Kevin Dillon BROKEN BONES Injury Won't Keep Me from Shooting 'Entourage' Flick

12/11/2013 12:30 AM PST

Kevin Dillon -- BROKEN BONES ... But Injury Won't Keep Me from Shooting 'Entourage' Flick


Kevin Dillon tells TMZ ... the "Entourage" movie will finally begin shooting in January -- and he won't let a little thing like a BROKEN WRIST keep him from doing his job

Dillon -- who was doing some shopping in Malibu last week -- wouldn't say HOW he jacked up his wrist, but explained that it's not the first time he's suffered the injury.

There was one more thing ... we asked Kev about his truck, the one that embarrassingly broke down on him (in front of our camera) the last time we shot him out ... and he dropped an interesting fact about an unlikely HERO who saved the day.  Check out the clip.