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Kylie & Travis Squeeze the Day Without Baby Stormi

3/20/2018 3:09 PM PDT

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott started their Tuesday morning right ... with a blast of fructose, and a little break from Stormi.

The new parents were spotted hitting up a Jamba Juice in WeHo around 9:45 AM PT. We're told they walked out with matching drinks -- 2 small Aloha Pineapple smoothies, plus an order of oatmeal. 

They did not bring their 7-week-old daughter, Stormi, along for the ride. Can't really blame 'em, though ... newborns need their rest, and new parents need some free time, every now and then. 

There were rumors just before Stormi's birth that Travis and KJ had broken up, but since then we've seen them catching some QT whenever possible ... like they did a couple weeks ago on a boat in Miami.

Samuel L. Jackson & Judge Judy 'Dope' Dinner Duo!

3/17/2018 6:42 PM PDT

Samuel L. Jackson and Judge Judy dined together in L.A., and thus ... staked their claim as our new favorite celebrity odd couple.

The legendary actor shared a photo of himself grabbing dinner and drinks -- big drinks -- with the famous judge Saturday night ... saying he was having "Dinner with a Boss!!"

He added that it's "Always Dope connecting with Judge Judy!"


The only question ... who picks up the check? He stars in some the biggest blockbusters of all time, but she inked a $95 million deal for her show last year.

Perhaps they go Dutch?

Backstreet Boys We're Starting a BBQ Restaurant!!!

3/17/2018 12:30 AM PDT

The Backstreet Boys are ready to drop the mic ... in the restaurant biz!!!

BSB Entertainment Inc. -- a company with A.J. McLean, Howie D., Brian Littrell and Nick Carter  listed as directors -- filed docs, which were obtained by TMZ, on February 9 to trademark "Backstreet Barbecue" for use in a new restaurant. 

The news comes on the heels of Nick telling a food blog they're looking for a partner in Mexico to start making their own tequila. Hey, it worked for George Clooney. Now add a BBQ joint and the boys have quite the trifecta (music reigns, of course). 

We've reached out to a rep for the Backstreet Boys for comment, so far no word back. 

S.D. Butchers To Canelo: We Got Big Meat For You With No Steroids!

3/17/2018 12:25 AM PDT

Canelo Alvarez's meat problems could be over -- a San Diego butcher shop is vowing to provide free, CLEAN meat to the middleweight champ for the rest of his training camp.

Alvarez recently tested positive for traces of Clenbuterol -- a banned performance-enhancing drug --  and he blamed the whole thing on tainted Mexican beef

Canelo says he immediately moved his training camp from Mexico to the U.S. -- and he's already got a butcher shop near his training base in S.D. down to hook him up with roid-free beef. 

"This really seems like a case where contaminated, factory farmed meats almost cost someone a monumental event in their life," Heart & Trotter owner, Trey Nichols, tells TMZ Sports

"We are happy to offer clean, locally raised and sustainably-sourced meats that will not only be free of chemicals, hormones and antibiotics, but will help Canelo Alvarez reach his peak performance during training."

Nichols says the butcher shop has previously supplied clean meat to the Lakers and Chargers ... so teaming up with Canelo to preserve the May 5 showdown with GGG is a no-brainer.

Canelo, take the help, bro. These cows ain't loyal.

O.J. Simpson Still Welcome to Juice Here After 'Confession' Special

3/12/2018 3:33 PM PDT

O.J. Simpson's confession about killing Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman isn't rattling the manager of one of his new fave hangouts in Nevada ... TMZ has learned.

Simpson's become a frequent customer at Nekter Juice Bar in Summerlin, and a manager there tells us O.J.'s free to continue coming in ... after his bombshell interview on the FOX special, "O.J. Simpson: The Lost Confession?

The guy hasn't seen the two-hour special yet, but he says it wouldn't matter -- as long as Simpson's a paying customer, he's welcome at Nekter.

The manager tells us he refuses to treat Simpson differently from his other customers, and says the only reason O.J. wouldn't be welcome is if he started getting rude, rowdy or threatening with staff or guests.

He adds, even if other customers are uncomfortable -- due to the things Simpson said on the TV special -- he wouldn't give him the boot.

Peyton Manning To Papa John's: I'm Out!!

3/7/2018 5:57 AM PST
Breaking News

Peyton Manning has officially sold off his stake in 31 Denver-area Papa John's stores -- and he completed the move just days before Papa and NFL broke up. 

As we previously reported, Manning first acquired 21 locations back in 2012 -- and they CRUSHED IT in the first year. Employees called the sales boom the "Peyton Factor."

He acquired 10 more locations over the years -- but just last month, Manning decided to hang up his apron and leave Papa's pizza biz. 

A rep for the company confirmed the move and described Manning's run with Papa's as "six successful and rewarding years."

So, who bought Peyton's Papa's? Those stores went to another franchisee who already has a bunch of stores. 

"The franchisee that purchased the market is excited about the future of our business and assumed ownership of all Papa John’s locations in the Denver, Co. market on Feb. 26, 2018."

The move came just days before the NFL and Papa John's made a "mutual decision" to end their sponsorship deal as the official pizza of the league. 

No word on what Manning plans to do with his pizza money next. 

T.I. Houston's, Let's Tackle the Problem ... Learn Our Culture

3/4/2018 1:00 AM PST

T.I. isn't just lifting the boycott on Houston's Restaurant, he's going to help the company with diversity training to ensure African-American customers never face racism there again.

We broke the story ... Tip placed a boycott on the Houston's Restaurant chain last year after several alleged incidents of discrimination against African-American customers. The rapper's held several meetings with Houston's execs since then to address the issues, and officially nixed the boycott last week.

T.I. tells us the chain was more than willing to listen, change policies, and even wants him to take on a permanent gig with them moving forward. And no, it's not being a maître d'.

Carl's Jr. Model Emily Sears Injured in Car Accident Motorcycle Crashes into Her Lyft

3/4/2018 12:10 AM PST

Carl's Jr. model Emily Sears was injured when a motorcycle crashed into her Lyft this week, and cops say the biker was at fault.

Law enforcement sources tell us Sears was on her way home Monday night in WeHo when a motorcycle made a left and collided with the car ... sending the rider flying.

Emily's backseat airbag deployed and her face was bruised from the impact. We're told she's also dealing with neck, ear and shoulder pain.

Meanwhile, the motorcyclist took the worst of it -- we're told he was taken to a hospital with a possible broken leg. Cops quickly determined he rider caused the crash.

Sources close to Sears say she's not planning on taking any legal action against the man, at least for now.

Kenny Smith J.R. Smith's Soup Incident: Ultimate Disrespect

3/3/2018 12:20 AM PST

Kenny Smith says J.R. Smith's soup-throwing incident could create some MAJOR issues with the Cavs' chemistry ... telling TMZ Sports J.R.'s actions will affect the whole team.

We spoke with the Jet about J.R.'s 1-game suspension for reportedly hurlin' soup at Cleveland asst. coach Damon Jones ... and Kenny calls it "the ultimate disrespect" for not solving his issue with words.

Kenny says it's still possible for the Cavs to move on from it ... but admits, "J.R. made it hard on everybody. He made it hard on LeBron."

As for the length of the suspension ... the Jet says there's one big detail that should determine whether it was a fair punishment.

Justin Bieber Birthday Swag All About the Shag

3/2/2018 7:02 AM PST

Justin Bieber's tipping his hat to Austin Powers to celebrate his 24th birthday ... 'cause he's shaggin', baby!!!

We got Justin cruising out of Mastro's Steakhouse Thursday night after what we've gotta believe was a pretty balling bday meal ... based on what he did when he got out.

Check out the video -- we expect the Biebs to ride in style, but this time his chauffeured SUV had something extra swaggy ... or should we say shaggy? Justin kicked back, and was as chill as we've seen him in a long time. Can't blame him.

All this scene's missing is Selena. (That's what he said)

T.I. Lifts Boycott on Houston's Racial Policies Addressed

3/1/2018 12:50 AM PST

T.I. has gone from the negotiating table to the dinner table at Houston's ... because he believes there's no need for a boycott anymore since the restaurant is no longer -- as he alleged -- racist.

Sources close to Tip tell us he's had several meetings with execs of the Atlanta-area restaurant since October -- when he first imposed the boycott ... this after a number of African-Americans complained the chain was reluctant to seat them.

Waka Flocka's mom Deb Antney helped pushed the boycott back in October after someone claimed they went to the Houston's in Atlanta with a large party of African Americans and they were refused service as they watched a large party of Caucasians seated comfortably.

We're told the restaurant assured T.I. there will be NO racial discrimination in seating customers. T.I. felt the dress code had the effect of discriminating against African-Americans, and the restaurant has assured him the code will be less strict. 

Houston's also agreed to bring more minorities into the restaurant's business. 

Chrissy Teigen My Potatoes Made it Through TSA ... But Not in a Casserole Dish

2/25/2018 10:37 AM PST

Chrissy Teigen called an audible on an airport carry-on that paid off big time -- 'cause she was able to bring scalloped potatoes onto her flight without security gettin' fussy. 

We got Chrissy heading into LAX Saturday, where just hours before she'd tweeted a very important question at American Airlines ... is ceramic all good with TSA?

Luckily, both AA and TSA hit her back letting her know the potatoes were fine in her originally intended casserole dish ... but it sounds like she switched up the container last minute.  

Maybe she wanted to play it safe with some good ol' fashioned plastic. Whatever the reason ... the grub got the all-clear, as she quickly pointed out on social media.

Chrissy did ditch a snack beforehand, though -- pawning off some cookies on a photog before walking inside. Better safe than sorry ... you can't press your luck with this stuff.

Kevin Hart I Didn't Pay at Epic Comedians Dinner But, I'll Tell You Who Did

2/20/2018 5:14 PM PST

Kevin Hart says he's got a foolproof plan to avoid picking up the check at epic dinners like the one he had with Eddie Murphy and Dave Chappelle -- and he also revealed who DID pay.

We got Kev Tuesday leaving the gym in Encino, and had to ask about the all-star comedy summit he attended Monday night at Mastro's Steakhouse -- Eddie, Dave, Chris Rock, Chris Tucker ... and Usher and Dwyane Wade, too. 

Kevin explained why the boss move is offering to pick up the check before anyone else does -- and it's not because you WANT to pay. It's a good tip. Pun fully intended.

But best of all ... he told us which comedy legend threw down his Black Card (we're guessing) to cover the meal.  We got most of the crew right after the meal, when they were all in great spirits, and now we know why -- the person who paid was NOT with them.

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