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Philip Seymour Hoffman Death Drug Suspects Arraigned

2/5/2014 5:23 PM PST
Breaking News

Three of the four people arrested in what cops believe may be a link to Philip Seymour Hoffman's death were in court, and have been arraigned on drug charges.

Robert Vineberg -- the man a police informant claims sold drugs to him and Hoffman -- pled not guilty to felony possession of heroin with an intent to sell.

Vineberg's attorney, Ed Kratt, tells TMZ, "these charges have NOTHING to do with the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman."

Juliana Luchkiw and Max Rosenblum are NOT charged with heroin possession.  Instead, prosecutors have charged them with 1 count each for possession of cocaine ... a misdemeanor.

We spoke with the lawyer for Juliana who pled not guilty.  The lawyer says his client has never met Hoffman. 

A fourth man --Thomas Cushman -- was arrested but not charged with a crime due to lack of evidence.

TMZ broke the story .... an informant who triggered the bust has told cops ... Vineberg was Hoffman's main dealer, and the actor came by his apartment twice a week to score dozens of bags of heroin.

Joaquin Phoenix & Michelle Williams United in Death

2/5/2014 3:19 PM PST

Joaquin Phoenix and Michelle Williams -- both of whom lost loved ones to ODs -- paid their respects Wednesday to Mimi O'Donnell -- the longtime partner of Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Phoenix -- who's brother River Phoenix died from a mixture of heroin and cocaine in 1993 -- paid a visit to O'Donnell's NYC apartment, accompanied by GF Allie Teilz.

Joaquin co-starred with Hoffman two years ago in "The Master."

Williams showed up a short time later.  She co-starred with PSH in "Synecdoche, New York"  in 2008 ... the same year her ex-partner -- Heath Ledger -- was found dead in his apartment from an accidental overdose of Rx meds.

O'Donnell's been receiving a number of well-wishers ... including Cate Blanchett and Jennifer Aniston's fiance, Justin Theroux.


Philip Seymour Hoffman Confided In Alleged Dealer I Want to Kick Heroin

2/5/2014 10:30 AM PST
Philip Seymour Hoffman desperately told his drug dealer he was trying to kick his ever-growing heroin problem ... TMZ has learned.

An informant who has been working with NYC cops since Hoffman's death says he was privy to conversations between Philip Seymour Hoffman and Robert Vineberg -- one of the 4 people arrested last night in a heroin bust.

The informant -- who was central to cops obtaining a search warrant that led to the arrests -- claims Vineberg regularly sold heroin to Hoffman.  He says in some of the text messages Hoffman told Vineberg he was struggling to kick his heroin habit and wanted nothing more than to clean up his life.

The informant was very specific, saying Hoffman bemoaned that the worst part of getting clean was uncontrollable bowel movements.

And according to the informant, he would often see Hoffman in Vineberg's apartment and he seemed like "a man on a mission."  There was no small talk ... just business.  And he says Hoffman always looked unhappy.

Philip Seymour Hoffman 2 Alleged Drug Dealers Targeted in Police Raid

2/5/2014 6:40 AM PST

Philip Seymour Hoffman Withdrew $1,200 in Cash Before Death

2/4/2014 4:20 PM PST
Breaking News

Philip Seymour Hoffman
 made multiple cash withdrawls from a supermarket ATM -- totaling $1200 -- the day before his death ... this according to law enforcement sources.

TMZ has confirmed Hoffman withdrew the money in six transactions inside the Manhattan supermarket.

Also ... police did not find the infamous "deadly heroin" in Hoffman's apartment. The mix of the powerful painkiller fentanyl and heroin caused dozens of deaths on the East coast this year ... but it was not among the drugs scattered around the apartment.

Hoffman's autopsy results are expected soon ... though toxicology -- which will reveal what drugs were in his system -- will take longer.

Philip Seymour Hoffman 'Ace of Hearts' Heroin Traced to Near Fatal OD

2/4/2014 9:45 AM PST

Several bags of heroin found in Philip Seymour Hoffman's apartment were potentially lethal ... so says a woman who almost died from using the brand.

We got this photo from a woman who is very familiar with the NYC heroin scene. She asked us not to ID her. The woman gave us this picture, showing the "Ace of Hearts" heroin brand.

She tells us she injected herself with a "tiny bit" of "Ace of Hearts" back in Sept., and says she stopped breathing almost instantly. She was revived with CPR and landed in the hospital.

The woman says when she got out of the hospital she went to cops and told them about what she called a lethal strain of heroin going around NYC.

The woman says she saw Hoffman on the streets in the weeks before he died and it was apparent to her he was strung out.

We do not know if Hoffman injected himself with "Ace of Hearts" the day he died, since there were dozens of heroin bags in his apartment.  It appears Hoffman may have died quickly after an injection, since a needle was sticking out of his left arm when he was found.

Philip Seymour Hoffman 'I Know I'm Gonna Die'

2/4/2014 8:00 AM PST

Philip Seymour Hoffman
was on a heroin binge 6 weeks before he died, and told friends he feared he was destined to fatally OD ... TMZ has learned.

Sources Hoffman confided in tell us ... back in December Hoffman told them he had started injecting himself with heroin and couldn't kick it.  Hoffman said he would kick it for a few days and then fall off the wagon.

We're told he went back to AA in a desperate attempt to clean up ... but much to his great frustration it didn't work.

During the last 6 weeks he often looked disheveled and dirty.  At one point someone asked him how bad his problem was, and he responded, "If I don't stop I know I'm gonna die."

We're told Hoffman was also drinking excessively ... which opened the door to many bad decisions when it came to heroin use.

Ironically and sadly, we're told Hoffman went to AA meetings over the last 4 years and was considered a "guru," because he had been sober for so long.  Hoffman would give inspirational talks to people who attended.


Philip Seymour Hoffman Apartment Littered with Rx Pills

2/4/2014 4:30 AM PST
Breaking News

Besides the heroin ... cops found a laundry list of prescription meds in Philip Seymour Hoffman's apartment ... including pills to treat addiction, ADHD, and anxiety.

According to law enforcement sources ... investigators found methocarbamol (muscle relaxer), hydroxyzine (anti-anxiety), Vyvanse (ADHD), and buprenorphine to treat addiction ... and clonidine hydrochloride (blood pressure).

It's unclear at this point if Hoffman had prescriptions for any of the drugs.  

Of course the pills were just a small part of the stash cops found. As we've reported ... there were 50 bags of heroin as well as used and unused hypodermic needles.

Philip Seymour Hoffman Nods Off On Plane After Drinking Binge

2/3/2014 1:06 PM PST

Philip Seymour Hoffman was out like a light minutes after boarding a plane in Georgia last week ... after he was seen hitting the bottle at an Atlanta bar ... TMZ has learned.

According to a passenger ... Hoffman was out almost as quickly as he took his seat for the NY-bound jet Thursday ... his head falling forward into his chest.

We're told sometime after the plane took off ... PSH came to ... groggy and disheveled.  After the flight touched down, we're told he was quickly put on a waiting airport cart and whisked away.

As we first reported ... Hoffman had been drinking in a downtown Atlanta bar earlier that day -- just 3 days before his death --  witnesses said he appeared drunk and made repeated trips to the bathroom.

Philip Seymour Hoffman Planning for Long Heroin Binge

2/3/2014 12:30 PM PST
Exclusive Details

Philip Seymour Hoffman
was clearly prepping to use heroin for the long haul before he died, because we now know ... cops found approximately 50 heroin bags in the NYC apartment.

Law enforcement sources initially put the number of bags at 10 ... but now we know the number is 5 times that.  Our sources say a number of the bags were full ... along with a number of unused needles.  The upshot ... Hoffman was ready for a heroin binge.

This makes the story about a possible drug deal at an ATM Saturday night even more interesting ... if Hoffman purchased a large quantity of heroin.

Philip Seymour Hoffman Off The Wagon & Drinking Before OD

2/3/2014 9:12 AM PST

Philip Seymour Hoffman was in an Atlanta bar 3 days before he died ... drinking and smoking  ... and running in and out of the restroom.

The photo was taken around dinner time at a restaurant next door to the Hyatt in downtown Atlanta on January 30th. 

A witness tells us ... Hoffman was with a woman at the bar ... and made "multiple trips" to the bathroom and the witness says it looked "sketchy."  The witness says it registered with him at the time ... that the trips to the restroom were curious.

Another witness says Hoffman appeared "drunk."

And, yet another witness saw him at the airport later and he appeared "drunk and disheveled."

The drinking itself is important ... because Hoffman was in rehab in May.

Philip Seymour Hoffman Cops Want Video Of Possible Drug Deal

2/3/2014 8:24 AM PST
Breaking News
Philip Seymour Hoffman may have been videotaped buying drugs the night before he died ... and now cops are working to get their hands on it ... and there are 2 mysterious men who may have been with Hoffman.

Hoffman was allegedly spotted by a man who claims he saw Philip withdraw large amounts of money from an ATM near the apartment where he was found dead ... according to Fox411.

The witness says he saw PSH hand over the cash to two men with messenger bags strapped to their bodies -- something typically worn by delivery drug dealers on the East Coast.  The witness says he saw what he believed to be a drug deal.

The ATM had a camera located above it -- according to the report --  and now cops are trying to get it.

Philip Seymour Hoffman 'Deadly Heroin' In Play In Death Investigation

2/3/2014 6:20 AM PST

Philip Seymour Hoffman's death appears to be heroin-related ... and law enforcement is looking at a deadly strain of the drug as one of the operating theories ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... they do NOT know specifics about the heroin found in the NYC apartment where Seymour died.  There were 10 bags found -- 8 of them empty.

Authorities have been tracking a strain of heroin that has killed dozens of people on the East Coast -- just last month.  The heroin is laced with fentanyl, an extremely potent drug prescribed for terminal cancer patients.  The strain is 100 times more powerful than morphine ... it sometimes shuts down the respiratory system.

The drug -- sometimes called "Theraflu," "Bud Ice" and "24K" -- has been linked to 5 deaths on Long Island, 22 deaths in Pennsylvania and 19 on Rhode Island -- all in January.

Cops do NOT know if this strain caused Hoffman's death, but they tell us "everything's in play" until they get results from toxicology.

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