Paris Hilton Bloody Party Brawl Cops Called

7/13/2014 9:56 AM PDT

Bloody Brawl at Paris Hilton's Party -- Cops Called


We now know Paris' side and it's WAY different.  There were only 5 or 6 people at the house when Jeremy and a few of his friends just walked in without invitation.  They were unwelcome and Brandon Davis asked them to leave.  Jeremy went ballistic, saying, "Don't you know who I am?  I was on 'Baywatch' and 'Celebrity Rehab'."  

Jeremy then grabbed one of the guys and started choking him out, almost with superhuman strength. Several people jumped him to subdue him, and Jasmine Waltz hit him over the head with a vodka bottle.

Jeremy left and he and his friends broke something off Paris' car.  Barron Hilton was bleeding, got stitches and is still in the hospital.

There was an all-out bloody brawl in Malibu early Sunday morning at Paris Hilton's house ... leaving a former "Baywatch" star a bloody mess ... TMZ has learned.

Jeremy Jackson says Paris, Brandon Davis and others viciously attacked him at around 2 AM ... someone cracking a liquor bottle on his head.  Jeremy says, "They were literally going Rodney King on my ass."

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... they got a call from 2 people, each claiming they were attacked by the other.  Our sources say one of the 2 people was Paris Hilton's brother ... she has 2 and cops didn't know which.  We do know Barron Hilton was at the party.

We're told when cops arrived at Paris' $65K a month rental ... no one wanted to press charges so no one was arrested.

We have not been able to reach Paris or Brandon for comment.