TMZ Live: Two Flashbacks & a Field Goal Attempt

2/2/2011 7:20 PM PST

TMZ Live: Two Flashbacks & a Field Goal Attempt

Today on TMZ Live: A chilling report from our Super Bowl staffers in Dallas ... and their incredible field goal attempt in the frozen Texas tundra. Harvey and crew answer your questions about the Lindsay Lohan investigation, Charlie Sheen's 911 tape and much more ... plus viewers Ranae and Rodney join via Skype, and a Twitter lightning round.

Also: Video surfaces of a TMZ staffer's foray into wrestling, a clip of Harvey on "The Sopranos", and a hilarious bonus feature you don't want to miss!

AND ... if you want to ask a question live during the show via Skype, email us your info (name, phone number, Skype ID) by clicking the pic below!!!

(0:00) Harvey helped Charles win a friendly bet today ... about "Shoeless" Joe Jackson?!?
(1:40) The Lindsay Lohan theft investigation -- all the details ... with some help from Jason.
(5:00) Does anyone ever confuse Max with Gabriel Aubry?
(7:00) Ranae visits via Skype ... and wants to know if Michael Lohan is full of it.
(10:45) Twitter question lightning round!
(14:00) Our guys in freezing cold Dallas join in -- and they're suffering from "shrinkage."
(18:00) Jake attempts a field goal in the snow ... and makes it!!!
(21:00) Skyper time -- Rodney from Michigan wants to know what Harvey's day is like.
(24:40) Flashback time ... Harvey's appearance on "The Sopranos."
(33:00) A TMZ camera man's wrestling past ... on tape!
(34:30) Bonus footage!! Producer's commentary on a TMZ TV piece!