V. Stiviano Possible Suspects Caught on Video!

5/21/2014 12:50 AM PDT

V. Stiviano -- Possible Burglary Suspects Caught on Video!


Cops believe 2 people captured on surveillance video near V. Stiviano's house may be the culprits in the attempted burglary of her home.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... one of Stiviano's neighbors gave this video to cops, showing 2 people traversing the area at the time of the attempted break-in.  TMZ independently obtained the video.

We broke the story ... someone broke Stiviano's front window and tried to jimmy another at her L.A. duplex.

Cops are trying to determine the identity of the 2 people.  We're told so far ... this is their best lead.   The video -- which TMZ acquired with the help of FoxyLux.com -- could help solve the case .

The reason for the attempted burglary is unclear ... but Stiviano's people have put the word out there ... she has more than 100 hours of audio capturing  conversations with Donald Sterling.