'Bold & Beautiful' Star I Was Attacked With a Hairbrush!

1/12/2014 12:45 AM PST

'Bold & Beautiful' Star Victor Alfieri -- I Was Attacked With a Hairbrush!


It's pretty ironic ... "Bold and the Beautiful" star Victor Alfieri -- famous for his flowing locks -- claims he was attacked with a hairbrush ... and now he wants protection from the perp.

Alfieri has just got a restraining order against 47-year-old Christopher Veech, who lives with Alfieri's neighbor. According to docs, Veech beat him in the face last month with a hairbrush ... and has relentlessly harassed him for more than a year and threatened to put him in the hospital.

According to Alfieri, Veech was arrested for battery but released a day later ... and the harassment never stopped.

Alfieri doesn't explain why there's such animosity, but he does say the right side of his face still hurts like a bitch and his right eye now twitches.

Here's the problem.  The judge granted the restraining order, but can't order Veech to stay far away because he lives in Alfieri's building.  So the order is that Veech must stay 3 YARDS away.

As they say ... every inch counts.