenges youth face these days. As a mother of 3, she says kids, in general, are desperately trying to stay stimulated while coping with a wave of negativity -- which is why they turn to drugs.

Badu's take isn't all that uplifting, but it's arguably crucial and definitely thought-provoking. 

Floyd Mayweather Balls Out in L.A. But, There's One Thing He Won't Discuss ...

11/15/2017 6:28 AM PST

Floyd Mayweather was in attention-seeking mode Tuesday night -- taking his head-turning Rolls-Royce to the most paparazzi-packed restaurant in town ... while wearing a bright pink hat. 

So, when we saw him walking into Catch LA -- we had to ask about Oscar De La Hoya calling out Conor McGregor ... since Floyd's beaten 'em both. 

Mayweather was super nice to our guy -- but made it clear he didn't want to add fuel to that fire. 

Why not? Perhaps it was because his cutman Rafael Garcia passed away earlier in the day. Maybe he doesn't want to take the focus off a MayMac rematch? 

Either way ... condolences. 

And nice hat. 

Hugh Hefner Celebration of Life Set for Mansion ... Scalpers Jack Up Prices

11/12/2017 1:00 AM PST

The final Playboy Mansion bash honoring Hugh Hefner is going down this weekend, and although it's supposed to be invitation-only -- there's a way you can get in ... but for a VERY hefty price.

The event's been labeled a celebration of life, and it's set for Sunday from 10am to 2pm. Remember, Sunday Funday was always a big tradition for Hef back in his partying days, so it's a fitting send off.

Leave it to ticket scalpers to key in on that ... because tickets have started popping up online. The highest price we found was $3500 a pop. No word on who got real deal invitations, but we're told it's supposed to be mostly close friends and family. Plus whoever throws down thousands on the black market.

As we reported, Pabst heir Daren Metropoulos bought the Mansion -- and is planning some major renovations and add-ons -- so this might be the last party there in its current configuration.

Hef was 91 when he died in September, but a Playboy party is forever.

Roy Halladay's Plane Climbing and Diving 2 Weeks Before Crash

11/10/2017 10:59 AM PST
Breaking News

New video has surfaced reportedly showing Roy Halladay performing concerning aerial maneuvers over water -- including extreme changes in altitude -- just 2 weeks before his fatal crash. 

The video show's Roy's ICON A5 plane flying over the Gulf of Mexico on Oct. 20 -- it almost looks like he's practicing a water landing ... though he never lands on the water. 

The person who shot the video told the NY Daily News he started recording because the plane was going so close to the water at a high rate of speed, he thought it was going to crash. 

You can hear the man express concern as he watches Roy's plane. 

Just 2 weeks later, the plane crashed near the very same area -- killing the ex-MLB star

Multiple witnesses tell TMZ Sports Roy had been making similar changes in altitude -- just like in the video from Oct. One person described it as "aggressive flying."

Roy's family issued a statement saying he was not a reckless flyer -- and they're heartbroken over his death.

'Magnum, P.I.' Star John Hillerman Dead at 84

11/9/2017 3:56 PM PST
Breaking News

John Hillerman -- the co-star on "Magnum, P.I." who played Tom Selleck's condescending landlord -- has died.

A spokeswoman for the family reportedly said he died Thursday at his home in Houston. The cause of death is not known. Hillerman played Jonathan Quayle Higgins III alongside Selleck in the hit 1980s TV series.

Hillerman -- who also appeared on "The Love Boat," "The Betty White Show," "Murder, She Wrote," and "One Day at a Time" -- received 4 Emmy nominations for his "Magnum" role, and won for outstanding supporting actor in a drama series in 1987. He also won a Golden Globe in 1982.

His death comes on the heels of CBS' announcement the network is rebooting the show.

Hillerman was 84.


Jimmy Fallon Mother Gloria Dies

11/4/2017 7:53 PM PDT
Breaking News

Jimmy Fallon's mother, Gloria, died Saturday at a hospital in NYC ... according to a family spokesperson.

"The Tonight Show" host's mom reportedly died at NYU Langone Medical Center with Jimmy and other family members by her side. The news of her death comes just one day after Friday's taping of Fallon's show was canceled for a family emergency.

Several reports said his mother was very ill.

As we reported ... Questlove expressed sympathy for Jimmy's loss when we got him out earlier Saturday in L.A.


Questlove Sympathy for Jimmy Fallon 'When You Lose Someone It's Always Sad'

11/4/2017 1:02 PM PDT

Questlove just suggested to our photog ... Jimmy Fallon's mom has either passed away or it's about to happen.

We got "The Tonight Show" band frontman leaving the Director's Guild in West Hollywood Saturday and asked him how Jimmy's doing after the family emergency that canceled taping of the show Friday -- his answer implies Fallon's lost someone close to him.

Reports out say Jimmy's mom is very ill in the hospital, so he left Friday to join his family and be with her.

Questlove tells our guy he's not sure when 'The Tonight Show' will begin taping again.

We reached out to Fallon's team ... no word back so far.

Heatwave Singer Keith Wilder Family Puzzled by Death

11/4/2017 12:10 AM PDT

The death of "Always and Forever" singer Keith Wilder came as a shock to his family ... because he looked great and was full of energy in the days leading up to it.

Keith's family tells TMZ ... he was dancing, laughing and in great spirits from Thursday through Saturday last week while his niece was in town for her birthday. We're told they hit up a concert Friday night and went out for a late dinner Saturday night ... and everything seemed fine.

The family says Keith woke up Sunday morning like normal but took a nap later on ... and didn't wake up. They're now waiting for autopsy results.

We're told Wilder had a massive stroke 4 years ago that left him with limited mobility on his right side ... but he had regained his health. His wife says despite his passing, the fam's blessed they got 4 extra years with him because the stroke was so bad.

Wilder died last Sunday, leaving behind his wife and 4 kids. He was 65.


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