'Child's Play 3' Actor He's a Drunken Foul-Mouthed Urinator! Says Fearful Ex-GF

1/8/2014 12:15 AM PST

'Child's Play 3' Actor -- He's a Drunken Foul-Mouthed Urinator ... Says Ex-GF

A kid actor who starred in the horror flick "Child's Play 3" has grown up to be a violent man who once whipped out his junk and peed on guests at a party ... this according to an ex-GF.

Octavia Taylor got a temporary restraining order against Jeremy Sylvers ... who played military school student Ronald Tyler in the 1991 Chucky movie.

Taylor claims in the docs -- obtained by TMZ -- she dumped Sylvers after he got drunk at a party ... tried to start multiple fights ... and capped off the evening by whizzing on several guests.

Taylor claims after they left the party ... Sylvers called her a "a f**k whore," "a bitch" and "a piece of sh*t."  Taylor says she's especially worried ... because she and Sylvers still live in the same housing complex.

Sylvers has been ordered to stay 100 yards away -- unless they're in a common area of their apartment complex ... in which case, he has to stay at least 20 feet away.

Scarier than "Child's Play."