TMZ Live: The Real Backstage Scene on Sheen's Tour

4/5/2011 7:50 PM PDT

TMZ Live: The Real Backstage Scene on Sheen's Tour

What's really happening offstage during Charlie Sheen's "Torpedo of Truth" tour ... Plus, the question we most want to ask Brad Pitt ... And, what explains "Jersey Shore's" death grip on our brains.

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(0:00) We begin ... Charles and Jason don't know which seats to sit in.
(0:45) Amanda Bynes lost her dog ... and receives a minimal amount of sympathy.
(2:10) Our "Harvard Guy" doesn't look like Eli Roth ... despite what one person thinks.
(3:30) What would Jason and Charles ask Brad Pitt?
(5:10) Charles rips the UConn basketball team's mascot.
(7:25) Kirstie Alley's dancing partner crumbled under her last night ... so we analyze the video.
(10:30) Gary knows what went down behind the scenes at Charlie Sheen's first show.
(15:55) Twitter time ... and Charles takes some flak about his height.
(21:06) If a male employee had to fight Snooki ... who would it be? Max says he'd do it.
(23:20) Is Leann Rimes too thin?
(29:40) Skype question -- why the hell do people want "Jersey Shore" cast members to host their parties? Plus ... Max gets hit on.