Paul Walker Will Had BIG Mistake But In Death It All Works Out

2/5/2014 11:00 AM PST

Paul Walker -- Will Had BIG Mistake ... But In Death It All Works Out


Paul Walker's will was poorly drafted ... making it SEEM like he wanted his mom to wrestle parental control of his daughter from his baby mama--  yet in a strange twist of events, the will now reflects exactly what Paul would have wanted.

Paul's will was drafted back in 2001 ... and it makes his mother Cheryl the legal guardian of Meadow. It reeks of a family feud because there's no mention of Meadow's mother Rebecca Soteros.  

The guardianship clause doesn't make sense ... because at the time the will was drafted Meadow lived with her mom in Hawaii .... and sources close to Paul say he was happy with the arrangement when he signed the will

Now the twist of fate.  Three years ago Meadow moved to Southern California to live with her dad and Rebecca stayed in Hawaii.  Meadow wants to continue living in So. Cal. and Rebecca is fine with it ... she will continue to live in the Aloha state.

So now it makes complete sense for Paul's mom Cheryl to become the guardian of Meadow. 

As TMZ first reported ... Paul's father -- executor of the will -- has petitioned the court to make Paul's mom guardian of Meadow.   Cheryl will also be the trustee of Paul's $25 million estate -- which will eventually go outright to Meadow.

So ... Father did know best.