Teresa Giudice TG Says N-O to Brav-O

1/6/2015 1:00 AM PST

Teresa Giudice -- TG Says N-O to Brav-O


Teresa Giudice
 played a form of "Let's Make a Deal" before going to prison ... and she ended up losing a huge cash prize.

Door #1: We're told Bravo was prepared to offer her a "huge deal" if she allowed them to film her final days before entering the big house. Our sources say she would have scored in excess of $50K.

Door #2: Turn down the offer because it might piss off prison officials and others who could possibly grant her an early release.

We're told Teresa chose Door #2.

Teresa says she didn't want to exploit her family's goodbyes -- which is ironic because she had no problem putting them on 6 seasons of 'Housewives' and sitting down with Andy Cohen for $$$.

Sources close to Bravo say the talks Teresa had with Bravo were "informal."