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Tyron Woodley Furious Over UFC 227 Encounter ... with Darren Till

8/17/2018 1:45 PM PDT

Tyron Woodley was so pissed off that he was forced to sit near Darren Till at UFC 227 -- he stormed out of his seat and ordered staff to open a room at the arena so he could release some of his aggression in an impromptu training session. 

Woodley and Till are scheduled to fight at UFC 228 in Dallas on Sept. 8 -- but, Tyron says someone at UFC 227 in L.A. thought it would be "real cute to put two f**king dogs next to each other right before they're about to fight."

It didn't sit well with the champ -- and things erupted right inside Staples Center. 

Tyron tells the whole story on this week's 'Hollywood Beatdown' -- where he also rips Donald Trump over his "blatantly racist" comments about Omarosa

Check out 'The Hollywood Beatdown' every Friday on the TMZ Sports YouTube page. 

Deontay Wilder & Tyson Fury Screaming Confrontation ... Promo Or Problems?

8/17/2018 7:32 AM PDT

Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury just nearly came to blows after Fury's weigh-in in Belfast ... the question is -- do the guys REALLY want smoke or was it all for show?

Or both?

Fury is set to take on Italian rumbler Francesco Pianeta in Belfast Saturday night -- and, at the weigh-in Friday morning, Wilder got all up in Tyson's face, prompting a crowd of people to separate the men.

Wilder & Fury have a fight scheduled for November -- so, there's a good argument to be made that this is showmanship, but then again Fury did just publicly rip Wilder, saying he doesn't have one brain cell in his head.

So, it could be real or could not be ... but one thing's for sure, it's a hell of a lot of fun. 

Dana White Trained to Fight Tito Ortiz ... But We're Good Now!

8/17/2018 12:20 AM PDT

Dana White once hated Tito Ortiz's guts so much that the two men almost had a real-deal boxing match in 2007 -- but we're told the two are actually on good terms now. 

It's no secret that White and Ortiz clashed -- but things got so bad back in the day that Dana says the guys were gonna duke it out FOR REAL in a boxing match until, at the 11th hour, Ortiz got cold feet.

White tells Harvey Levin the story about how he brought in a boxing coach and a team to prep for the fight and it'll all be featured on "OBJECTified," which airs Sunday on FOX News Channel.

What's really interesting ... White is CONVINCED he would've won the fight over the UFC Hall of Famer, telling Harvey he had real boxing experience back in the day and felt he is a superior striker. 

"I absolutely would've won that boxing match."

Good news for both sides ... they're in a much better place now. No fighting in their future. 

Ex-NBA Star Tom Chambers Charged with Assault ... In Drunken Bar Fight

8/16/2018 4:22 PM PDT

If someone told you, "Your mom should have killed you when you came out of the womb" -- would you consider those "fighting words?"

Ex-NBA star Tom Chambers certainly did -- admitting he got physical with a trash-talking 22-year-old at an Arizona bar ... and now he's been charged with assault. 

It all stems from an April 15 incident at Isabella's Kitchen in Scottsdale -- where Tom says he was innocently hanging out when another patron started insulting him. 

Witnesses told police the other patron, Alexander Bergelt, began to take verbal jabs at Tom including, "You're not sh*t," "You're tall and scrawny" and "Look at your big head."

Tom told police the final straw came when Bergelt said, "Your mom should have killed you when you came out of the womb as ugly as you are, your arms are skinny, your chest is this. Your belly is big."

Tom admits he "absolutely put hands on [Alexander]" but never punched him. Tom says he was trying to get Alexander to "show respect."

Alexander told police a different story -- saying Chambers came at him from across the bar, grabbed him by the throat and threw him backwards. 

Cops say Alexander had a mark on his neck and a bruise on his lip. 

When cops arrived, Alexander told police all he wanted was an apology -- he didn't get it. 

Cops investigated and decided to press charges against both parties -- Chambers was hit with assault and Alexander was charged with disorderly conduct. 

Chambers was a 4-time NBA All-Star and famously had one of the greatest dunks in NBA history over Mark Jackson. 

UFC's Derrick Lewis Once Beat Up 10 Dudes ... At the Same Time!

8/16/2018 9:39 AM PDT

Before he fought guys 1-on-1 in the Octagon, UFC star Derrick Lewis says he once destroyed TEN GUYS at the same time during a crazy brawl ... and he's telling the story to TMZ Sports

It all went down back when Derrick was a high school student back in Houston, Texas -- when Lewis says he confronted a bunch of "greaser guys" in a back alley near his friend's house. 

"It was about 10 guys ... all like greaser guys with their sleeves rolled up. Something that you would see in the movies, they all in white shirts with jeans on."

"They didn't expect me to come out there -- a black guy in type kind of neighborhood to come outside and I just started whooping up on all of 'em because they were at my buddy's house starting all this mess."

"That was a fun night -- I just started knocking 'em out left and right."

Now, Derrick fights professionals -- he'll be taking on Alexander Volkov at UFC 229. 

DeAndre Hopkins Throws Punches ... In Niners-Texans Brawl

8/15/2018 9:10 AM PDT
Breaking News

DeAndre Hopkins had to dodge punches like they were Iggy Azalea dating rumors Wednesday ... 'cause 49ers cornerback Jimmie Ward tried to mess up his face during practice!!

It all went down in Houston -- where the Niners are in town for a joint workout with the Texans -- when Hopkins didn't like that Ward ripped off his helmet during a 1-on-1 rep.

The superstar wide receiver shoved the DB ... took a swing -- and then had to FIGHT FOR HIS LIFE as the whole 49ers squad swarmed.

D-Hop was eventually taken to the ground and a pig pile formed ... but when it all unfolded, everyone was alive and practice carried on.

We're sure Iggy's relieved ... maybe.

Boxer Antonio Tarver Arrested for Domestic Battery ... Fought Stepson

8/15/2018 8:20 AM PDT

11:13 AM PT -- We've obtained the 911 calls from the incident ... and Tarver can be heard asking to have Aziya escorted off his property before the alleged scuffle breaks out.

A neighbor also called 911, saying Aziya showed up on her doorstep with a bloody face ... claiming Tarver punched him in the mouth.

Ex-boxing superstar Antonio Tarver was arrested Monday for domestic battery -- after allegedly punching his 18-year-old stepson in the face multiple times, TMZ Sports has learned.

According to the police report, cops responded to a home in Florida on Monday around 4:45 PM -- after 18-year-old Aziya Taylor called 911.

When cops arrived, they say Taylor was bleeding from his mouth -- and said he had been attacked by Tarver, who he identified as his "stepfather."

Aziya told police the altercation with Tarver began earlier that day when they went to breakfast at Waffle House, but Aziya didn't have enough cash to cover the meal. 

When they got back to the house, Aziya said Tarver "bum-rushed" him and struck him in the face. 

Aziya says Tarver punched him again and then threw him into the garage and locked the door. Aziya says he escaped and called police. 

Cops also spoke with Tarver -- who acknowledged an altercation with Aziya but denied punching him -- instead he says the guy busted his lip when he "tripped and fell" during the tussle. 

Ultimately, cops didn't buy Antonio's story -- and arrested him for domestic battery. 

The 49-year-old was booked Monday around 7 PM and spent the night in jail. He was released around 7 PM the next day. 

According to his booking sheet, Tarver is 6'2" and 225 lbs. Bond was set at $1,000.

Tarver has had a history with the law -- he was arrested back in 2014 stemming from an unpaid gambling debt at the Wynn Las Vegas hotel and casino.

Tarver was a stud boxer back in the day -- winning multiple belts and chalking up impressive victories over stars like Roy Jones Jr.

He also starred as Mason "The Line" Dixon in the 2006 "Rocky Balboa" flick.

Terrelle Pryor Shoulda Boxed D.J. Swearinger ... Andre Rison Says

8/14/2018 3:36 PM PDT

Andre Rison NEVER encourages fighting on the football field ... but with the way Terrelle Pryor got absolutely punked by D.J. Swearinger on Tuesday -- the NFL legend says he's making an exception.

The ex-Falcons receiver tells us Pryor -- who lost a rep (and then his manhood) in a Skins-Jets joint practice -- shoulda found a way to exact revenge before the day was over. 

"At some point in time, you've got to pick a play where you go back at that guy," Rison says. "Fisticuffs may occur."

Rison is speaking from experience ... telling TMZ Sports about the time his Falcons got into a full-out BRAWL with the Eagles during a joint practice that left him with a scar that's STILL ON HIS EYE.

So, yeah ... time to toughen up, T.P. 

Boxer Jermain Taylor Off the Hook In Dom. Violence Case ... Accuser Goes AWOL

8/14/2018 9:22 AM PDT
Breaking News

Former boxing star Jermain Taylor just scored a W in his domestic violence case -- prosecutors dropped the charges against him after the accuser suddenly stopped cooperating with authorities. 

Taylor -- the former undisputed middleweight champ -- was arrested back in July 2017 for allegedly biting and threatening to kill his ex-girlfriend, Ashley White, during an argument. 

White told police she pepper sprayed Taylor when he took her cell phone -- and he broke it when she tried to call for help. She also claimed Taylor chased her out of the house and down the street. 

Taylor was initially charged with felony terroristic threats, misdemeanor domestic battery and interference with emergency communication. 

But, White went off the grid about a year ago, according to prosecutors who told the court they had been trying like hell to speak with her in order to prosecute Taylor. 

Prosecutors said they went to her home, left messages and spoke with family members -- but nothing panned out. 

On Monday ... prosecutors decided without White they couldn't get a conviction -- so, they moved to drop all charges against him. 

Taylor is still technically serving a "suspended sentence" stemming from a different incident -- when he pled guilty to 9 felonies in crimes committed between 2014 and 2015. 

Terrelle Pryor Punked Badly By Ex-Teammate ... At Redskins-Jets Practice

8/14/2018 8:43 AM PDT
Breaking News

Redskins star D.J. Swearinger just snatched Terrelle Pryor's soul -- throwing a fake punch at the NY Jets wide receiver ... who FLINCHED like a biiiiiiiiiiiiitch in front of everyone!!!!

It all went down at 'Skins camp in Richmond, Virginia -- where Washington had a joint practice with the Jets. Remember, Pryor was a complete bust last season in D.C. after signing a 1-year, $6-MILLION deal. 

The 'Skins obviously haven't forgotten that ... 'cause after the wideout lost a rep to defensive back Montae Nicholson ... they talked all kinds of trash -- and then D.J. Swearinger stepped in.

The Washington safety gave T.P. his thoughts ... and then hit Pryor with the ultimate fake punch -- that left Pryor (who was wearing a helmet) covering up in fear while both teams watched. 

Pryor's been having a rough camp in NY ... and we're guessing this ain't going to make things any easier.

Ice up, T.P. Ice up.

Fabricio Werdum Khabib 'Will Kill' Conor

8/14/2018 7:50 AM PDT

Khabib Nurmagomedov is going to MURDER Conor McGregor when they face off at UFC 229 in October ... this according to former UFC heavyweight champ Fabricio Werdum

The 41-year-old legend was at LAX when we asked to pick a winner in the upcoming superfight -- and Werdum didn't hold back. 

"I think Khabib will kill Conor McGregor," Fabricio told us ... "For sure."

Werdum says when it comes down to it, Khabib is a great fighter and built tougher than his Irish opponent. 

Not everyone agrees with Fabricio ... UFC Hall of Famer Urijah Faber is going with McGregor -- telling TMZ Sports he's got one major advantage Khabib won't be able to overcome. 

It's all set to go down October 6 in Las Vegas. 

Deontay Wilder Done Negotiating With Joshua ... He Doesn't Want To Fight!

8/14/2018 12:10 AM PDT

Deontay Wilder says he's done talking with Anthony Joshua's camp about a possible superfight down the road ... telling TMZ Sports Joshua's a LIAR who doesn't actually want to fight!!

Wilder and Joshua are the two biggest names in boxing right now ... and both Joshua and his promoter, Eddie Hearn, have told us recently a superfight between the two WILL happen.

But, now Wilder is throwing the brakes on all that talk ... telling us Joshua really DOESN'T want to make the fight work.

"These guys have lied about so much stuff it's crazy," Wilder says.

"Everyone knows who tried to make the fight, who really wanted to fight. A blind man could see the situation with this, and we're done with it."

Deontay says he's moving on and solely focusing on his next fight -- a November bout with Tyson Fury in Vegas.

BUT ... Deontay does tell us he's going to knock Fury out early in the night ... soooo, the possibility for the superfight WOULD still be alive after that.

Just sayin'.

T.J. Dillashaw & Henry Cejudo Clash and Talk Trash ... In TMZ Newsroom

8/13/2018 4:24 PM PDT

Two UFC champs came face-to-face in the TMZ newsroom on Monday -- talking all sorts of smack to each other ... and begging Dana White to let them settle their beef in the Octagon. 

Henry Cejudo had called out T.J. Dillashaw at UFC 227 -- saying he'd come up in weight to fight T.J. for his bantamweight title. T.J. says he's 100% down. 

We invited both guys to appear on the "TMZ Sports" TV show (airs weeknights on FS1) and they accepted ... and the sparks immediately began to fly. 

T.J. said he'd knock Henry the hell out, and Henry shot back, "Be careful what you wish for."

T.J. also said a fight with Henry would be "easy money."

Henry said he'd destroy Dillashaw on the ground or on his feet. 

It got a little crazy when they squared off right inside the newsroom -- despite the stupid faces Evan was making in the background. 

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