Tyga Homophobic Insults 'That's Gay as S**t'

8/8/2013 4:30 AM PDT

Tyga -- Drops Homophobic Insults ... 'That's Gay As S**t'


"Big Brother's" got nothin' on Tyga -- 'cause the rapper says he's no fan of "gay ass" stuff.

The comments came flying out of Tyga's mouth outside Supperclub in Hollywood this week ... when a TMZ photog tried to ask the "Make It Nasty" rapper about the two $10 million lawsuits he's facing from some ladies who say their nipples were exposed in a Tyga music video.

At first, Tyga addressed the question -- saying, "Look at my car. Do I look like I care about a lawsuit, bruh??"

Then, he unleashed the insults on our photog -- "What you got a camera for? That's gay as s**t."

He continued, "You got a CAMERA on a n**ga ... go in [the club] and get some bitches."

When our guy explained that he was doing his job, Tyga shot back -- "That's a gay ass job."

Tyga -- they'd love him in Russia.