Tori Spelling Nervous Breakdown

10/24/2014 1:00 AM PDT

Tori Spelling -- Nervous Breakdown


Tori Spelling is having a nervous breakdown ... according to multiple people who are intimately involved in her life.

Our sources tell TMZ ... it all came to a head when Tori checked herself into Cedars-Sinai Medical Center over the weekend. We're told her "Ebola scare" was all a ruse ... "a lie" to cover up what we're told is her crumbling personal life.  

Our sources are consistent about the problems that have caused Tori to lose it:

-- Her marriage is dangerously on the rocks. We're told Tori had a nuclear argument with husband Dean McDermott recently over a nanny he wanted to hire who she felt put the kids at risk. But the bigger problem -- we're told she's telling people he's skipping AA meetings and fears he's close to drinking again. Tori's biggest fear ... alcohol is what Dean says caused him to cheat.

-- Tori and Dean are financially strapped, if not flat broke. Candy is not helping her out financially, and they've blown through her $800K inheritance from Aaron Spelling. She's freaking out that she's turning 42 and believes her scripted career is over, and her reality career is shaky.

-- Tori is faking illness to the point she is actually making herself sick. The Ebola craziness was never real ... but Tori created such drama around it, staying up days at a time and not eating ... she made herself sick and her health is compromised.

One very close friend is trying to stage an intervention, telling TMZ, "I am hoping that shedding some light on it for all of her fans to read may actually lead her to seek some change in her life ... kind of like David Hasselhoff watching the drunk video of himself eating a hamburger."