Heidi Fleiss Dirty Birds Terrorizing Ex-Girlfriend

9/30/2014 12:40 AM PDT

Heidi Fleiss -- Dirty Birds Terrorizing Ex-Girlfriend


Heidi Fleiss
turned her birds loose on her ex-girlfriend's house in a way that would have made Alfred Hitchcock gasp.

Heidi -- who was famously the Hollywood madam of choice for Charlie Sheen and a bunch of other celebs -- hooked up with Judy Bailey-Savage and lived with her at her home in Temecula, CA.  

Judy claims Heidi's pet parrots destroyed the house by ripping wood and drywall from the walls and eating the doors and hinges of kitchen and bathroom cabinets.  They also pooped like CRAZY.

And this is the best part ... Judy claims in legal docs, "I am unable to enter the residence to have a contractor give me an estimate  because I am attacked by birds. I have been bitten on several occasions."

And to add insult to injury ... Judy claims she caught Heidi stealing plants from her medical marijuana garden in the middle of the night.

Judy scored a restraining order keeping Heidi 100 yards at bay for the next 2 years.

Problem is ... the restraining order is NOT for the birds.