Barron Hilton Check Out My Battle Scars

12/20/2013 5:30 AM PST

Barron Hilton -- Check Out My Battle Scars

Barron Hilton is still going through the healing process -- after some guy smashed his face in during a coke-fueled party in Miami earlier this month -- showing off his scabby battle wounds Thursday in Hawaii.

Barron surfaced in Maui with his GF -- 4,600 miles from the crime scene -- wearing sunglasses ... and some baby scars above his nose and his eyes. A little Neosporin would go a long way.

As we reported, Barron got his ass handed to him by one of Lindsay Lohan's friends during a mansion party in Miami. Barron blamed Lindsay for orchestrating the attack, but the guy who punched him says Lindsay's innocent ... he punched Barron all on his own.