'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham She's a Biter! According to Cops

3/21/2013 6:15 AM PDT

'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham -- She's a Biter ... According to Cops

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Farrah Abraham from "Teen Mom" fought cops tooth and nail -- but mostly tooth -- when she was arrested for DUI in Nebraska ... repeatedly biting the breathalyzer, according to the arresting officers.

TMZ obtained a copy of the Omaha PD arrest report, and in it the officer says the whole incident began when Farrah swerved in her vehicle and nearly hit another police car!

After seeing signs Farrah was impaired, the report states she was placed in the backseat of a police cruiser where she sat "banging her head against the window while yelling and screaming." 

Police say Farrah also tried to simply walk away from the officers before they slapped the 'cuffs on her. 

But best of all ... police say when they took Farrah to the station for booking they attempted to give her a breathalyzer test 3 times -- but she repeatedly "put her teeth onto the tube and didn't provide a sufficient sample."

Police eventually administered a different BAC test, and she registered .147 -- nearly twice the legal limit.