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Chief Keef My Birthday Cake Is Over Being Sober

8/16/2016 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0816_chief_keef_birthday_cake_launchChief Keef is so anti-sobriety even his birthday cake is under the influence. 

The rapper celebrated his 21st birthday with a cake straight out of a stoner's dream -- edible blunts and a Promethazine bottle on a 3-tier cake. Settle down, lean users ... it's just a fondant decoration. 

Cake and Art in WeHo made the sweet piece ... complete with edible frosting paper to recreate Bill Da Butcher artwork -- and the "gold" chains might look tough, but they're just buttercream.  

For the record: No actual codeine syrup was included in the recipe. 

We're told Marc Gravelle needed just 4 hours to create the dope cake, which set Chief back a cool $1k.

Munchies handled.

Jerry Ferrara Sued Beat it, Turtle ... Fat Sal's Fed Up!

8/16/2016 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0816-jerry-ferrara-tmz-01Jerry Ferrara is driving a really hard bargain with the chain of sandwich joints he co-owns and agreed to promote ... so claims Fat Sal's in a new lawsuit aimed at 86'ing Ferrara.

Ferrara grew unhappy with his Fat Sal's deal and wanted a bigger ownership stake in the restaurants as it expanded ... according to the docs. The Gayley Group, which runs Fat Sal's, says Ferrara bought stock back in 2010 and had a nice return -- nearly $200k on an investment of $74k.

The company says Ferrara was supposed to pump up the deli shop, but threatened to bail on all promotions because he grew sour with his deal. In the suit, the co. says Ferrara complained so much ... Gayley ultimately offered him a 5% stake in some of the new restaurants it was opening.

Gayley says Ferrara instead demanded 10%. When that was shot down, Gayley claims Ferrara sicced his lawyers on them.

The company's suing to remove him as a partner. 

Keri Hilson Alluring Popsicle Vid Won't Stop Me From Keeping it 100

8/16/2016 10:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Keri Hilson forgets the world's watching her social media ... at least that's her explanation for flaunting her, umm ... popsicle eating skills.

We caught up with Keri Tuesday at LAX and eased into the convo -- about the hypnotizing Snapchat vid she posted in June. Her fans, and others, were buzzing about it, but Keri never discussed what the hell she was doing. After all, she was in the middle of shopping when it went down ... so to speak. 

Well, here's the full story. Hint: booze was involved. Also, she admits it could happen again ... not that anyone's complaining.

Ray Lewis I Snuck Food In Jail ... To Avoid 'Moldy Bologna'

8/12/2016 12:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

0812-ray-lewis-getty-03Ray Lewis says the 15 days he spent behind bars were some of the worst in his life -- and claims he was forced to smuggle in food ... to avoid eating the moldy-ass jail bologna. 

Lewis was locked up in 2000 -- when he was charged with murder following an incident after a Super Bowl party in Atlanta. The murder charges were dismissed and he later pled guilty to obstruction of justice. 

But now, Lewis is opening up about his jail experience to Cigar Aficionado -- saying the food was so bad behind bars he had to find his very own Red from 'Shawshank' to get him some decent eats. 

"For like the first seven, eight days I never ate anything outside of orange halves. If you saw the moldy bologna and things that they were trying to … I was not an animal. And I was not going to succumb to that."

"So every day [my friend] would bring me a bunch of orange halves. He snuck them in for me."

Lewis has previously called his jail sting "evil" -- and adds, "What happened to me, those 15 days, I will live for the rest of my life. And I’m OK with that."

The interview is pretty interesting -- Lewis also says he forgives the D.A. who initially charged him with murder. 

T.I. I Had No Idea My Restaurant Was Going Down in Flames

8/12/2016 10:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0812-ti-925-restaurant-TMZ-01T.I. says he's not a bad restaurant owner ... he just hires bad, and that's why his Atlanta eatery has crashed and burned.

T.I., who owns Scales 925, faces eviction for months of unpaid rent. 

We're told the rapper left a manager in charge of the business while he was tending to his music business, touring and making appearances.  

T.I. feels betrayed, because things got so bad 12 employees filed a lawsuit for more than $50k in unpaid wages.

According to the docs ... one of the managers siphoned off money to line his own pockets ... causing employees' checks to bounce. Employees also claim they were coerced to work for hours off the clock.

T.I. is so in the dark he has no idea how much he owes in back rent.

Stick to music, T.I. Running a restaurant is a bitch. 

Brooklyn Beckham Rocks Gay Pride Shirt During Father/Son Gym Sesh

8/11/2016 10:36 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0811_Brooklyn-Beckham_socks_AKMGSIDavid Beckham's 17-year-old son made a fashion statement on the way into a spin class in L.A. Wednesday -- rocking a pink gay pride tank top ... with the socks to match! 

Brooklyn Beckham and his world-famous father hit up SoulCycle for a little father/son workout sesh ... followed by a smoothie at the famous Earthbar cafe. 

As for the shirt, it's from Palm Springs Gay Pride in 2011 ... so, we're guessing Brooklyn was just going for more of a retro look. 

One more thing ... Brooklyn's currently dating Chloe Moretz.

Sorry, fellas. 

'Stranger Things' Show Triggers Retro Pudding Resurgence

8/9/2016 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0808-stranger-things-cast-pudding-hunts-INSTAGRAM-01Bill Cosby, eat your heart out ... because a retro pudding company is now making its move to corner the market.

Hunt's Snack Pack has taken notice that people are talking about the old-school lunch snack, which appeared recently on Netflix's "Stranger Things."

Hunt's iconic packaging went the way of 8-tracks and the packaging has been made slicker, but because of the popularity of the show, viewers have actually been calling the company ... begging to bring back the old look.

The Hunt people are no dummies ... they tell us the throwback packaging may find its way to your corner grocery store ... soon.

Richard Sherman I'm The Wing King ... Opens Seattle Wingstop

8/8/2016 12:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0804-richard-sherman-wingstop-getty-3Seahawks superstar Richard Sherman is following in Peyton Manning's footsteps ... by opening his very own fast food joint -- a Wingstop -- in Seattle ... TMZ Sports has learned.

The All-Pro CB was inspired to open the biz after one of his former teammates, Sidney Rice, had a lot of success -- aka made a lot of money -- owning several of the wing joints.

A rep for Wingstop tells us Sherman grew up a fan of their delicious chicken wings ... so partnering up was a no-brainer.

Sherman's a newbie to the restaurant biz ... so we're told he's been spending a lot of time making sure things at his first spot run smoothly. However, word is he's scoping out other locales in the hopes of opening more wing franchises. 


Ronzoni Pasta Sued Customers Gunning for a Pretty Penne

8/7/2016 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0804-ronzoni-pasta-lawsuit-fun-art-TMZ-GETTY-01Ronzoni is ripping off customers by shortchanging them on the company's healthy pasta alternatives ... this according to a new lawsuit.

An unhappy pasta fan claims she gravitated to Ronzoni's new option ... 5 different pastas with fewer calories that make for healthy choices.

The woman was horrified to learn ... although the 5 pastas come in the standard box, there's 25% less pasta inside and consumers have no idea they're getting a lot less for the same price.

She's filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of all Ronzoni pasta fans.

If she wins, they're all gonna be carbo-loaded.

See's Candies There's None So Blind As Those Who Will Not See's

8/6/2016 12:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0804-sees-candies-getty-01See's Candies has the nerve to tout the word "See's" ... when it denies that fundamental right to those with sight impairments ... so a sight-impaired man claims in a new lawsuit.

Juan Carlos Gil loves his chocolate and often shops online for his favorite confections. Problem is ... he loves See's but the company's website makes it impossible for him to get what he wants. You see, there's software disabled people can download to their computer which converts text into audio. 

Gil claims See's website is antiquated and cannot interface with the software, and he believes it's a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

So, Gil has filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of sight-impaired people who lust for a box of chocolates.

Smoothie King To NCAA Star OUR SMOOTHIES ARE PED FREE ... Drink Up, Kid!!

8/4/2016 11:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0803-brad-kaaya-getty-01A national smoothie chain wants athletes everywhere to know they are completely and 100% PED FREE ... this after an NCAA star publicly wondered whether or not the joint was safe.

It all started when Brad Kaaya -- the Miami Hurricanes QB projected as a top pick in next year's draft -- questioned whether the supplements at Smoothie King were okay by NCAA PED testing standards.


Kaaya was obviously trying to make a point about the testing ... but even still, a rep from Smoothie King (800 stores nationwide) was quick to tell TMZ Sports the athletes have ZERO TO FEAR.

"Our proprietary Gladiator Protein, which is available in smoothies and in retail, is free from banned substances and perfectly safe for all athletes."

Want iron clad proof? The company says their products have already been tested ... by the NBA ... as part of a deal to get naming rights for Smoothie King Center ... where the New Orleans Pelicans play.

"Our partnership with the NBA’s New Orleans Pelicans requires that we meet the NBA’s rigorous standards for being athlete-friendly, and includes annual testing of all our ingredients."

Enjoy ... just not with a hamburger made from Mexican beef.

Donald Trump Finger Lickin' Good Ain't for Me

8/2/2016 6:23 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0802-donald-trump-twitter-01Donald Trump has boasted in the past how he gets his hands dirty on construction sites ... but eating KFC clearly crosses the line of cleanliness.

Trump chowed down on a jet with the help of a knife and fork, and he's getting blasted on social media.


You'll recall a few years back he dared to eat pizza with the same utensils.

To his credit his food choices are delicious.

New England Patriots Lineman DEVOURS 2 Pound Steak ... Wins $5k for Charity!

7/28/2016 11:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

0728_Tynsboro-Jabaal-Sheard-Ribeye-Challenge_launch_2File Under: EXTREME MEAT SWEATS!! 

Here's New England Patriots defensive end Jabaal Sheard lining up in front of a 2 POUND monster steak Tuesday -- in what may have been the most delicious charity challenge of his career. 

Sheard hit up Smokey Bones Bar & Fire Grill in Tyngsboro, Massachusetts (about an hour from Gillette Stadium) -- where owners offered to give $4,000 to charity if he could finish the whole thing! 

We're told people in the restaurant were so pumped -- several customers added to the pot ... which totaled $5,200!  

The good news? SHEARD CRUSHED IT ... devouring the entire Flintston chop in 50 minutes! 


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