TMZ Live: How Young Is Too Young for Showbiz?

4/20/2011 6:00 PM PDT

TMZ Live: How Young Is Too Young for Showbiz?

Why the controversy rages on about the showbiz careers of Will Smith's children, Jaden and Willow Smith ... And why mama Jada Pinkett Smith's comments didn't help. Plus, the best '60s sitcom.

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(0:00) And we're off -- Harvey begins with all the latest on Brooke and Charlie's child custody battle.
(3:02) The scoop on Lindsay Lohan being axed from the Gotti flick.
(4:02) Is Will Smith exploiting his kids? Max weighs in.
(7:00) Harvey was a helluva salesman when he was a kid ... at his dad's liquor store.
(10:30) We won't live stream Dr. Murray's trial ... because it'll be "mind-numbingly boring."
(13:45) The Winklevoss twins vs. Mark Zuckerberg.
(16:34) Interesting questions about the Prince von Ahole egg saga.
(18:45) Webcam question -- from an area outside L.A. that's "porn adjacent."
(25:40) Charles' mom isn't happy about all the fart talk on TMZ TV.
(29:20) What story would Harvey risk his life to report?
(32:45) Harvey sings a handful of TV show theme songs ... and then a few more. Plus ... some TV Fun Facts you may not know.
(40:20) Breaking news to end the show!