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Martin Shkreli Prison Menu Covers My Heart & Tummy!!!

9/16/2017 12:50 AM PDT

Martin Shkreli has one thing going for him in prison ... a tasty menu!!!

The Pharma Bro -- who got his ass thrown back in jail after a judge revoked his $5 million bail for threatening Hillary Clinton -- is getting the goods at Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn. Or as good as it can probably get for his taste buds.

Martin -- who's been convicted in a securities fraud case -- will have healthy options to choose from come chow down time. Among the tasty and hearty choices:

-- Soy hot dogs

-- Soy burgers

-- Turkey burgers

-- Vegetable soup

-- Chicken wrap or hummus wrap

-- Chicken fajitas

-- Cream of broccoli soup

-- Peanut butter & jelly sandwiches

-- Roast beef 

-- Beef tacos

-- Sloppy Joes

-- Swedish meatballs

-- Baked ziti

Almost makes ya wanna take a trip to Brooklyn ... almost.

Jason Aldean $500 Burrito Order Gets Worker Fired

9/13/2017 2:27 PM PDT

Jason Aldean's wrapped up in a burrito controversy -- an employee claims he was 86'd after putting the country star on blast for his tip on a massive order.

We're told Jason's crew ordered 60 burritos and a quesadilla last week at Black Sheep Burrito & Brews in West Virginia ... not far from where the singer was performing. Total due for the grub -- around 500 bucks, but get this ... the worker claims Jason left a crappy tip.

We're told the employee was so pissed, he tweeted at Jason for being a cheapo. But a few days later, he says he got sacked. A manager at Black Sheep tells TMZ ... Jason's people didn't blow the whistle about the tweet, it was another employee who told management. As for the firing, the manager says tweeting about customers is a company violation.

Jason's rep confirmed the large takeout order, but says it "included an appropriate tip." The rep added, "Jason had absolutely no contact with the restaurant or any of its employees."

Hemingway Home Cats Won't Starve Post-Hurricane Irma On 4-Week Supply Of Chow!

9/13/2017 12:30 AM PDT

The Hemingway Home cats are making it out better than some humans post-Hurricane Irma because there's enough food to feed all 55 of them for the next 4 weeks.

We spoke with a Hemingway Home employee who told us the place picked up 300 lbs of cat food before Irma hit. Normally the kitties go through about 80 lbs a week, so there's plenty of grub to get them through the next month.

Key West, where the famed home sits, suffered less damage than some of the other Keys and Caribbean islands, but there's still no electricity, cell service or Internet. They finally got access to running water on Tuesday, but only for 2 hours and it had to be boiled.

We're told several employees who evacuated plan to pick up more food for the cats on their way back, so the house stays fully supplied. As for the human caretakers, they're stocked on food too so no one's going hungry.

Sloane Stephens Steaks Her Claim to the Throne Of US Open Victory Meals

9/11/2017 9:36 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Sloane Stephens went from beast mode to feast mode after her win at the US Open this weekend ... chowing down on some fancy steak to celebrate.

Sloane hit up STK Downtown Saturday in NYC to celebrate her win against Madison Keys, and ate like the champ she is! Our steak sources tell us she brought about 70 people for dinner around 11 PM. The group ordered up tuna tartare, STK's signature sliders, shrimp cocktails and, of course, several steaks.

Eyewitnesses tell us Sloane passed on the booze, but fully indulged in chocolate chip cookies.

To the victor goes the spoils ... and the calories!

Delta Air Lines Sued Your Rocky Meal Cost Me My Front Teeth!!

9/10/2017 12:10 AM PDT

Delta Air Lines allegedly destroyed a woman's bottom teeth with a rock-hard meal ... and she's stone-cold serious about making them pay.

The Malibu woman tells TMZ ... she was on a flight from Turkey to L.A. in 2015 when she ordered pita bread with eggplant dipping sauce. She claims when she took a bite, she chomped down on a pebble in the sauce ... and her tooth was obliterated.

She says it left an exposed nerve and when she screamed in pain flight attendants rushed to her aide -- but she claims they offered her a mere $80 worth of airline miles for her troubles.

The woman says she underwent 2 years of "complex dental restoration," and claims Delta's refused to compensate her. According to her lawsuit, she wants $9,999.99 from the airline to cover her out-of-pocket dental expenses.

We reached out to Delta ... no word back so far.

Jim Jones Come At Me, Irma!!!! I'm Stocked On Cap'n Crunch!!!

9/9/2017 12:50 AM PDT

Rapper Jim Jones is riding out Hurricane Irma, but he won't be going hungry because his Miami crib is stocked to the brim with a 2-year supply of his favorite cereals!

We spoke with the rapper who told us mostly what we've been hearing about getting out of South Florida before the storm hits ... gas is gone, the flights are booked and traffic to get to Orlando is so bad the ride's taking 12 hours.

Jim says he had no alternative but to stay -- even after trying the private jet route -- and doesn't sound like he's in a panic over the 185 mph winds hurling his way ... thanks to his bunker stash of cereal.

Anthony Bourdain I'd Poison Trump & Kim Jong-un ... If They Asked Me to Cater

9/8/2017 12:10 AM PDT

Anthony Bourdain would dish poison if Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un made reservations for 2.

We got Bourdain Thursday at LAX and our intrepid photog wondered -- what would the "Parts Unknown" host serve if asked to cater a peace talk meeting between the U.S. Prez and North Korea's dictator?

Check it out ... pretty clear where Bourdain stands with what he'd serve. HINT -- it's vegetarian, but also deadly.

Also, doesn't sound like he's got a soft spot for Kim Jong-un, who he calls a "chubby, evil little f***."

Tony Romo & Jerry Jones The Steakhouse Reunion

9/7/2017 7:24 AM PDT

Reunited and it feels so goooood!

Tony Romo and Jerry Jones were back on the same team Wednesday night -- hanging out together at a Dallas steakhouse ... and TMZ Sports has the pic!

Here's the thing ... our Dallas sources tell us Romo and Jones arrived to Nick & Sam's separately with different parties -- but immediately noticed each other and had a friendly hello.

The best part ... it was Jerry who went to Tony's table to say hi -- and the two joked around like old friends. 

No, Jerry didn't pick up Tony's bill -- he can afford it himself with the $127 MILLION he made during his run with the Cowboys. 

U2 We2 Love Ray's Pizza!!!

9/7/2017 7:28 AM PDT

U2 just gave a famous NYC pizza place an endorsement that's worth a million bucks.

Bono, The Edge and Adam Clayton hit up Famous Ray's Pizza Wednesday night as our photog watched them salivate over the pies on display.  

The band drew a crowd outside as fans tried snapping away. It got so crowded, cops led an escort ... for Bono, as he left with pizza box in hand.

So, what d'ya think? Does Bono fess up to our photog on the type of pizza that drew him in?

Whole Foods Sued: Your Chicken Clucked Up My Teeth

9/4/2017 12:40 AM PDT

Whole Foods says eat real food ... but one man's now ruffling feathers with a lawsuit, claiming the grocery store sold him chicken with rocks.

Dr. Albert Liu is suing Whole Foods, saying he ordered ready-to-eat Organic Naked Rotisserie Chicken in Vegas but it had 2 rocks inside the chicken's gizzard, or stomach.

In docs obtained by TMZ, Liu says he broke 2 teeth after biting into the rocks. Liu says he complained to Whole Foods and the manager apologized and told him to file a report. Liu says he did, and a different manager the next day said WF shouldn't have sold him the bird.

It's interesting ... it seems chickens do eat rocks, but they "chew" the food in their gizzard 'cause, ya know, they have no teeth.

We reached out to Whole Foods, so far no word back, but check this out. The law in most states says ... if a grocery store or restaurant sells food and something "indigenous" to the item causes injury, tough luck for the consumer. So, if you buy lobster and break your tooth on the shell, you're outta luck.

If you bite down on a foreign object -- say a nail in a steak -- then you have a case.

With the chicken, it turns out they actually eat rocks. So we're not saying Whole Foods will win, but they may have a good argument that rocks are indigenous.  

Hurricane Harvey Food Fight Evacuees and Volunteers Get Different Menus

9/1/2017 1:00 AM PDT

The rescue shelters have literally been lifesavers for thousands of displaced people in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, but there has been some grousing over a disparity in the food served to the evacuees and the food served to the volunteers.

It seems there are bigger fish to fry, but we've been hearing some evacuees at the Convention Center complaining that they are served hot dogs, beans and chips, while the volunteers are getting pasta, rice, brownies, waffles and various beverages, included malts and shakes. 

In fairness, there are thousands of evacuees and it's a lot harder and more expensive to serve them than the volunteers who are there, not because they have to be, but because they want to help.

We're told one reason for the disparity is that people are bringing food in from the outside specifically for the volunteers.

We want to make this clear ... everyone is appreciative of the efforts people have made to provide food, shelter and comfort to the thousands of people in desperate need.

Monster Energy Drink Sued BF Tried to Bite Off My Finger ... On YOUR Dime!!!

9/1/2017 12:20 AM PDT

A woman is suing her ex-boyfriend and his employer, Monster Energy Drink, after he allegedly tried to bite her finger off during a work trip.

The woman claims her BF was Monster's head of music marketing and flew her out to the 2016 Country Music Awards in Nashville. In legal docs, she says he got them a hotel room and her plane ticket from L.A. all at Monster's expense.

She claims he was drunk from the moment he picked her up at the airport, and his heavy drinking led to a fight later in their hotel room. According to the suit, he choked her and the only way she could free herself was by poking him in the eye, and when she did ... he bit her thumb.

The woman says the bite got infected, and she had to be hospitalized for 24 hours. She claims Monster knew he had a drinking problem, but didn't do anything about it.

She's suing for damages.

The Game Sued You Skipped Out on $8,500 Burger Tab!!! ... Game Calls BS

8/31/2017 12:40 AM PDT

The Game hired a burger joint to cater his shindig, but went radio silent when it came time to pay the piper ... so says the owner suing the rapper, but Game says the owner's lying her ass off.

The owner of Big D's Burgers sued Game claiming the joint is out $8,500 for unpaid catering services for a Fourth of July party.

A rep for Big D's tells us Game hired the restaurant on 2 separate occasions and each time Game paid cash. The rep says Game requested food for up to 250 partygoers. But the rep says about 450 people showed up, forcing Big D's to make a food run.

What's more ... the rep says he was told to also grab booze and cleaning supplies, which wasn't part of the deal but agreed to buy and bring back anyway. When it came time to pay Big D's, the rep says Game promised to wire the money the next day ... but the dough never came.

We reached out to Game, and his manager Wack 100 tells TMZ the rapper never had a contract with Big D's and says they thought the company catered the party for free.

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