Playgirl We Want Game of Thrones Man-Ass ... And Front

5/22/2014 12:50 AM PDT

Playgirl -- We Want 'Game of Thrones' Man-Ass ... And Front

PLAYGIRL wants a piece of "Game of Thrones" man-ass -- and balls ... but not just in a box.

Sunday night after stud warrior Daario Naharis dropped his drawers ... fans went crazy on social media and PLAYGIRL noticed.  The consensus -- the hottest male ass ever on TV.

PLAYGIRL publisher Vincent Stevens tells TMZ there is now high, full-frontal demand, and his magazine is the perfect place to showcase Daario's goods. 

So Stevens emailed actor Michiel Huisman -- who also played sexy music producer Liam on "Nashville" -- urging him to "correct the oversight" and pose naked.

We reached out to Huisman but he's the silent type.