'Devils Ride' Star Dude, Where's My Ride?

6/2/2014 12:15 AM PDT

'Devils Ride' Star -- Dude, Where's My Ride?


"The Devils Ride" badass Chris Boultinghouse got throttled by cops after throttling his hog ... and it was all caught on video.

Chris was riding his bike in San Diego when he revved his engine at a red light and burned rubber ... smack in front of a cop.  He was showing off for a new reality show that was being filmed.

The officer pulled him over and Chris sang like a canary ... confessing he was riding on a suspended license after getting convicted last year of DUI.

The cop impounded his bike and he got arrested.  He spent 5 days behind bars and ended up forfeiting his bike. 

Harley har har.  Yama ha ha ha.