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Blac Youngsta Crazy Mickey D's Takeover Vid!!! This Got Manager Fired

11/19/2017 12:30 AM PST

Blac Youngsta got a serious case of the late night munchies after a North Carolina gig, hopped a McDonald's drive-thru line and set off a string of hijinks that cost the night manager his job. 

The rapper hit up a Mickey D's last weekend in Raleigh, and even though it was only serving at the drive-thru ... the manager opened the doors wide when he recognized Youngsta and his crew. 

That's when the trouble began -- dancing on counters, ordering up burgers, play fighting and hanging out the drive-thru window. Full golden arches turn up!

But the whole thing went too far when Youngsta attempted to take orders from actual customers. Not cool if you're a non-BY fan who's jonesin' for fries at 3 AM. We're told someone complained to corporate, and the late night manager got axed.

Judging by the video, it was totally worth it. At least until rent's due.  

'Rick and Morty' Co-Creator Sorry 'Bout the Szechuan Sauce ... We Had No Idea!

11/14/2017 7:17 AM PST

The guy who co-created Adult Swim's cult hit show, "Rick and Morty," wants to apologize for making McDonald's Szechuan sauce a thing again. Hear him out.

We got Justin Roiland -- who also voices Rick and Morty -- at LAX and asked what he thought about Mickey D's deciding to bring back the infamous dipping sauce, partly due to him writing it into his show. It caused HUGE customer lines ... and Justin's got some regrets, for sure.

For one, he feels badly for McDonald's workers who got raked over the coals by rabid customers. 

Bonus fun: Justin told us how he nailed the perfect level of drunkenness to play the mad scientist on his show. Cheers to that, bud.

President Trump Let's Do Breakfast ... Just Pay Me $3 First!

11/13/2017 3:31 PM PST

President Trump wants to eat bacon and eggs with one lucky voter and talk shop on American issues ... but he'd like a donation first.

Trump and Mike Pence's re-election committee sent out a message to GOPers Monday, in which they're soliciting $3 donations for a chance to break bread toast with the Prez.

In the document purportedly written by Trump himself, 45 says he wants to hear what REAL Americans have to say about the country, and wants to do it over breakfast in NYC. But, of course, ya gotta shell out three bucks to get a seat at the table. 

Deadline for Trump's breakfast raffle is the Monday after Thanksgiving ... so save room for morning thirds!

Warren G Hell Yeah, I'd Cater for Donald Trump ... But I'm No Sellout!!!

11/13/2017 12:30 AM PST

Warren G's new catering company will soon be open for business and everyone's welcome ... including President Donald Trump.

That's right ... the rapper appeared on "Raq Rants" and said his new Sniffin Griffins BBQ joint ain't leaving the Prez out in the cold if he came a callin' for some beef. Our fearless interviewer, Raquel, straight-up asked the legendary rapper if he'd cater for Trump ... and without hesitation Warren said, "Hell yeah!"

Check it out ... he's adamant about serving the Prez because if his business thrives, his neighborhood thrives.

Super Bowl 52 Slapping Slogan on Almost Everything Including ... Chicken?!?

11/12/2017 12:10 AM PST

Super Bowl 52's taking its slogan seriously ... and it'll be EVERYWHERE for EVERYONE to see and buy.

TMZ Sports obtained docs filed by the Minnesota Super Bowl Host Committee outlining where it wants to place its slogan "Bold North." There's the obvious -- key chains, magnets, wallets, umbrellas, portable chairs, jigsaw puzzles, toys, temporary tattoos, clothing, etc.

Basically, it looks like everything you'll buy at the stadium will feature the slogan, even the menu items. The trademark gets super specific with the foods they're giving the Bold North name to, including: 

-- Sandwiches (brisket, turkey, beef and vegan, too!)

-- Fried chicken

-- Pretzels 

-- Pizza, calzones

-- Hot dogs, corn dogs

-- Donuts

-- Burritos, tacos and fajitas

Bold ... for sure.

Famous Joe's Pizza Sues Quit Ripping Off Our Piece o' Pie!

11/10/2017 12:30 AM PST

Famous Joe's Pizza -- an institution in NYC favored by celebs like the Kardashians -- is suing a former employee for biting its famed name to make his own dough.

Famous Joe's has been around since 1975, and has a few locations ... its most famous being the one in Greenwich Village with the iconic red and white sign. The pizza joint says former employee Victor Zarco took that exact style and slapped it on 2 new pizzerias over in Brooklyn.

According to a lawsuit, he wasn't all that clever -- using the name, Famous Joe's Pizza of the Village. The OG pizzeria says Zarco pushed the copycatting too far last month when he rolled out almost identical new signs.

Famous Joe is suing to force Zarco to immediately take down his signage, and for damages.

FUN FACT: FJP founder Pino Pozzuoli adopted the name "Joe" because he thought it was the English equivalent of his Italian name.

Iggy Azalea Heats Up Launch Party For Perfect-Temp Mugs

11/9/2017 3:49 PM PST

Iggy Azalea may have worn a tank top about raising hell, but the occasion was to celebrate a new era of drinks that are never too hot or cold ... but just right.

The pop star performed at the Hollywood launch event Wednesday night for Ember, a new line of temperature controlled mugs that keep your drink at the perfect temperature for hours.

After posing for a pic with Ember CEO Clay Alexander ... Iggy made a wardrobe change and put on a tasteful show for her fellow mug enthusiasts.

Ember's a celebrity-backed product that began as a crowdfunded campaign last year, and can now be bought online or in your neighborhood Starbucks.

Brett Ratner Hollywood's Still Got a Space for Him

11/7/2017 10:23 AM PST

Brett Ratner and Kevin Spacey have something else in common besides mounting sexual assault allegations against them -- their pretty mugs are still front and center at a famous Hollywood joint.

The disgraced director/producer's face is also plastered on the wall at Catch LA in WeHo ... at least it was as of Monday night. It's unclear if the restaurant is planning to make changes.

As we reported ... Spacey's also taking up space on the celebrity wall.

Both men are facing multiple allegations of everything from harassment to rape and assault.

Chrissy Teigen About That $1,000 Tip ... I'd Do It Again!

11/7/2017 7:50 AM PST

Chrissy Teigen has a tipping point when it comes to leaving $1,000 tips and it has nothing to do with what's on the menu.

We got Chrissy at LAX Monday and asked her about the monstrous $1,000 tip she left a waitress at an Ohio Outback Steakhouse last month ... on a $193 bill, by the way. Although Chrissy can't resist Outback's bloomin' onion, it's clearly not what made her drop an extra 500%.

As for dropping another fat tip like that in the future? Let's just say, if you're a server you better bring your A-game when you see Chrissy walk through the door.

Kevin Spacey Still ONE Place That Likes Me In Hollywood ... For Now

11/6/2017 6:45 AM PST

Kevin Spacey's name is NOT mud in one West Hollywood hot spot, anyway ... on the wall at Catch LA.

Netflix has cut ties with him, and he might never appear on "House of Cards" again -- but Spacey's mug is still on the "It" restaurant's famous wall of celebrities. He's, ironically, placed just in front of the Dalai Lama and one over from Mr. Clean.

It's unclear if Catch plans to make a change. We're guessing NBA superstar Chris Paul, who's right next to Spacey on the wall ... would at least vote for relocation.

Anthony Weiner Welcome to Prison ... Enjoy the Cheese Pizza!!!

11/6/2017 12:50 AM PST

When Anthony Weiner reports to prison, he can take solace in the fact that the lunch menu for his first day includes everyone's favorite food ... pizza!!!

The disgraced congressman is set to begin his 21-month prison stint Monday for sexting a minor. He'll do the time at the Federal Medical Center in Devens, Massachusetts. The weekly menu for the facility, obtained by TMZ, shows that, at the very least, he'll get well-balanced meals.

Monday's breakfast choices include oatmeal, coffee cake or wheat toast with jelly. For lunch he can chow down on cheese pizza, spaghetti and a garden salad. The dinner includes chicken fried rice, black beans and carrots. Not bad.

Weiner can look forward to more tasty meals later in the week -- like a chicken patty sandwich for Tuesday's lunch, burger and fries (or baked potato) for Wednesday ... and a Weinerrific dinner on Friday -- 2 hot dogs!!!

Last but not least, Weiner and his fellow inmates will be served breakfast for dinner -- eggs, home fried potatoes and creamed beef biscuits -- on Saturday night for Veteran's Day.

Bon appétit!

Kanye West Kim's Having Sushi But I Got My Own Grub

11/4/2017 10:49 AM PDT

What do you do if you want to go out for dinner with your girl but can't agree on what to eat? If you're Kanye West, you bring your own food to a place she likes ... like a boss.

Kanye met up with Kim Kardashian at Nobu in Malibu Friday night for sushi, but the thing is -- Ye must not have been feeling raw fish. We got him out earlier at Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica picking up some Italian takeout.

Kanye brought his grub with him to Nobu so the 2 could both dine on what they wanted.

Best of both worlds ... but not everyone could get away with it.

Chris Brown My Heartbreak On A Cake Cost $1,000

11/4/2017 12:20 AM PDT

Chris Brown's cake was made of dough ... and a lot of it.

Brown threw a record release party for his new album, "Heartbreak On A Full Moon," on Halloween at Universal Studios and the centerpiece was an incredible recreation of the cover art made by Sweet Stacks Cakery. Price tag: $1,000.

Sweet Stacks owner Dejenia tells us Brown's crew reached out to her via direct message on Instagram 24 hours before the party and she spent the next 22 hours crafting it.

The finished product was entirely edible ... the bleeding heart was molded out of rice crispy treats and the rest of the cake was filled with chocolate and vanilla buttercream and crumbled Oreos.

Dejana says Brown gave her the final approval and threw in a bonus ... she got to kick it at the party, too! Guess you can have your cake and eat it, too.

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