Dionne Warwick She Knows the Way To Hose the Tax Man

3/19/2014 12:50 AM PDT

Dionne Warwick -- She Knows the Way to Hose the Tax Man ... in Bankruptcy


What do you get when you file for bankruptcy ... in Dionne Warwick's case, you get a pass on more than $10 MILLION in debts.

A bankruptcy trustee filed legal docs Tuesday ... recommending to the judge that Dionne be excused from paying $10,727.429.91 in debts ... almost all of it in delinquent taxes.

The tax bills are as old as hills ... dating back as far as 1991.  Under the recommendation -- which is almost always rubber stamped by the judge -- Dionne will have a fresh start.

The trustee is even letting Dionne keep all her personal stuff, including:

-- 2 fur coats and 2 sets of diamond earrings, valued at $13K
-- Various gowns and everyday clothing -- $5K
-- Art work and paintings -- $5K
-- Living room furniture, dining set, bedroom sets, 2-year-old lap top -- $1,500
-- Cash in her pocket -- $1K

The judge should make his final decision soon, so say a little prayer for Dionne.