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Chris Brown

Betrayed By Friends

In Home Invasion Robbery

7/20/2015 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Several of Chris Brown's close friends were in on the home invasion robbery ... at least that's what Chris believes and we've learned cops have the same view.

Law enforcement sources as well as sources connected with Chris tell us, they believe the 4 guys who broke into his home Wednesday morning were not just casual friends ... they were tight with him.

As we reported, cops believe a club promoter was also involved ... someone who knew Chris just got $50k in cash for an appearance and that the money was in his home safe.

And there's more. We've learned cops believe the Bloods may be involved as well. In fact, we're told a member of LAPD's Gang Unit was assigned the case.

And finally, we're told people in Chris' camp have already had "the talk" with him ... to 86 several members of his crew "immediately."

'Southpaw' Star

Hey 50 Cent, If You Need a Loan ...

Disney's Hooking Me Up

7/19/2015 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0717-oona-laurence-GETTY-01If 50 Cent needs a few bucks to get by, he should hit up his 12-year-old "Southpaw" co-star Oona Laurence, who just got setup for a huge payday on a new Disney franchise. 

Laurence -- who plays Jake Gylenhaal's daughter in "Southpaw" -- just signed on for the Disney reboot of “Pete’s Dragon" ... plus 2 more sequels. Oona gets $100k for the first film, $200k for the second and $400k for the third.

Depending on box office numbers ... she could earn up to a $50k bonus on the first movie, and up to $100k for the second.

Keeps this kid's number, Fiddy


Ex ‘90210’ Star's Divorce

What's Up, Doc?

She Should Pay ME

7/19/2015 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0626-jamie-walters-wife-FACEBOOK-01Jamie Walters ain't bringing home the bacon anymore -- that honor goes to his estranged wife ... according to the former '90210' star who is demanding she pay HIM spousal support.  

Walters just filed a response to his wife Patricia's divorce docs, and it appears they disagree on who's the breadwinner in the family. Walters is asking for spousal support ... just like Patricia did in her docs.

For the record ... Jamie ditched Hollywood 14 years ago to become an EMT, and Patricia is a podiatrist.

As we first reported ... they’re ending their 12 year marriage. Both of them are requesting joint custody of their 3 daughters. At least they agree on one thing.

Dog the Bounty Hunter

Hit With $30 Million Lawsuit ...

By Competing Bounty Hunter

7/18/2015 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0717-dog-the-bounty-hunter-beth-chapman-TMZ-01Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife, Beth, have been accused of ruining a rival bounty hunter's good name ... and the guy wants $30 million from them to make it right. 

Charles Fisher filed a lawsuit against Dog and Beth, claiming they manipulated his story during an episode of their show, 'On The Hunt,' to make him look bad.

Fisher claims the show phonied a phone conversation to make it look like he made off with $20,000 in collateral. He also claims the show -- which described him as a "corrupt bondsman" -- made it seem like he stiffed his insurance company and he used a jail connection to drum up business.    

To add insult to injury, Fisher said he sold his phone lines to the Chapmans and they only paid him $5k of the $20,000 agreed upon price.  

Fisher says his name in the bounty hunting biz is forever ruined because of the show and the Chapmans ... thus the $30,000,000 demand.  

50 Cent

I'm Actually Rich ...

I Just Get Sued a Lot!

7/17/2015 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0717-50-cent-tmz-0150 Cent has just told the bankruptcy judge he's both rich and poor at the very same time.

50 filed legal docs saying he has a massive amount of money and other assets, but not enough to immediately cover more than $20 million in court judgments. Translation  ... he's cash poor.

The documents are almost like a documentary, chronicling 50's early life in abject poverty in Queens, where his mom was murdered when he was just 8. He was also famously shot 9 times. His lawyer goes on, "In many respects, Mr. Jackson typifies the American dream."

The question ... what does this have to do with bankruptcy. The answer ... this is a PR move on 50's part to make it clear to his fans he's not a failure.

Sadly for 50, the judge didn't buy what 50 was selling. 50 was asking the judge to put the brakes on the latest case, where he was socked for $5 million by Rick Ross' baby mama. He wanted to halt the punitive damages phase of the trial, which could cost him many millions more. The judge rejected his attempt, and the jury is ready to sock it to the rapper.


Bobby Flay, Stephanie March

Divorce Settled

Stephanie Scores

7/17/2015 10:09 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Bobby Flay and Stephanie March settled what became one of the nastiest celebrity divorces in years, TMZ has confirmed, and Stephanie did WAY better than what she would have gotten under the prenup. 

TMZ broke the story, Stephanie signed a prenup at the beginning of the 10 year marriage that gave her paltry sum in the event of divorce -- $5k a month in spousal support for just 5 years. We say paltry, because Bobby's net worth is north of $20 million. 

Sources familiar with the situation tell us, the negotiations between the 2 were tough, but ultimately Stephanie held the cards because Bobby did not want a trial, especially since she alleged cheating in her divorce docs.  

As one source said, "He didn't want a plane flying over the courthouse," referring to the airplane that pulled a sign "cheater" during his Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony. As we reported, we determined Stephanie didn't order the sign, but someone sure did.

In the end, we're told the settlement is complicated, but Stephanie did just fine. 


Rick Ross' Baby Mama

I'm Gonna Get You, Clucker!!

Demands Wingstop Cash

7/17/2015 9:14 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0716-ross-kemp-tmz-youtube-02Rick Ross has something in common with Chris Brown – one of his baby mamas wants a fatter child support check ... due to all the cheese he's making from hawking wings.

Tia Kemp, NOT the woman in the 50 Cent-leaked sex tape, filed docs to modify Ross' child support checks for their son William III. The boss has been paying $1,951 per month, but Kemp says she deserves more because Rick's rolling: 

- 9 successful Wingstop franchises
- $5.9 million mansion in Atlanta
- $5.1 million mansion in South FL
- Luc Belaire Rose sparkling wine and mCig electronic cigarette endorsement deals
- a recent hot-selling album ("Mastermind") 

Kemp says she should get at least $2,800 -- there's already a clause in their agreement for her to get that amount if he doesn't spend enough time with his son.

She also plays the "our kid is special" card -- pointing out William III is physically gifted, and she needs more dough to put him in martial arts classes because he could be a "star athlete." 

Suge Knight

My Toilet Is Possessed ...

Oh Yeah, I May Have a Brain Tumor

7/17/2015 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0716-suge-knight-flushing-toilet-fun-art-GETTY-01update_graphic_red_bar9 AM PT -- Suge's request to move to a new facility was denied during a hearing in L.A. Ditto for his attempt to reduce bail.update_grey_gray_bar

Suge Knight's life in prison is rough ... not only does he have to deal with a toilet that flushes incessantly ... he might -- MIGHT -- have a brain tumor.

Knight's new attorney, Tom Mesereau of Michael Jackson fame, filed new docs to get Knight into better digs at the jail, for both medical and sanity reasons.

Suge's lawyer claims Suge is going crazy because the toilet in his cell flushes every 20 minutes -- on its own -- all day and all night.

To make matters even worse, the jail bed isn't long enough to hold his 6'2" frame.

So Suge wants a new cell that doesn't drive him crazy and allows him to get a good night's sleep.

Even more serious -- Mesereau says Suge suffers from numbness on one entire side of his body and doctors have told him he might have a brain tumor. As such, he wants a place that has full access to a competent medical facility.

He's currently locked up on $10 million bail.


50 Cent

I'm So Bad Off

I Even Owe My Grandfather Money!

7/16/2015 5:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0716_50_cent_tmx50 Cent isn't really broke -- we know that -- but he's sure making it look like he is ... he just gave the bankruptcy judge a list of his many creditors, and Curtis Jackson Sr. is among them.

According to the docs -- obtained by TMZ -- 50 owes grandpa $1,737.33. But that's just the tip of a $26 million debtor's iceberg.

50 also owes $137,880 to Bentley, $64,909 to American Express and, oh yeah, 2 court judgments totaling more than $23 million. And there's more -- that's just boring debt.

The rapper is laughing off the bankruptcy, most recently by making it rain at a West Hollywood strip club.

50 Cent

Charity Case ...

Fans Are Filling My Pockets Again

7/16/2015 3:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

50 Cent may be bankrupt but his fans are helping him get flush again -- very, very ... VERY slowly. 

Fans have created the site … where visitors can stream Fiddy’s classic track “Piggy Bank” -- and therefore stuff his pockets full o' cash again.

Of course, each play on Spotify only puts .0011 cents in 50 Cent's pocket -- and so far he's hauled in ... just under $3! 

At this rate ... 50 might want to get serious about a Smart Car

Jerry Jones

Mad Props to Jay Z

Did Great Job for Dez Bryant

7/16/2015 2:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Jerry Jones has become a HUUUGE fan of Jay Z -- praising Dez Bryant for tapping Roc Nation Sports to negotiate his contract ... and saying Hov is a "wonderful" person.  

The Cowboys owner called Dez from New York City to congratulate him on his brand new 5-year $70 MILLION contract ... when he went out of his way to give credit to the hip-hop mogul.   

"My hats off to you," Jones told Bryant ... "You did a good job associating yourself with Jay Z. He's wonderful ... I spent hours with him last night."

Go on Jay, brush your shoulders off.  

Miss USA

Vegas Knew She Was A Winner ...

Way Before The Rest Of Us

7/16/2015 12:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0716_Olivia_Jordan_miss_usa_bikini_contest_winner_launchThe newly crowned Miss USA, Olivia Jordan, is hot as hell … a not-so-well-hidden secret Vegas discovered when she stripped down to a bikini to win a different title. 

Olivia won the Luli Fama Swimwear Model Search at Wynn's Encore Beach Club back in 2014 -- and took home a giant $25k check, and a modeling deal.

Previous winner Nina Agdal was also there ... and posed with Olivia and the runners-up for a smoking hot winners circle shot.

We're guessing they skipped the interview round for the Vegas competition. Hint, hint ... organizers of Miss USA and every other stupid beauty pageant.


Chris Brown

Cops Zeroing in on Club Promoters

In Home Invasion

7/16/2015 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0113-chris-brown-tmz-10Cops have a hot lead on who is behind the home invasion robbery at Chris Brown's house ... and it centers around a recent club appearance where Chris was paid a fortune in cash.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, they believe the mastermind behind Wednesday's break-in was someone who knew Chris had just received $50,000 in cash for a nightclub gig. We're told Chris typically does not have huge amounts of money lying around, so having it at the house was unusual.

TMZ broke the story ... the robbers made it clear to Chris' aunt who was in the house that they knew the identity of the homeowner. The robbers demanded to know from the aunt the location of the safe, and during the robbery they let it slip they knew about the $50k.

Law enforcement sources say only a few people knew about the cash, and they believe a promoter is a likely suspect of masterminding the heist.  

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