Amanda Bynes Parents Say Rehab Facility Is What She Needs

9/30/2013 11:36 AM PDT

Amanda Bynes -- Parents Say Rehab Facility is What She Needs


Amanda Bynes has been moved from the psych ward of a major hospital to a ritzy rehab place in Malibu for her own good ... so say her parents.

Rick and Lynn Bynes are responding to our story that Amanda was moved 3 weeks ago from the UCLA Medical Center to The Canyon rehab facility in Malibu.

Amanda's parents -- through their lawyer Tamar Arminak -- say the move was on the advice of doctors at UCLA, and that she is making "great strides towards recovery."

Sources close to Amanda tell TMZ, "Amanda was stuck with people in much worse condition than her.  She was scared, afraid and did not leave her immediate room area."  The lawyer adds, at the rehab place, "She is getting specialized psych care, one on one treatment, not drug rehab."

Our source says Amanda is able to walk around the grounds, see the ocean and ride the horses.

And, sources say, UCLA costs $50k more a month to house Amanda.  That means she's paying $55k a month at The Canyon.