Has Beyonce Lost Her Edge?

1/26/2007 3:35 PM PST

Has Beyonce Lost Her Edge?

How did Beyonce's album do compared to her first one? -- Sheretha

Two albums, two number one hits. Both her first album, "Dangerously In Love" and the follow up, "B'Day" soared to the top of the Billboard 200 and the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums charts. And Sheretha -- we're definitely not surprised by this!

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What's Kelly Osbourne up to since she's not doing the next "Dancing with the Stars"?
-- Rebecca

Rebecca, Kelly is a busy bee across the pond. She just got done presenting the UK version of "I'm A Celebrity Get Me Outta Here" and is also the host of the second season of the UK TV series "Project Catwalk." She's also doing press in London for her TV series "Turning Japanese" and "Project Catwalk." You can see why she was too busy for "Dancing!"

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What is the status of MTV's "Run's House"? Is it coming back for another season? --Shaunna

Shaunna, the Simmons family is the definition of resiliant! Expect the next season of their show to premiere in about a month. After the tragic loss of their newborn baby girl back in September, the family remained strong and is doing well.

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What's going on with Cheyenne Kimball since her show on MTV? -- Kash

We hope you're into football, Kash, because Cheyenne's going to be performing during half-time at the Pro Bowl on February 10. We're not sure which songs she'll be singing -- we just hope she doesn't pull an Ashlee!

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What has Eric from "That 70s Show" been doing? --Mindy

It seems like Eric (aka Topher Grace) has been missing since the "70s," but we can assure you, Mindy, that he's still with us. Topher will be gracing the big screen this year in "Kids in America," "Coxblocker" and quite possibly the most anticipated of all, "Spider-Man 3." Expect Spidey in your local theatres May 4.

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