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Bono Thanks Mike Pence For AIDS Relief Support

2/19/2017 7:08 AM PST

0219-mike-pence-meets-bono-u2-TWITTER-01Bono gave kudos to Vice President Mike Pence for his supporting a cause close to the singer's heart ... AIDS relief.

The Veep was in Germany Saturday talking about global threats and met up with Bono, who thanked him for supporting the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS ... initiated by George W Bush.

Bono told Pence ... "Twice on the House floor you defended that. That’s how we know you."  

The U2 star has been a leading activist in AIDS relief for years now. Seems like he has a new ally in the White House. 

Pence famously once advocated funding conversion therapy.

President Trump Mar-a-Lago Protected from Planes, Drones and Rockets

2/18/2017 1:00 AM PST

0217-mar-a-lago-donald-trump-no-drones-fun-art-02President Trump's Winter White House is in an aerial bubble ... with major restrictions on drones and other aircraft flying within miles of Mar-a-Lago.

Drones cannot be flown within a 10 nautical mile radius of the area surrounding the president's estate, during the time he's there. When Trump leaves, people can fly drones only with prior FAA and airport approval.

Palm Beach International Airport is 2.5 miles away from Mar-a-Lago. Commercial and government flights will not be restricted, but private pilots will be put through the ringer. We're told before landing at PBI, private pilots must land at a nearby airport and get hardcore TSA screening, which includes ID verification, vetting of all pilots, crew and passengers, screening of baggage and airplane inspection.

Also, no firearms are allowed onboard.

And there's more. Each private pilot is given a "discreet code" -- a secret password -- that they must continuously squawk back to the PBI tower.

One more thing. While Trump is in town, no one can balloon, hang glide, skydive or tow a banner over the estate. Also, no rockets.

Hillary Clinton Grandma Duty on Sesame Street

2/17/2017 10:58 AM PST

Hillary Clinton doesn't have politics on her mind, instead she's all up in Cookie Monster, Big Bird and Bert & Ernie's biz! 

Hillary took in 'Sesame Street Live' Friday at Madison Square Garden with her 2 grandkids, Aiden and Charlotte ... and, of course, their mom Chelsea.

Hillz caught the matinee and not in a cush front row seat, as you might expect. Witnesses tell us she and the fam were chilling in the 100th row.  

Better than a State Dinner with Trudeau? 


Justin Timberlake Weighs in On President Trump

2/17/2017 8:31 AM PST

Justin Timberlake rarely makes political commentary, but he made an exception with our camera guy Thursday night ... when we brought up President Trump.

He was leaving ArcLight in Hollywood when we asked about Trump's bombastic Thursday news conference where he attacked the media on all sorts of fronts.

Justin's response was brief, but he said a lot. 

Not that it's entirely shocking -- he and Jessica Biel hosted an HRC fundraiser last year. Sorry, JT ... no refunds.


'SNL's' Hillary Clinton Does Her Homework With Real Deal HRC

2/17/2017 7:16 AM PST

0217-clinton-mckinnon-facebook-2Expect a Hillary Clinton sighting on 'SNL' this week, or at least Kate McKinnon as Hillary, after they did dinner together in NYC. 

'SNL' superstar McKinnon was spotted doing dinner Wednesday night at Orso ... no doubt having some laughs about the current political environment.

As bad as the election turned out for the real Hillary -- it's been ratings gold for Kate and her castmates.

Who picked up the tab? It better be Lorne Michaels or NBC.


Justin Trudeau Charming His Way Through Germany Angela Merkel's All About It!

2/17/2017 6:23 AM PST

0217-justin-trudeau-angela-merkel-meeting-REUTERS-01Justin Trudeau's easy on the eyes ... and Angela Merkel's the latest one to find out.

Canada's Prime Minister met with Germany's Chancellor and the 2 hit it off in Berlin. It's a delightful moment over a candlelit dinner!

Justin recently visited the White House ... where Ivanka Trump couldn't keep her eyes off him.

Can't blame her.


Rosie O'Donnell No Steve Bannon Role for Me On 'SNL'

2/17/2017 6:27 AM PST

Anyone hoping to see Rosie O'Donnell play Steve Bannon on "Saturday Night Live" better write to their congressman ... Lorne Michaels

We got Rosie leaving Nobu in West Hollywood Thursday night and she told us her uncanny photoshop of Bannon is as far as she'll be taking the role.

Why? Sounds like the idea failed to launch with 'SNL' honchos. We'll always have this ...


Hillary Clinton Even More Standing O Love ... Hello, Madame Mayor?

2/16/2017 7:32 AM PST

Hillary Clinton's getting used to making Broadway curtain calls -- and after the standing ovation she got Wednesday night ... it's feeling like New Yorkers are trying to push her into the Mayor's office.

HRC caught a performance of "Sunset Boulevard" at the Palace Theatre, and the whole crowd got on their feet for her. As we reported ... Hillary got a major round of applause earlier this month at another stage production.

All this love is just fueling rumors she'll run for mayor this year. This video's a strong sign she's got the Manhattan vote locked up.

See ya in Staten Island, Hill!

Tiffany Trump She Shouldn't Have Been Humiliated At My Fashion Show

2/16/2017 12:50 AM PST

Tiffany Trump did not deserve the pariah treatment she got at NY Fashion Week ... this according to the designer who threw the show.

Philipp Plein's incredulous 2 fashion editors who were sitting next to the 23-year-old got up and left when they realized they were sitting next to President Trump's daughter.

He feels for her that photos circulated of empty seats in a primo location.

Hate the man, he says that's everyone's right ... but hating the daughter is just plain hateful.

Sen. John McCain I Do Love Ashton Kutcher ... And It's Not About Movies

2/15/2017 6:16 PM PST

Ashton Kutcher and Sen. John McCain really did hit it off on Capitol Hill ... due to the actor's passion for something other than Hollywood.

We got McCain after Kutcher testified about the horrors of human trafficking, but as we told you McCain still snuck in a playful jab at Kutcher's expense as they were closing the Senate hearing. 

Seems there's mutual admiration, because Ashton hung out with McCain afterward for a private tour of the Capitol. The Senator's clearly heard the bromance buzz sparked by his and Ashton's exchange, and based on this clip ... he doesn't mind a bit.

President Trump Nuclear 'Football' Carrier Revealed ... Just Got a Promotion!!

2/15/2017 2:02 PM PST

0215-trump-football-man-facebookThe man photographed carrying Donald Trump's nuclear "football" briefcase at Mar-a-Lago last weekend is a former West Point standout who just got a big promotion ... TMZ has learned.

We did some digging and discovered the football carrier is Ricardo Turner ... one of Trump's military aides. He became an international man of mystery Sunday when a Mar-a-Lago guest posted a photo with him saying ... "This is Rick...He carries the 'football.'"

The nuclear football is the briefcase for the hardware used by POTUS to authorize a nuclear attack while away from the fixed command centers, which means Ricardo's the Man.

Trump promoted Ricardo from Major to Lieutenant Colonel on Monday in an Oval Office ceremony ... according to White House Spokesman Sean Spicer.

Aides like Ricardo provide direct support to the prez and serve as emergency action officers, but not all of them get to carry the football.


Ashton Kutcher Blows a Kiss to Sen. John McCain New Bromance Alert

2/15/2017 8:36 AM PST
Breaking News

Obama and Biden are gone, but Senator John McCain and Ashton Kutcher are ready to fill the D.C. bromance void after sharing an air kiss during a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing.

Ashton was on the Hill testifying about human trafficking and modern-day slavery ... serious stuff. But McCain seized the opportunity for a little levity by making a playful jab about Kutcher's looks.

Ashton's comeback was spot-on.

Vince McMahon Reminds Trump Memba When You Shaved My Head!?

2/15/2017 8:05 AM PST
Breaking News


Vince McMahon took Donald Trump all the way back to 2007 Tuesday ... when the WWE honcho's family posed with the prez -- and busted out a pic of their famous "Hair Vs. Hair" match!

Of course, Vince -- along with his son Shane, daughter Stephanie, and son-in-law Triple H -- were all at the White House to celebrate Linda McMahon's confirmation as Small Business Administration chief.

One of Vince's granddaughters held up a pic from the famous WrestleMania 23 event -- when Vince let Trump chop off his mane in the center of the ring.

By the way, Trump hit Vince with a pretty impressive flying clothesline during that match.

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