Anna Gunn Ex-Hubby Wants a Piece of Her 'Breaking Bad' Money

5/29/2014 12:40 AM PDT

Anna Gunn's Ex-Husband Wants a Piece of her 'Breaking Bad' Money


Anna Gunn
's estranged husband is so into the last season of "Breaking Bad" -- he wants a piece of it.

Gunn's husband -- Alastair Duncan -- filed for divorce in 2008 and the marriage officially ended the next year.   The former couple has 2 kids but Duncan got child support for a short time after the divorce, but then agreed Anna could stop paying.

Things changed during the final season of the show, when Anna raked in more than $1 million ... and the lion's share -- $890,858.83 --- was from "Breaking Bad."    By contrast, he only makes $10K a month as a realtor/actor.

Duncan now says financial circumstances have so significantly changed ... it's only fair for him to get child support again.  He notes Anna has a new show on Fox -- "Gracepoint" -- and other projects including an off-Broadway show.

By the way ... of the million bucks she made last year ... she paid $92K to her agent, $51K to her business manager, $58K to her personal manager and $31K to her publicist. 

Welcome to Hollywood.