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YG Booted Off Flight Over One Request ... Slim 400 Calls it BS!!!

8/14/2018 4:24 PM PDT

YG was sober as a judge when a flight attendant claimed he was drunk and kicked him off a plane Monday night ... according to rapper Slim 400, who was also on the flight. 

Slim, one of YG's artists, says the trouble started when YG asked the American Airlines flight attendant if he could change his seat. He says there was no yelling or cussing ... just a calm request, but still things went south.

He says it only escalated because of the flight attendant's reaction to YG's request. You gotta see his description of what went down. Slim suggests the attendant's attitude was racially motivated because he's positive YG wasn't drunk and shows us why.

As we reported, YG posted a video as he was leaving the plane, claiming the airline was a bunch of "Racist ass muthaf***as." American tells us he was kicked off "due to being intoxicated."

Slim says they had a major hassle after leaving the plane, but another airline eventually stepped up to get them to NYC.

Dru Hill's Smoke E. Digglera 'Internet is Undefeated' ... We Failed Bad at Sneaker Cover-Up!!

8/14/2018 4:03 PM PDT

Dru Hill's new member ain't even tryin' to lie ... Smoke E. Digglera knows he and the group got busted -- hilariously -- for photoshopping his sneakers, but there's a funny story behind the flub.

Smoke, formerly lead singer for Playa, tells TMZ the mix-up started when he showed up for the photo shoot with Sisqo and the rest of DH, including fellow new member, Static Major. As the Internet immediately figured out ... those white Jordan 1 shoes on his feet were dropped in to cover up his, uhh ... wardrobe malfunction. 

He says a miscommunication on what the shoot was supposed to frame (or not frame, more like) led to a last-minute change in editing ... and the rest is history.

As you probably know, fans roasted the poor Photoshop job with a bunch of "WHAT ARE THOSE?!" memes.

Despite the widespread jokes ... it sounds like Smoke would do it all over again. Comfort over everything, baby!

Sarah Huckabee Sanders 'I Can't Guarantee' Trump Didn't Say N-Word

8/14/2018 1:05 PM PDT
Breaking News

Sarah Huckabee Sanders can't say for sure there isn't a recording of President Trump saying the n-word.

The White House Press Sec. was bombarded Tuesday with questions about Omarosa's many secret recordings ... during the campaign and after Trump was in Office.

Sanders was asked multiple times if she's ever directly asked Trump if he used the n-word. She deflected each time, and refused to use the g-word ... guarantee. As we reported, Omarosa recorded Trump campaign staffers discussing how to handle a possible recording of him using the racial epithet.

Sarah's inability to offer a guarantee such a tape doesn't exist ... is only adding fuel to the fire.

Sherri Shepherd Omarosa Has Sold Her Soul ... Black Card Revoked for Good

8/14/2018 7:06 AM PDT

Sherri Shepherd shredded Omarosa to pieces ... accusing her of trying to lead black people to the slaughterhouse in the name of Trump.

We got Sherri Monday night outside the Hollywood Improv ... and she couldn't be clearer ... Omarosa is now living in no man's land -- rejected by the black community and rejected by Trump. Sherri says she did it for fame and fortune and there's no going back.

That said, Sherri also believes Omarosa might be the one to bring Trump down. Even if that happens, Sherri says good riddance to both.

Shaunie O'Neal Thwarts Home Intruders 'You're On Camera, Smile Bitch!'

8/14/2018 6:00 AM PDT
Breaking News

9:43 AM PT -- Cops took a report for prowling and say there are currently 2 suspects. The men were scared away when Shaunie confronted them using her home security system.

Shaq ain't the only crime fighter in the O'Neal family -- his ex-wife, Shaunie O'Neal, spotted some dudes allegedly trying to break into her home ... and used her security system to scare 'em off!

Shaunie spotted two dudes skulking around the property -- and activated the 2-way speaker on her Ring video surveillance system to yell at the intruders.

"What are you doing?" Shaunie said calmly ... "You're on camera. Smile bitch!"

You can see the "Oh crap" look on one of the perp's face -- both men immediately turn tail and book it out of the home.

Shaunie, hoping for some public shaming, posted the footage to social media, saying, "Listen did y’all forget @Shaq is partners with @ring and made sure the kids and I had cameras everywhere."

She added some hashtags -- "#igotudummy #smileBitch #ihateathief #weonyoass."

Donald Trump to Omarosa Newly Released Audio ... I Had No Clue You Were Fired!!!

8/13/2018 6:16 AM PDT

President Trump either didn't know his Chief of Staff fired Omarosa or he played dumb ... this according to newly released audio in which Trump tells her he had no idea she got the ax.

You hear Trump faintly express regret as Omarosa explains General John Kelly gave her walking papers the day before. Monday on "Today," she said the President is nothing more than Gen. Kelly's puppet. 

Omarosa also secretly recorded her conversation with Kelly, who would not say if Trump knew he was firing her.

She told TMZ on Saturday ... she believed Trump was a racist who was trying to start a race war. Omarosa says she heard an audio of an outtake of 'The Apprentice' in which Trump allegedly used the n-word.

The White House has lashed out at Omarosa, saying she's a liar and a disgruntled former employee. Trump himself just lit into her, apparently in response to the new audio, saying she was "wacky" and "begged" him for the administration role.  

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Thoughts on Omarosa? ... Like 45 Says, SAD!

8/12/2018 2:01 PM PDT

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is parroting what her boss says A LOT regarding Omarosa and her bombshell book -- and alleged recordings -- on President Trump ... any guesses?

We got the White House Press Secretary leaving Reagan International in D.C. Sunday where our camera guy asked what she made of the one-time Trump staffer and longtime loyalist peddling her new "explosive" and "jaw-dropping" publication, 'Unhinged,' about the Prez.

Sarah says Omarosa's showing her true colors in the wake of being fired by Chief of Staff John Kelly -- whom she recorded too btw -- and thinks it's simply a SAD! state of affairs.

Oh, and remember SHB was said to be getting extra security after getting kicked out of The Red Hen restaurant a few months back? Check out the muscle all around her ... it's true.

'Brady Bunch' House HGTV's Expansion Plans Neighbors' Panties in a Bunch!!

8/12/2018 1:00 AM PDT

HGTV -- the house remodeling network with wholesome hosts -- is PISSING OFF neighbors with their 'Brady Bunch' house expansion plans ... 'cause they fear lasting chaos.

Various neighbors on the San Fernando Valley street where the iconic house sits are fuming at the prospect of HGTV's production turning their sleepy enclave into a massive construction zone.

TMZ broke the story, after snagging the house in a $3-plus million sale, the network plans to blow out the back of the house ... and expand it from 2,400 square feet to more than 6,000 square feet.

Neighbors are dreading the construction noise, street congestion, traffic, lookie-loos and HGTV production trucks as cameras chronicle the remodel.

We're told the last time a production crew showed up, an entire street was shut down making it a nightmare for residents to access their houses.

Neighbors just wanna know from HGTV ... how long y'all gonna take on this project?

Stay tuned ... 

Chad Johnson Tom Brady Is Black ... I'm Serious!

8/11/2018 12:50 AM PDT

Did you know Tom Brady is actually black?!

Well, it's true ... at least according to Chad Johnson.

Ochocinco played with the QB in New England back in the 2011 season ... and he just revealed to TMZ Sports the GOAT is not, in fact, a white male.

"He's black. Period," Chad tells us.

"You gotta meet Tommy. You wouldn't understand it with me just saying it but, you know, he's Robin Thicke. You get where I'm going with this s**t?"

Not really ... BUT -- Chad explained further.

"You can't teach that type of, just, aura. That persona. You can't teach that."

There you have it ... Tom Brady -- officially not a white guy anymore.

Trump's Space Force Bonanza for Beer and Computer Games

8/10/2018 1:00 AM PDT

President Trump's plan for an upcoming U.S. Space Force isn't just major news for the military ... it could be a huge windfall for beer and computer game producers too.

TMZ has learned the term "Space Force" has been quite popular, long before the Prez uttered the words for his proposed 6th branch of the military ... by makers of an arcade game, among others, that trademarked it in the '80s.

That game fizzled out and the trademark expired but, years later in 2014 ... a company filed paperwork for the rights to "SPACEFORCE" (one word) for online computer games and interactive educational games in the field of physics. According to the docs ... they've had the trademark on lockdown since 2015.

Then, after Trump first announced his Space Force idea in March, a shrewd business person jumped on the chance to own the rights to the name ... for beer.

According to legal docs, trademark paperwork for "Space Force" has also been filed as recently as June to make action figures and accessories.

Obviously, if these trademarks go through, the owners are set to benefit from the name recognition of the government's new military service ... which Mike Pence says will be created by 2020.

If this thing becomes a reality, these folks could really cash in. Trump's officially ahead of the game on that one though. 

Donald Trump No Fake News Here Just Fake Stars on Hollywood Blvd.

8/9/2018 11:27 AM PDT

Some people might want Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame star scrubbed entirely -- but others want more of the same ... and made it happen.

Tons of fake Donald Trump stars popped up all over Hollywood Blvd. Thursday up and down the Walk of Fame. It's unclear whether these are stickers or what ... but they've flooded the boulevard, flanking A-listers' like Rob Reiner

Considering the wave of violent reactions Trump's star has ignited, we'll view this a much-needed lighthearted effort. No word yet on who the latest "vandal" might be ... but there are endless possibilities taking into account the myriad of stunts pulled on the street.

Be careful what you wish for, folks ... 'cause it usually backfires.

'Bachelorette' Contestant Suspended by Universal Studios After Sexual Harassment Claims

8/8/2018 12:50 AM PDT

'Bachelorette' contestant Leo Dottavio is under investigation for sexual harassment, and his job as a stuntman at Universal Studios might hang in the balance ... TMZ has learned.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... a complaint with human resources was filed Friday by someone who claims to have witnessed Leo making several women uncomfortable on the set with excessive hugging and unwanted flirting.

The complaint also mentions Leo sliding into the women's DMs and making them uncomfortable with the conversation.

We're told the person who filed the complaint says the alleged behavior went down at the end of 2017 when Leo worked on the "Water World" show ... but before he was cast on 'Bachelorette.'

He'd been working on "Water World" for 3 and a half years, but he was taken off the schedule in response to the initial allegations made by a former 'Bachelor' contestant ... who publicly accused him of sexually harassing women more than a decade ago. Leo denied those claims.

We've reached out to Leo who tells us he's unaware of the more recent allegations.

We reached out to Universal and a spokesperson tells TMZ, "We are aware of the situation and have taken appropriate actions" ... referring to the suspension.

We're also told Leo is technically employed by a third party production company ... and that company is investigating the allegations. Universal has suspended him pending that investigation.

CNN's Jeffrey Toobin Trump Attacks Black People A Lot You Tell Me What It Means

8/7/2018 12:50 AM PDT

Jeffrey Toobin thinks it's awfully peculiar President Trump seems to have a habit of viciously attacking black people ... but stops short of calling him a full-on racist.

We got CNN's Chief Legal Analyst Monday at LAX and asked about DT's latest vitriol against prominent African-Americans -- namely, his disgusting tweet calling LeBron James and Don Lemon dumb and dumber -- and Toobin thinks there's a pattern here that can't be ignored.

Bottom line ... Trump has a track record of going after blacks both on Twitter and at rallies. He's called out LaVar Ball as being a "poor man's version of Don King" and has constantly referred to Rep. Maxine Waters as a "low IQ" person. And, don't forget the NFL's SOBs

Toobin doesn't want to get into name-calling -- unlike the Prez -- but says 45's barbs reek of racism.

He also praises his coworker's eloquent response to Trump after getting attacked this weekend. 

So, Toobin thinks these are more than petty grudges or rage tweets at his "haters." Toobin clearly thinks it's all part of the guy's moral makeup.

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