'Love & Hip Hop' Star It Wasn't Me, Babe! But Here's a Brand New Car Anyway

11/15/2014 12:10 AM PST

'Love & Hip Hop' Star Mally Mall -- It Wasn't Me, Babe ... But Here's a Sick Car, Anyway

Being on "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" just cost Mally Mall $250K  -- in the form of the brand new car he had to buy his girlfriend to repair their relationship after a full season of reality show BS.

Mally Mall just scooped up a 2014 Bentley Continental coupe for his gf Nikki Mudarris. We're told the rapper/producer's dodged most of the serious drama (as in, physical violence) through Season 1 -- but felt guilty Nikki had to deal with some cast gossip about him.

Pretty sweet trade off for Nikki ... who's gotta be used to drama, anyway. She manages a bunch of strip clubs in L.A and Las Vegas.

Strippers = Drama.