'Meet the Fockers' Star Embroiled in Feces Lawsuit

2/6/2014 12:45 AM PST

'Meet the Fockers' Star Embroiled in Feces Lawsuit


When "Meet the Fockers" star Teri Polo moves out of a neighborhood ... she does not leave the scent of a woman -- her landlord says it's more like a dung heap.

Polo's former landlord has filed a lawsuit, claiming when Polo moved out of her $7,000 a month rental home in L.A., she left behind a trail of dog feces that stunk up the neighborhood. 

Polo is also accused of shocking urine abuse -- ruined carpets and noxious odors from pet pee.

The landlord -- celebrity lawyer Ed McPherson -- also claims she had the nerve to leave a bunch of food in the fridge which was not turned on, and the rancid smell made everyone gag.

Polo -- who currently stars in "The Fosters" -- is also accused of pilfering brand new blinds.

McPherson wants more than $30,000 to make things right.  But to win, the lawyer must prove she's full of s**t.