TMZ Live: Metta World Peace Didn't Tell Wifey!

6/24/2011 10:45 AM PDT

TMZ Live: Metta World Peace Didn't Tell Wifey!

Ron Artest -- aka Mr. Metta World Peace -- stopped by TMZ Live today ... telling Harvey and Jason he kept his name change so secret, he never even told his wife.

And, Harvey will tell you why MTV is smart for giving the "Jersey Shore" cast the axe.

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(0:00) Today's topics: Ron Artest's crazy name change, Lindsay's booze excuse, the "Jersey Shore" reboot, and the 2nd anniversay of MJ's death.
(6:00) Ron Artest in the house! So ... WHY did he change his name to Metta World Peace?
(7:50) What names did Artest pass on before choosing MWP?
(10:10) Hilarious ... Ron didn't even TELL HIS WIFE about the name change!
(16:00) Will Ron retire an L.A. Laker?
(25:00) Lindsay says she DIDN'T drink alcohol ... rather a fermented tea with a small alcohol content. So... Harvey and Jason do a TASTE TEST. You GOTTA see this ... because it ain't pretty.
(28:00) It's official -- Harvey wouldn't drink "horse piss" ... even if it were good for him.
(39:00) Crazy -- it's the 2nd anniversary of Michael Jackson's death ... which prompts Harvey to misspeak about the best part of his colonoscopy.
(46:30) The "Jersey Shore" cast will be changed after the fifth season ... is it good idea to disband their big stars?
(47:30) Mike says it's a great idea ... because MTV will not only cash in on the "J.S." spin-offs, but also interest in a whole new crew.