Teresa Giudice Welcome to Club Fed ... Enjoy Your Ice Cream!

1/5/2015 9:20 AM PST

Teresa Giudice -- Welcome to Club Fed ... Enjoy Your Ice Cream!


"Real Housewives of New Jersey" inmate Teresa Giudice will be living in the relative lap of luxury while locked up for the next 15 months ... bathing with Dove soap and sipping cappuccinos.

TMZ got its hands on the commissary list from Danbury prison ... it ain't Whole Foods but it's a whole lot better than you'd think. Her food choices include:

-- Hummus and macaroons 
-- Albacore tuna
-- Cilantro cubes
-- Louisiana hot sauce
-- Deli meat
-- Oreos
-- Dove bars
-- Wild berry frozen yogurt 

And there's plenty she can buy to pass the time, including MP3 players w/ Skullcandy earbuds. She can also buy make-up and cover up those zits with acne cream.

And forget sandpaper to clean yourself ... she can buy Charmin, baby!  And for those lingering smells, she can purchase fragrance oils. 

The best part ... we're told Teresa can spend more than an entire family -- $320/week -- and get this ... her family can put as much money in her account as they want.

So when she's not stocking up on vitamins and beauty supplies she'll be binge eating Fruity Dyno Bites.

She's going to be VERY popular.