Camille Grammer Sues Ex BF For Brutality And Hot Dog Humiliation

7/14/2014 1:00 PM PDT

Camille Grammer Sues Ex-Boyfriend For Brutality & Hot Dog Humiliation


Camille Grammer has lashed out at her ex-boyfriend, suing him for beating her up in a Dallas hotel room last year ... and humiliating her by shoving a hot dog in her mouth.

Camille claims in her suit -- filed by Larry Stein -- Dimitri Charalambopoulos beat her to a pulp in the hotel room ... just after she returned from the hospital after undergoing cancer surgery.

Kelsey's ex is now counter-suing Dimitri -- after he sued her for defamation -- claiming her story is true and she has more than enough photos, witnesses and other evidence to establish it.

As for the hot dog allegation ... Camille says Dimitri is a drunk and once during a trip to Hawaii he was doing so many shots she asked him to stop.  She says he reacted by shoving a hot dog in her mouth and commenting how much she enjoyed having hot dogs crammed down her throat.

And this allegation is even more shocking.  Camille claims just after her surgery Dimitri came into the hospital while she was still hopped up on drugs.  She says he put a ring on her finger, which she thought was sweet, until she became lucid a day or 2 later and noticed the ring had a plastic penis on it and she was wearing it in front of her family and the hospital staff.

Camille wants money for her suffering.