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Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie

Not Too Fancy ...

For a Subway Ride

7/13/2015 4:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details


Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have money to burn, but the mega superstars still eat fresh on a budget ... hitting up a Subway to take advantage of the $6 menu.

We're told Brad, Angie and a few of their SIX kids cruised into the sandwich shop in Glendale, CA over the weekend. If you're wondering what it takes to feed a crew that size -- 2 Meatball Marinara footlongs, 1 Chicken Teriyaki sandwich, and a few kids' meals. 

Total tab ... $44, and Pitt made the sandwich artist's day with a hefty $6 tip! Kinda unheard of at Subway.

First, it was coach flights ... now Subway?  Look out for Maddox and Pax on an MTA bus near you.


Ariana Grande

Off the Hook

In Donut-Licking Case

7/13/2015 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ariana Grande won't have "donut-licker" on her criminal record ... because TMZ has learned she will not be charged with criminal mischief.  

A rep for the Riverside County Sheriff's Department tells TMZ, the owner of Wolfee Donuts does not want to press charges, so it's case closed.

The donut shop is the loser, because the incident triggered a health investigation and the shop only scored a B.

Love And Hip Hop’s Benzino

Come Get My Crabs!

7/12/2015 12:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ex ‘Love And Hip Hop’ star Benzino has crabs, and he wants you snatch 'em up ... at his new Georgia restaurant, “Benzino’s Crab Trap.”

The reality TV star and recording artist also considers himself a crustacean connoisseur, so he's busting out his fave recipes at his new eatery. We're told he's especially proud of his seasoned crab. Dude is from Boston ... so, gotta figure he picked up a thing or two.

The grand opening is July 19 in Marietta, and we hear a pound of snow crab legs is going for $16.99. Pass the butter!

Ariana Grande

Donut Shop Bombs Inspection

... After Licking Stunt

7/9/2015 10:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Just a couple flicks of Ariana Grande's tongue is all it took for that donut shop to get screwed -- it just failed a health inspection ... brought on by the video of her stunt. 

The inspection report for Wolfee Donuts in Lake Elsinore, CA puts the blame for "donutgate" squarely on the employee who served Ariana and her BF. The report says the donut tray should not have been placed on top of the display case where anyone could access them.

Ariana's not mentioned by name in the inspector's report -- but it does reference the video TMZ first posted of "customers licking donuts incorrectly placed on counter."

A manager told the inspector the employee didn't know Ariana had tongued the goods, and "placed them back in display case for sale."

Bottom line ... the Health Department docked off one letter grade, leaving them with B rating. They have a week to fix the problems.

Donald Trump

I'll Sue Celeb Chef Jose Andres Too ...

For Pulling Out of D.C. Hotel

7/8/2015 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

0708_donald_trump_jose-andres_tmz_gettyDonald Trump's got a big problema with the celeb chef who was going to help him open his fancy new hotel in Washington, D.C. -- Jose Andres is yanking his planned flagship restaurant.

The famed chef and Spanish immigrant announced he's cutting ties with the new Trump International Hotel due to Donald's now infamous comments about Mexican immigrants.

Andres said Trump's remarks "make it impossible for my company and I to move forward." Andres -- who recently became a U.S. citizen -- was planning to open his flagship restaurant in the hotel.

Donald Trump Jr. immediately threatened legal action against Andres ... pointing out that he signed a 10-year lease, and due to an exclusivity cause he can't open a restaurant anywhere else in D.C.

Trump already sued Univision for $500 million after it backed out of the Miss USA deal.

We actually got Jose last week in D.C. -- and although he played coy with us, something was clearly cooking.

Jared Fogle

Subway Orders All Signs Down ...

With a Catch

7/8/2015 12:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0708-jared-no-swipes-ap-instagram-01Jared Fogle is the invisible man at Subway -- and not because he's losing weight -- his image is quickly being removed from shops across the country ... but he's not going far.

TMZ spoke with a slew of Subway stores ... and we're told word came down from corporate to take down or cover up ALL signs of the now suspended pitchman -- after his home was raided Tuesday as part of a child porn investigation. 

What's interesting though ... we're told store owners were instructed to hold on to all Jared promo materials -- just keep them out of sight in the back, "until someone says otherwise."

We did speak with one store who said their manager said toss the Jared stuff in the trash. Obviously, not everyone's expecting a comeback.



Joey Chestnut

No Longer Top Dog

Loses Eating Competition!!

7/4/2015 9:31 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0704-hot-dog-contest-espn2-01Joey Chestnut is no longer the king of downing weiners ... the 8-time world champ just lost the Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest to fellow gobbler Matt Stonie.

Chestnut finished an impressive 60 hot dogs in 10 minutes but Stonie sucked back 62. The victory would have been Chestnut's 9th in a row. Stonie is a 23-year-old Californian who holds records for eating 182 slices of bacon in 5 minutes and  5 pounds of birthday cake in 9 minutes.

As for the women ... Miki Sudo finished 38 hot dogs.

Where's the pepto?

'Wahlburgers' Star

Bad Beef with Screenwriter

6/25/2015 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Mark Wahlberg missed out on another hit movie because one of his pals dropped the ball ... according to a screenwriter who says he got screwed after paying Mark's friend a hefty fee.

John Hurley says he contacted Henry "Nacho" Laun -- Mark's friend, driver, and security guard on "Wahlburgers" -- to see if he could get his script about roofers ... on Mark's desk.

John says he met up with Nacho last year in Boston, and forked over $1,000 for him to deliver the aptly titled, "The Roofers" script to Mark.

But Wahlberg never saw the pages, and Hurley claims Nacho admitted he didn't get the job done.

Now Hurley is threatening to sue Nacho if he doesn't set up a phone meeting with Wahlberg. It seems unlikely that Mark would be happy to meet a guy who threatened to sue his buddy, but whatever.

Nacho tells us he did briefly meet Hurley (pics confirm that), but he denies everything else.


Rick Ross

Carb Danger Behind Bars

6/11/2015 2:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Rick Ross had a close call in jail Wednesday ... in mortal danger of gaining back some of the pounds he lost.

As TMZ reported, Ross was busted for pot possession near Atlanta and was hauled off to jail. As the hours ticked away, Ross got hungry. The challenge: eating something that did not compromise his recent 100 pound weight loss.

The 2 slices of turkey made sense. A slice of cheese never killed anyone. The juice pack is loaded with sugar, but it's small. Ditto the "Oreo-like cookie."

But then comes the starch ... a staple in the pokey. Rick was tempted not once, not twice, but to 4 slices of bread.

Rick's now a free man and back to his diet which is pear heavy. Pears ... they're better to eat than emulate. 

Charlie Sheen

Paramedics Called For

Extreme Food Poisoning

6/9/2015 6:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF



12:17 PST: Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Charlie was taken by ambulance to a local hospital after complaining of chest pains. He was treated for dehydration and released after an hour and a half.


Charlie Sheen had a medical emergency Monday night ... paramedics were called to his home after getting a call the actor had a bad case of food poisoning.

We're told Charlie (or one of his people) called the fire department directly at around 11:00 PM Monday. It's curious why they didn't call 911 directly, which by the way, automatically records the conversation.  

Sheen's people tell TMZ it was nothing more than a really, really bad case of food poisoning and the actor was treated in his home and that was that. 

We're told Charlie's doing fine.


Ex 'Voice' Star

Don't Judge Me

For Allegedly Stealing Walmart Snacks

6/9/2015 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Joshua Murley  -- a Season 6 contestant on “The Voice” – was arrested at a Texas Walmart after allegedly stealing $57 worth of munchies.

Cops tell us Murley hit the self-checkout, bagged his groceries, then left the store without paying. His booty included chips, dips, drinks and bread.

He was booked on misdemeanor theft -- it is Walmart -- and spent the night in jail.

Murley was part of Team Adam, and later poached by Team Shakira on the sing-off show, but he never made it to the playoffs.

Only chair that’s gonna turn now is the judge's.


George Clooney

Treats Amal

To Poor Man's Pie

6/5/2015 10:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0605-amal-george-clooney-splashGeorge Clooney is giving wife Amal a taste of the simple life with a visit to his old Kentucky home.

The couple traveled to Augusta, KY where Clooney played hometown tour guide. They were spotted all over town and hit up Magee's Bakery for a piece of Poor Man's Pie ... George's favorite when he was a kid. Can we get a side of irony? 

From the looks of it, George, Amal and his dad Nick had a really good time reconnecting with his roots.

Welcome, Amal ... you're now Bluegrass Royalty!


Amanda Bynes

Ready for Her Close-Up ...

But Something's Different

6/4/2015 7:48 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0604-amanda-bynes-splash-02Amanda Bynes was just like every other actress, model, and athlete in Hollywood, at least for one night, because she chose to hit up paparazzi central.

Amanda had dinner at Craig's in West Hollywood -- aka the place famous people go to be seen -- but there's a good sign. We're told the woman she dined with is Amanda's life coach.

Hair color hasn't changed since we last saw her about 4 months ago, but she was rocking some serious designer acrylic nails.

Another good sign for Amanda -- instead of a late night diner adventure on Sunset -- she had the blue plate special, leaving Craig's before sunset.

As for paparazzi, Amanda declined their invite and left out the back door.


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