Shooter McGavin Police Release Arrest Video Cuffed & Laughing

10/17/2013 12:22 PM PDT

Shooter McGavin -- Police Release Arrest Video -- Shows Him Cuffed & Laughing

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Shooter McGavin ... popped yesterday in North Carolina for DWI ... has taken a starring role ... in a police video shot by the highway patrol officers who took him in.

The video was just released ... it shows Shooter -- AKA Christopher McDonald -- being booked in Wilmington, NC ... after his arrest early yesterday morning.

In the video, he walks into the station handcuffed ... he laughs and jokes with officers ... and then blows into a breathalyzer.  Officers say he blew a .15 -- almost twice the legal limit.

At one point in the clip  ... he leans on a counter ... to try to keep himself steady.

He was held at the station for a few hours ... and then released.