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NBA's 'Booby' Gibson

Barnes Was Right To Punch Fisher

... I'd Have Done The Same

10/9/2015 9:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Daniel "Booby" Gibson just became the first member of the NBA fraternity to endorse Matt Barnes alleged attack on Derek Fisher ... saying if it were him, he'd have laid the smack down too.

Gibson sat down with Charlamagne Tha God and the crew over at "The Breakfast Club," when he was asked what we would do if he thought an ex-teammate was gettin at his ex-woman.

It's an interesting question for Gibson ... he had a very high profile relationship with R&B singer Keyshia Cole ... so he might know what it's like to have the whole world eyeing your girl. 

Diddy's Baby Mama


'Trifling, Trifling, Trifling'

10/9/2015 8:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Porter is definitely Team Matt Barnes -- telling TMZ Sports it's NEVER okay to bang your friend's ex-wife ... "especially if you're ball players!"

Diddy's baby mama was leaving Mastro's in Bev Hills when we asked about the Barnes vs. Derek Fisher situation ... something she has a VERY strong opinion about. 

Check out the clip ... Porter says Fisher was "dead wrong" -- and sums up her opinion about the NY Knicks coach in 3 words: "Trifling, trifling and more trifling."

Raft Fighting Sisters

We Might Get Fired

Over Viral Video

10/8/2015 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

The sisters whose river rafting brawl video went viral are blaming their violent, yet hysterical fight on booze and bitchiness -- and say it could end up costing them their jobs. 

Sisters/sparring partners Jessica and Jasmine Boling tell TMZ their rafting expedition down the Nantahala River in NC went south when they squabbled over who was going to guide the raft.

It also didn't help that they'd been drinking earlier. They say the fight continued long after the clip ends ... and Jasmine had to be dropped off mid-river because she was too wasted and aggro. 

While they eventually hugged it out ... the real problem is they work for the company they were rafting with during the fight. Even though they weren't on the clock, they tell us Big Creek Expeditions isn't stoked about the bad pr ... so they could get fired.

A Big Creek rep tells us they're still deciding what, if anything, to do to the sisters -- who claim they're normally "really sweet." We're sure.


Derek Fisher

Surfaces In D.C.

Do I Look Beat Up?

10/8/2015 1:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ Sports just shot the first video of Derek Fisher out in public since his big fight with Matt Barnes over the weekend -- but take a close look ... he doesn't appear to look any worse for wear. 

Fisher and the NY Knicks just arrived in Washington D.C. to play the Washington Wizards Friday night. 

We asked Fish if he thought there was any chance he could salvage his relationship with Barnes -- but to no one's surprise, he didn't exactly wanna talk about it.

Matt Barnes

No Criminal Charges for Fisher Incident

... Cops Say

10/8/2015 12:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1008_Derek-Fisher-_matt_barnes_tmz_gettyMatt Barnes will NOT  be charged with a crime for allegedly attacking Derek Fisher over the weekend ... the Redondo Beach Police Department tells TMZ Sports

Cops tell us they did respond to an incident and a police report was filed regarding the altercation -- but officers say the case "was reviewed and there is no basis for criminal charges."

As we previously reported, a witness at the home says Barnes struck Fisher in the face and a fight ensued. However, the NY Post is reporting that Fisher did not want to pursue charges against Barnes. 

Matt Barnes

Punched Derek Fisher In the Mouth

... Witness Says

10/8/2015 10:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

1008-matt-barnes-derek-fisher-tmz-gettyMatt Barnes punched Derek Fisher in the mouth with a closed fist during their melee in L.A. this past weekend -- and only stopped fighting when one of Matt's kids begged them to stop ... a witness tells TMZ Sports

We spoke with a family member who was at the home when the incident went down ... and we're told Barnes was heated from the moment he walked in the door and saw his former Lakers teammate in the home. 

We're told Barnes berated Fisher for dating his estranged wife Gloria Govan -- saying he felt disrespected because they've been good friends for years. The witness says Barnes made it clear he felt betrayed by Fish. 

Fisher stood up to Barnes and an argument broke out -- the witness tells us Barnes threw a punch that hit Derek square in the mouth. 

We're told Derek fought back and "was holding his own" -- until several people, including Gloria, rushed in to try to break it up. 

But the fighting didn't stop until one of Matt's children came into the backyard and begged the men to stop fighting. We're told that pretty much ended things. 

Matt eventually left the home. We're told both men were bleeding from the scrap. 

We reached out to both Barnes and Fisher for comment. No word back. 

Barnes just addressed the incident during a Grizzlies workout session -- calling the whole thing a "personal matter" and saying he's going to let the "legal process" take place. 

Matt also said he and Derek were good friends at one point -- but clearly, that friendship is over. 

Matt Barnes

Reportedly Attacks Derek Fisher

... Are You Nailing My Ex?

10/7/2015 1:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news


NBA star Matt Barnes drove 95 miles from Santa Barbara to L.A. to pick a fight with Derek Fisher this weekend ... after he learned Fish has been dating his estranged wife ... so says the NY Post. 

Barnes was reportedly in SB training with the Memphis Grizzlies when he heard the NY Knicks coach was in L.A. with his ex Gloria Govan. Barnes went nuclear -- hightailed it to L.A. and confronted Fisher in the backyard of the home.  

According to the report, neither man suffered any major injuries. Cops were reportedly called to the scene but no one was arrested. 

As for Fisher, he filed for divorce from his wife Candace back in March in one of the nastiest breakups in recent memory

Story developing ... 

Triple G

I Wanna Fight Mayweather Next

... Pacquiao's Too Small

10/7/2015 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Boxing superstar Gennady Golovkin says he's ready, willing and able to fight Floyd Mayweather once he disposes of David Lemieux next weekend ... telling TMZ Sports, "I'm ready."

Triple G was in L.A. training for his big October 17th fight -- when he told us he's still focused on taking down Lemieux ... but it's clear he's itching for his shot to beat the crap out of Money May. 

What's interesting ... we asked if Gennady would settle for a bout with Manny Pacquiao if Floyd chickens out -- but Triple G shot that down saying, "Manny's too small."

FYI -- Gennady has previously said he would drop weight to fight the smaller Mayweather. Guess Pacquiao simply isn't worth the diet. 

Tyson Beckford

I Got No Beef With Chris Brown

... He's So Below Me

10/5/2015 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1005-tyson-beckford-chris-brown-TMZ-01Tyson Beckford says he doesn't have beef with Chris Brown anymore because the way he sees it, Brown is just plain nuts and nowhere near his level of fame.

Beckford hosted a party in Atlantic City over the weekend and took a passive aggressive approach at squashing their beef. The two exchanged threats back in May after Beckford posted a pic with Brown's ex, Karrueche Tran.

Beckford's reason for waving the white flag now -- "At 38,000 ft, I can't hear what you're saying on the sidewalk." 

He didn't stop there ... "When you're someone who's at my level and you realize someone else is not really all there, you just say, 'You know what, I'm just gonna let you slide because I realize you're not all there.'"

Tyson loves ending feuds. He just has a funny way of showing it. 

A-List Make-Up Artist

Beats The Crap Out of Robber

...With His Brushing Hand

10/4/2015 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1002-kristofer-buckle-getty-01An A-list make-up artist known for his Audrey Hepburn eyebrows and clients like Mariah Carey and Jessica Chastain, turned from pretty boy to Batman after a guy tried robbing his pal's NYC jewelry store.

Kristofer Buckle says he was helping his friend open Thursday morning when he got jumped by a man trying to break into the closed shop.

Here's the thing ... kicking butt isn't part of Buckle's day-to-day ... he's usually powdering the noses of his really impressive clientele -- Carey, Chastain, Sheryl Crow, Khloe Kardashian, Christina AguileraKelly Ripa and Julianna Margulies, to name a few.

1002-sub-kristofer-buckle-instagram-01Still, what happened outside the storefront doesn't fall far from his line of work because it reads like a movie script. Buckle tells us he was able to lift the guy on his back off the ground, backpedal, slam him into a parked truck out front, flip him over onto the sidewalk and throw a few jabs and kicks in.

Buckle only suffered a minor bruise to his pinky. As for the suspect, he got away before the cops came. Buckle says the bad guy will have to deal with the fact he got his ass beat by a pretty boy, which is punishment enough.


Columbus Short

No Jail for Knockout Assault

... But Looong Probation

9/24/2015 4:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news


Columbus Short is now on the Lindsay Lohan plan ... as in, he just dodged a jail sentence for a serious crime, but he's gonna have to keep his nose clean for a long time.

Short pled no contest on Thursday to felony assault for knocking out a guy at a West L.A. restaurant in March 2014. As we previously reported ... Short broke the victim's nose, leaving him bloodied and unconscious.

0924-sub-columbus-short-victim-tmz-01The ex "Scandal" star was immediately sentenced to 3 years probation, 60 days community labor, and 26 anger management classes. He will also have to pay restitution to the victim.

As LiLo and Chris Brown would tell Columbus -- best to stay out of trouble for the next 36 months.

The Game

Hints He Was Involved ...

In Rival's Death

9/23/2015 9:36 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

It sounds like The Game snitched on himself by strongly suggesting he played a part in killing a man who -- legend has it -- whupped Game's ass in an L.A. mall 4 years ago.

Game was on The Breakfast Club, and possibly spilled his guts when Charlamagne Tha God brought up the frequently told story -- that back in 2011, Game was with his kid in a mall, and some guy stepped to him and a fight broke out. Word is Game got knocked out, but he's always denied it.

But watch, this time he went beyond a denial. Game reveals the guy died -- just over a month later -- and then says, "If you approach me with my kids then ... 40 days."

The stunned reaction in studio says it all. Question is ... why would Game say this if he really was involved?

UFC Legend Tank Abbott

I Don't Respect Female Fighters

... Period.

9/22/2015 2:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UFC legend Tank Abbott is doubling down on his attack on female fighters -- saying NO WOMAN belongs in the octagon ... including Ronda Rousey

Tank appeared on "TMZ Hollywood Sports' today after claiming he would post a $100k prize to any woman who could beat him in a fight ... but they would have to make him a sandwich if they lost. 

Abbott -- who admits he'd been boozing -- says he's dead serious noting ... "I'll smack the living daylights out of any woman."

When asked what he would say to someone calling him a chauvinist pig -- Tank replied, "I'd say you're right and vote for Donald Trump."

There's more ... watch the video. 

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