Tequila Threatens Lawsuit Over Stolen Sex Tape

11/24/2009 8:34 AM PST

Tequila Threatens Lawsuit Over Stolen Sex Tape

More naked drama for Tila Tequila -- this time over a sex tape she claims was stolen off of her laptop computer.

Just days after she Ustreamed herself in a naked rant, a new XXX video surfaced on a porn site called 4tube.com featuring Tila in a very compromising adult position with a naked man.

Tila doesn't know why the video is surfacing now, but she claims it was ripped from a laptop that she reported stolen roughly two years ago -- and now she's threatening to sue the site for posting the clip.

TMZ spoke with Tila's lawyer, Cyrus Nownejad, who told us, "A police report has been filed for Tila's stolen laptop computer which contained that specific clip. I am currently in the process of sending a cease and desist letter and a notice of intent to sue if it's not removed."